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Rambo Venom Bike Review

Rambo Venom Bike Review

Exploring the challenging hunting areas isn't always everyone's game. Reason? Going to places with high terrain and slippery surfaces can cause a risk of life and health. This is why the majority of the hunters are turning towards using Electric Hunting Bikes.

Do You Know?

By utilizing less energy and saving precious time, you can access the areas that aren't accessible by foot. Just imagine seeing a hunt on the next side of the river, and you're not confident in catching it from a distant point. The only thing you'll do is use your E-Hunting bike and cross the terrain to approach the hunt.

No other bikes can come in competition with the E-hunting bikes. The sturdiness, performance, durability, and reliability of these bikes never miss a chance to win the customers' hearts. Many efficient E-bikes brands are available out there, but the universality of the Rambo Venom Bikes is well-appreciated among hunters.

Today, we've got our hands on one of the perfect e-bikes issued by Rambo bikes.  After hours of research and collection of fruitful information about Rambo Venom 1000 XPR, our experts can now guide you about this bike in detail.

We've gathered some of its great features, pros, and cons that you'll have no idea of. So without any further ado, let's get straight to Rambo Venom 1000 XPR's review.

Rambo Venom 1000 XPR Detailed Review

If you're looking to invest your bucks in an E-bike that can support your movement on uneven and high terrain surfaces, Rambo Venom Bike is going to be your best choice ever. Unlike Rambo bikes, this e-bike is mainly designed with heavy-duty wheels and sturdy chains to give a comfortable and steady ride to the hunters.

Rambo Bikes

There's no need for you to worry about this excellent Rambo Venom bike's mileage since it can cover long distances without offering any change in speed or efficiency. The highest quality components with a built-in motor increase this item's durability and lifespan to noticeable extents.

In addition to the mileage, the overall outlook of this item catches the active hunters' attention at first sight. This Rambo Venom bike gives a substantial push-back for professional hunters to showcase their hunting skills with it. It'll enable you to get closer to the game you're going to play or thinking of to win in less time.

Among all the Rambo bikes, Rambo Venom 1000 XPR is considered one of the noble and elite models. This Rambo venom bike's warrior nature makes it easy for the hunters to run it on all surfaces without any interruption in its operation.

The battery and the motor in it are pretty efficient to support its motion without a break. The hydraulic brakes in it will save you from sudden injuries. Thinking which is better Quitekat vs Rambo ? I think after this detailed rambo bike article we will help you to choose. 

Besides all these prominent features, a complete bunch of excellent and appealing features is present in it. Let's explore all such features in detail as below:


The integration of a 17-amp battery in this venom bike significantly increases its efficiency. Unlike all the other standard batteries, its 17-amp battery is present in a lower frame. Thus, it doesn't affect the outlook of the venom bike at any cost. The low-frame installation of the battery doesn't impact the weight of the bike.

This is why the speed of the Rambo Venom bike is of no comparison. All batteries are made up of lithium-ion to ensure a steady supply of power to the bike. Another best thing to talk about the batteries present in Rambo Venom 1000 XPR is that they can cover up to 40 miles without recharging the batteries.


A significant boost up to the proficiency of this amazing e-bike is given by the top speed of about 30 mph. We can bet you that you'll never find a hunting venom bike as speedy as this one. Unlike all other traditional hunting bikes, the Rambo venom hunting bike has high speed and endurance to make it even more economical and efficient.

An interesting thing!

Besides the availability of 30 mph speed, the rider's safety is greatly enhanced by the presence of trailers and gears. You can adjust the gears to make the speed compatible with your route. Plus, the high-speed systems in it will never cause any kind of whisper. This is one of the significant reasons why hunters fall in love with its operation.


Almost all e-bikes are equipped with top-quality motors for the supply of electric surges. One of the most common and durable motors, named ad Bafang motors, is installed to boost up its activity. This industry-leading brand of motors makes it the best hunting bike in the entire world.

You'll love to climb over high hills with this venom bike since the Bafang motor can generate high-level torques. Another best thing to talk about its motor is that it's fully protected and covered with protectors to avoid damage caused by the route's mud or debris.


The majority of the hunters always worry about bikes' running range whenever they buy electronic hunting bikes. But here comes the good news! You'll never feel any inconvenience while running it since it can cover up to 40 miles in a single shot. Thus, no matter how far your hunt is, this venom bike will enable you to get there.

However, it doesn't give a solid competition to other venom bikes with high speed and range, but still, it is considered top-of-the-list hunting bikes. All thanks to steady running capacity over all kinds of terrains! Thus you can explore your hunt even on mountains and valleys.


Controlling the Venom bike's speed and motion isn't always easy because the surface terrain hinders the movement. But you don't have to worry at all! Rambo Venom 1000 XPR is now available with torque-sensing pedals on the lower side. Thus it doesn't matter how high the mountains are or how steep the surface is; you can adjust the pedals to set the motors' power.


A fantastic feature of distance torque is also present in it. This feature makes it convenient for the hunters to set the power supply for a targeted distance. This can be done by using the torque sensing pedals. Plus, the motor's power supply is directly related to the torque adjustment in the pedals of this venom bike.

6.Fat Tires

The hunting areas' rough surfaces make the hunters spend their money on a high tire containing e-bikes. That's why our experts have stood behind perfection to introduce the feature of fat tires in it. The availability of 16-inch tires is responsible for the stable ride even on high-terrain and uneven surfaces.

If you've decided to go on the rocky areas where there are rocks everywhere, this venom bike will be your first choice since it greatly supports movement over high-terrain surfaces. Plus, if you're a long-distance commuter, this item will never disappoint you.

7.Handles for Control

It doesn't offer any inconvenience for controlling the speed, motor, or gears in it. There are two handles which are equipped with the best features in it. The right handlebar contains some clips to control the pedal gears and a thumb throttle for controlling the electronic motor.

Besides the thumb throttle, the left handle comprises sturdy handlebars, which allow the hunters to hold it with excellent grip. So, instead of wasting your time on controlling its specifications, you can learn to control it only by using the left and right handlebars in it.

8.Digital Display

With this innovation in the e-bike industry, you'll get a chance to observe the speed, mileage, power, and battery on a digital display which is present right on the upper side. Moreover, the availability of color displays makes it even easier for the hunters to get a complete idea of their gains.

Another exciting thing to talk about the display is that it's light friendly. It means that you can watch the screen even if you're standing under a bright sun.


● Frame made up of aluminum alloy 6061

● Front hub with a KT-MOCF 150mm sealed

● Presence of a thumb throttle on the right handlebar

● Rear brake equipped with Tektro HD-E725 4

● A Wide chainring of Rambo Custom 44T Narrow wide

● 30 mph speed

● Weight ranges up to 300 lbs

● Cover a distance of about 40 miles

● Doubled walled RIM with 100mm wide holes in them

● It offers a Velo 100mm/122mm lock-on grip


● It can run efficiently on high terrain surfaces

● Offers long-running time duration without any break

● Fat tired manufactured with sturdy materials

● Overall appealing outlook

● High-efficiency breaks for the safety of riders



● Price


Final Thoughts:

Buying Rambo bikes is never a wrong decision, particularly if you're going to spend your money on Rambo Venom 1000 XPR bikes. Specially when Rambo bikes 2021was among industry best sellers. With a wise collection of all handy features, this Rambo venom will become your top priority since it builds great hunting interest among beginners.

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