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Best Crossbow Case

Do you know which is best crossbow case?

Being a hunter, protecting all the hunting essentials, including crossbows, shotguns, rifles, and firearms it's a must. A displacement of your hunting bow can cost you hundreds of dollars. Almost all modern crossbows are quite expensive and are prone to damage caused by transport, accidental damage, etc. This is why hunters are leaning towards premium quality, yet reasonably priced best crossbow cases.

Why wouldn't you invest in a good crossbow case that is water resistant, heavy duty, adjustable tail stock and that fits your best crossbow models?

Imagine reaching the hunting camp with a damaged or broken crossbow. Your whole trip can be ruined with such irresponsibility. You want your crossbows to last that is why it's essential to get your hands on the handiest, soft or hard  case for keeping your hunting gear safe.

plano pro max crossbow case

Types of Crossbow cases

The way crossbow cases are made is that you can't really fit anything else in them. Crossbow cases are manufactured to protect crossbow limbs, scope, and crossbow itself. Some even have extra space for your arrows, string vax, broadheads and any other hunting accessories you want to carry with you on the trip. If you have a well-made crossbow case, you can take your best crossbow with you safe and sound. But how do you choose the right one? Which one do you need?


Best Soft Crossbow Case

A soft crossbow case is one of the options available. With soft crossbow cases, there is a little more room to "maneuver" when placing your crossbow, but you have to be careful when traveling. Don't place heavy items on top of it and try to be smart when packing. Don't forget it's still a soft case and although it protects your crossbow from scratches and small bumps, you can damage your crossbow by misplacing it in transit. Be aware of unexpecting shifting if you traveling with a car or boat and use straps and ropes to secure it.


Hard Crossbow Cases

Heavy duty or hard crossbow case has way more protection than soft cases. Especially if you like to be a little reckless and throw your gear around, or have plenty of hunting essentials in the back of the truck where things can get smashed and damaged. Although they are not bulletproof and still can crack and get damaged, therefore you still need to look after your crossbow case.

The great thing about the hard cases is that most of them are water resistant and airline-approved, so you can travel with them with no problem. We all know how airline handling can be, so it helps for sure it is a hard case, it gives your favorite crossbow needed protection. For extra protection, you can use tape, or straps for your case while air traveling. This is one of the best crossbow cases available today in the market. 

 tenpoint stag

Backpack Crossbow Cases

These types of crossbow cases are made purely for convenience. It is basically a soft case with straps, where you can carry your crossbow and accessories together. Usually, it has several compartments and it's very convenient if you have to walk far away to camp. This way you can have all things you need in one backpack. It is light in weight and easy to transport.


Top-Rated Crossbow Cases in 2022

Being hunters ourselves we know what we like, what works, and what is not. We had many crossbow cases through the years soft cases and hard, and we will give you our honest opinion. Also, we will share what our customers say about crossbow brands, and what are our best sellers and we will answer the most frequently asked questions about crossbow cases along the way. We hope you will enjoy reading and it will help you to choose the right one for you.

Best Crossbow case for the money

Plano Spire Crossbow Case

Getting a crossbow case with a perfect fit, good quality and a great price isn't always an easy task. Many crossbow cases out there are available with pocket-friendly storage, but run low in their specifications. This is why we're starting our list with the Plano Spire crossbow case. It comes with all the small details that a hunter dreams to behave in his crossbow cases.

Height 12 in. Length  39 in. Width 27 in.

The compactness of this hunting crossbow case is the first thing that makes notice. It's designed to fit newer crossbow designs and is perfect for keeping TenPoint, Ravin crossbows, or Barnett crossbows. The dependable craftsmanship in it is the exception that keeps it different from all the Plano hard cases. The hard outer surface will prevent all shocks and bumps. Your crossbow will be secured as it comes with the lashing straps.

In addition to all this, the balanced handling allows the hunters to take it everywhere with ease. It comes with stands on the sides, which increase the space for storage. Moreover, the Padlock clasps help the hunters to tie it up with a perfect grip. The handling of the Plano SPIRE crossbow case is supported by the straps on the back and sides.

Thus you can take it with you to longer distances. The only thing to focus on about it is its durability which is related to the material quality. Other than this, it seems a perfect addition from an overall point of view. It has great reviews and is loved by our customers. With all these amazing, but simple features, it becomes the top choice of professional hunters and us at Hunting Giant.

What we like: Great price, Offers a high grip of handling and Comes with a large storage area.

What we don't like: we love it

plano spire crossbow case



Most Sold Soft Crossbow Case

October Mountain Essential 

If you are looking for a crossbow case and don't want to brake a bank then this model is for you. October mountain Essential soft case will make you the best crossbow transporter.

The fabric-made upper surface is perfect for those who prefer soft crossbow cases over hard ones. The mesh is made up of high-quality materials to increase its durability. This soft crossbow case perfectly a wide number of hunting crossbows such as Ravin, Mission, Killer Instinct, and many others. It comes with the most demanded feature of EZ-load for perfect transportation.

 Length 36  in. Width 24  in.

There's an exterior pocket that enables most of the hunters to keep all other hunting accessories along with their crossbow. Thus there's no need for you to carry extra bags for keeping the bows, broadheads, and other hunting accessories. A belt is also integrated with it, which increases the ease of carrying it from one place to another without causing pain in the shoulders. With a perfect combination of all the amazing features, the hunters love to use it for their hunting trips. That may not sound good for hunters who prefer hard over the soft case, but on the whole, there are many amazing features to about in it. Some of these include the EX-load and external pockets.

What we like: Lightweight, Very reasonably priced, Manufactured with a high-quality mesh

What we don't: Not all models fit

 soft crossbow case



Best High-End Crossbow Case

SKB iSeries 

Have you ever wondered about getting a complete top-of-the-line crossbow case for keeping your crossbows safe? If yes, we have the right one for you. We have included one of the most demanded crossbow cases ever and it is for the reason.

The 3i-3424-12BC iSeries the cube-shaped dimensions will enable you to pick it up with great ease and comfort. Interior Dimensions: 34.50" L x 24.50" W x 12.75" D. High-density foam enables hunters to customize their interior to ensure a precise fit for most crossbows and gear. This is one of the most sought crossbow hard cases. 

Easy transport of this case is supported by the availability of inline skate-style wheels. These wheels allow the hunters to roll it down on the ground for carrying it from one place to another. It comes with TSA-accepted locking latches, which provide the ultimate solution for the demanded safety of expensive crossbows.

In addition to the latches, there're padlock holes that are made up of stainless steel. These holes act as protector clips for securing the hunting crossbows. The security is also greatly increased with the availability of molded-in hinges. This special case's whole structure is made up of waterproof materials that will protect the entry of dust, mold, and water into your bow. Its price may seem a bit high to some hunters but believe us, it's worth buying. The ambient pressure equalization helps the users to use it with great stability.

What we like: Offers protection to UV, It gives resistance to impact damage, Unconditional lifetime warranty

What we don't like: Users find it expensive

 SKB crossbow case



Best Hard Crossbow Case

Flambeau Stingray

Carrying a crossbow without a proper case is very tricky since it can cause serious damage to your equipment. The major reason why hunters avoid buying crossbows is the extent of breakage. But you don't have to worry now. A Stingray Crossbow case can be your best choice if you want exceptional grip and coverage for your hunting crossbow.

Height 10,5 in. - Length 41,5 in. - Width 32,25 in.

It comes with 3-4 built-in blade broadhead wrenches. With these wrenches, you can increase the storage area of the crossbow case. Moreover, there's a robust polymer shell on the outer surface, which rightly fulfills the purpose of protecting the crossbows. Dual integrated handles make it easy for the hunters to carry it without sour shoulders.

Convoluted foam is also present on the lower surface for retaining the sensitivity to of all types of crossbows. Four lock hasps in it will lock the entire system with an unbeatable grip. The crush resistance is greatly reduced because of the availability of lid and base pillars. It has a large storage space on the inner side to keep all your essentials like broadhead ads, or knocks, and even hunting knife.

The size of the Stingray Crossbow Case is the only thing that the manufacturers should improve. But universally talking, it performs the best in providing never-ending grip and pillar bases for supporting its use against resistance. Moreover, you'll find it perfect in the case of transport and portability since it comes with tie-down straps.

What we like: Comes with internal hooks and lids, Offers ultimate protection with foam base, Naturally fits many modern models

What we don't like: Some users consider it a bit small

hard crossbow case

Best Backpack Crossbow Case

HALO Bowpack

Just imagine spending your money on buying the most efficient Tenpoint Crossbow and damaging it right after buying it. It can be one of the most frustrating feelings ever. Tenpoint crossbows play the leading role to catch the hunt with great precision. You have to keep your crossbow secure because of ultimate sensitivity. That's why we're going to end the list with HALO Bowpack– the best crossbow Backpack case for TenPoint crossbow.

Height 11 in.   Length  30 in.  Width 15,5 in

Unlike all other hunting crossbow cases, it provides optimal protection for all parts of the TenPoint crossbow. The thick straps greatly increase the comfort to carry your bow. You can have it on your shoulder with weight distribution just using such straps. The water-resistant outer mesh will never allow rain and dust to penetrate the case, not like other soft cases. A padded exterior also keeps the crossbow safe.

Besides the protection features, there's robust back support in it. You can carry it on your back and cover large distances without any back pain. There're many external zippers in it that increase its space to detectable levels where you can store your hunting accessories. It offers space for keeping the arrows and bows for hunting. You can leave your other backpack at home. as the rubber carrying handles on this bow pack is great for carrying it around.

What we like: Quite compact, Comes with additional zippers for increasing storage, Offers the comfort of usage

What we don't Like:  Not suitable for other crossbows other than TenPoint crossbows

No doubt the use of this amazing crossbow is only restricted to TenPoint crossbows but trust us buying it will not be a wrong decision. If you've TenPoint crossbows in your hunting essentials, you can use HALO Bowpack to increase your items' durability and security. The increased space will enhance your interest in it.

 tenpoint halo

Does Tenpoint make crossbow cases?

Yes, TenPoint Crossbow has crossbow cases that provide ideal safety and durability. You can choose from a hard case, soft case, or bow pack (backpack case). With these options, you can keep your crossbow secure and safe from scratches, water, bumps, or even major damage. Tenpoint and Wicked Ridge are well known and respected brand amongst hunters and their crossbow cases come highly valued and recommended.


Do I need a case for my crossbow?

Will you be traveling with your crossbow case a lot? Will you be keeping it in the back of the truck for example? This is what you need to consider when choosing a soft or hard case. Let's be honest, your crossbow cost you a good amount of money already, so why not keep it safe? Crossbows are shaped oddly and you will come across times when you be happy that you bought a case. We know it is a good investment to get one.

 tenpoint halo bowpack

Can you transport a cocked crossbow?

First things first. You have to get familiarised with your state laws regarding crossbows and their transportation. Several states have stipulations that you can't transport a cocked crossbow. It is considered loaded if the crossbow is cocked and it is a bolt in the crossbow. Most states also require that crossbow has to be in the case at all times when traveling. There could be an exemption when traveling between hunting sites.


How long I can leave the crossbow cocked?

The recommendation is no more than 24 hours. If you leave it for longer periods of time, strings and cables can overstretch and theperformance of your crossbow can diminish.

Can I fly with a crossbow?

Yes, you can travel with a crossbow, but the baggage has to be checked in. You are not allowed to take it as a carry-on. That is why the best option is hard crossbow cases, and you want the one that is TSA-approved. If you carrying knives, broadheads, or arrows they also have to be checked in. Most of the time it has to be inspected by airport security. Getting an airline-grade crossbow case not only protects your crossbow but also means inspectors can open your case without damaging it and without cutting the locks if you are not attending the inspection.

 plano stealth crossbow case

Things to consider when buying a crossbow case

Wich one Hard or Soft Case?

The best crossbow case for you is the one it suits your needs. You should think in terms of where and how often you will be traveling with your crossbows. If you shooting your crossbow in your backyard and occasionally going to the range near your home, a soft case will be a wise investment. You won't be exposed much to the elements and it will give you enough protection needed.

On the other hand, if you are traveling by air to hunting sites, or driving and have your bow in the back of the truck, then a hard case is a must. Chose the one that is airline-grade and accepted by TSA. Another thing is to make sure the case has enough padding like high-density foam for extra protection. Carry handles are another aspect not to be overlooked, as extra storage space in both soft, and hard cases if you planning to carry arrows, broadheads, and other hunting accessories.


Even so-called universal crossbow cases won't fit every crossbow. Look carefully when choosing one. Branded crossbow cases, like Tenpoint stag, or Ravin crossbow case fit their crossbows perfectly. But if you choose any other brand make sure the case size is big enough for your bow, especially recurve ones, they are usually wider than compound crossbows.


How well is it made

There are a few things to look at when choosing a crossbow case. Soft cases that are made out of not nylon fabrics or the ones that use microfiber are prone to tearing. Nylon and polyester fabrics or a well-balanced mix of them will give you a crossbow case that will last you for a long time. Zippers have to be bigger, as small ones often brake and easily tear away putting your crossbow, or taking out your hunting accessories. Check handles and straps and how well are they made and stitched. If the stitching gets loose, you can drop your case or just lose them altogether.

If you go for the hard case, which is most of the time made of plastic, look for the case that doesn't scratch very easily, and closes nicely with well-made latches. This way you be sure it won't open accidentally.


Extra Storage

We believe it is a must when you purchase a crossbow case. If you are shooting bigger arrows, you want to make sure it fits in your crossbow case. You don't want to carry another backpack or bag for your accessories like rail lube or string wax. Extra pocket space is also something to look for, it is always better to have it. This is more common in soft crossbow cases, as the hard case has limited space. Although there are options for a hard case with some space like Plano spire, or SKB Iseries. What they have is usually a fastener made to hold accessories.

 excalibur crossbow case

Weather Resistance

This is a very important aspect when choosing the best crossbow case. You want to protect your crossbow against snow, rating, or mud. Let's be honest, you will be carrying it around in the woods in every possible weather, therefore nylon cases are the best choice when choosing a soft crossbow case. The hard case has to be sturdy with a well-made seal. Make sure it is UV protected.


Padding and Other Inside Protection

If you going for the hard case it usually has high-density foam padding inside already. Things to look for are straps to hold your crossbow intact. This way it is protected from unexpected bumps, drops, or other impacts. Now, the soft cases have padding that protects your bow. But that is the only thing that protects your hunting goodies, so make sure it is from well-made material and there is enough padding in the case. Also are there any straps? Some cheaper cases have none of that and it leaves room for potential damage.

What we think

We protect our phones, Ipads, and best crossbow shouldn't be any different. You invested money buying a nice crossbow, you should get the right crossbow case for it. I am sure you will be taking your crossbow into the wild, laying it in the back of the truck, or ATV. It will be exposed to rain, mud, and snow. The smart thing to do is to protect it by getting a soft case or hard, one so you could enjoy your hunts more often, or simply get your reps in.

Live, Laugh, Hunt...

 killer instinct slayer crossbow case

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