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Best Rambo Bikes

Best Rambo Bikes

Technologies and industries around us are evolving very fast. The bike industry and the technologies involved in it evolves quite a lot and nowadays we are living in an era of electric bikes. Several companies are manufacturing Hunting e-bikes and Rambo electric bikes is a very renowned and trustworthy name in this field. Due to the fat tire design of Rambo electric bikes, they are perfect for any type of terrain.

 Hunters used to walk and carry they gear, but in present many are depending on electric bikes to travel for its great performance and the capability of making the hunting experience more enjoyable. Rambo bikes are one of the best bikes available for hunting on the market today. Its durable structure and high performance make the bikes ideal for hunting. 

What makes Rambo electric hunting bikes popular?

“Nobody knows someone better than his own kind”. A hunter is best known by other hunters. One hunter knows what's best for another hunter and what will help to achieve the goal. Rambo is designed by hunters for the hunter to make their hunting journey comfortable and enjoyable. 

The motto of Rambo bikes manufacturers - "To take you places you have never been before". They design the bikes to match your true outdoor needs. One can easily feel the superiority of the bike riding it. 

Rambo puts a lot of effort, time, and research to make every model of their bike. The e-bikes are designed with fat tire, which makes it possible to ride them on any terrain. A fat tire produces low pressure and makes the ride comfortable and smooth.

Rambo Bikes designs develops and manufactures e-bikes mainly for hunters. These hunting bikes are equipped with Bafang motors, which are the leader in the market for greatest motors for e-bikes. Bafang are famous for their power output, performance, and durability.

New Rambo bikes 2021 are available in various motor options, mainly based on power and type. The power ranges from 750 watts to 1000 watts’ and the variants are available from mid-drive motors to rear hub motors. This means that whatever you prefer for the power output and whatever budget you have, Rambo got you covered.

Rambo bikes also offers a one-year warranty on all of its electric hunting e-bikes and unlike many other companies, Rambo’s warranty policy covers for both the frame and components.


Why are Rambo electric bikes really ideal for hunting?


Rambo bikes are carefully designed by a team of hunters and engineers. They have equipped these with all the features  hunter requires during hunting.

Running on a single electric motor Rambo bikes are super quiet and makes no unnatural sound while moving, so that there is no chance of getting the game spooked. Even the entry-level e-bike from Rambo e-bikes has a great range.

The big feature of Rambo e-bikes is probably the payload and the carrying capacity. These e-bikes can carry 300lb of weight in them, so the hunter doesn’t have to worry about his gear slowing him down. Moreover, the bikes can carry an additional 50-pounds of weights in the trailer, and Rambo bikes offers some more accessories such as rear racks and waterproof saddlebags.

The biggest advantage of these Rambo e-bikes is overcoming any kind of limitations. Hunters are tough people, but there are a huge number of passionate hunters who with time has lost the physical durability and stamina they once had, or they have any injury which prevents them from running, climbing.

Rambo Bikes

These e-bikes give them the ability to go out into the wild again and hunt the game. They can travel through muddy trails, can climb high mountains and everything they desire. 

Rambo electric bikes for hunting make zero pollution, so it does not harm the environment in any way, not even slightly. All the components, the frame, battery, and the motor, all are built durably, so this provides utmost longevity.

Rambo Bikes has products in every price range.

The Rampage
















The Rambo Rampage is probably the flagship product from Rambo Bikes sitting at the top of the price point. The bike has a price tag of 6,299.99 USD and is more expensive than most other e-bikes. This extra price point is because of how much quality and features the bike has.

First of all, this is a complete full suspension bike. It has 1000 watts of power coming from the electric motor and can ride up to 70 miles through mud, grass, and any kind of tough terrains.

The key feature of The Rampage is definitely the battery and the motor. The best quality lithium-ion batteries sit at the lower of the frame, which gives the bike a really good balance, especially in up and down terrains where the bike stays in the air more than on the ground. Not to mention these 21-amp hour batteries are probably the best ones ever to put on an e-bike.

The 1000W electric motor, combined with sensors to gage speed and pedal-torque, gives the biker a comfortable and powerful ride. Despite being 1000W, the motor can reach a peak rating of 1500W and the maximum drive system can give out a torque of 160 Nm! All this happens while the motor makes no noise and lets the biker enjoy the sound of the nature around him.



Rambo Bushwacker is the bike that sits in the price range most people are looking for. It has a price tag of 3,999.99 USD which is the price range most of the popular e-bikes.

The best-selling point of the Bushwacker is similar to the flagship model of Rambo Bikes – the battery, motor, and weight distribution. The frame integrated batteries sit at a lower position, giving it a good balance and a good weight distribution.

The Bushwacker has a 21-amp hour battery – which can give out a maximum range of 75 miles depending on the terrain and usage! The bike carries a 750W mid-drive motor which has a peak power rating of 1000W.

In maximum power mode the motor can give out a torque of 120 Nm, giving the rider more than enough power to take on the rough terrain or chase the prey, all being quieter than a feather drop.

It is the mountains and the sands where the Rambo Bushwacker comes out the most alive and the Truetimber viper western camo gives it a distinctive look and also helps it blend it.


The Pursuit


The Rambo pursuit is the e-bike from Rambo Bikes that sits at the starting price point and offers great value to anyone who wants to enter the e-bike segment at the minimum price point.

Having a price tag of 2,699.99 USD, this may not be the cheapest option out there  compared to some other competitions, but this is certainly one of the best value for the money considering the features this bike has.

The Rambo Pursuit carries LG lithium-ion battery cells, which has an 800 charging cycle lifespan and the easy slide on/off gives easy removal for charging. The bike can cover a maximum distance of 30 miles, which on paper may not seem much, but is more than enough for cruising in the neighbourhood, camping, going  hunting or fishing activities, and many more!

The Bafang 750W mid-drive motor in this can reach a peak of 1000W and in maximum power mode it can give out 120 Nm of torque. This power is more than enough for taking on any terrain like sand or mountain, even for a beginners.

The above three models of Rambo bikes are considered the best options from the company in their price ranges and by most of the experts and users, they are considered to be the best option. There may be other brands that are offering similar products at a lower cost, but the high-quality frame, parts, battery, and engine used in the Rambo Bikes models are a leaders in the current market.


From beginner to expert levels – Rambo bikes have every segment of bikers covered, and slowly they are on their way to become the best American e-bike manufacturer in the present time.



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