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QuietKat VS Rambo

QuietKat VS Rambo

Hunters today have access to powerful tools when heading out on a hunt. Electrical hunting bikes, for instance, give the modern outdoor hunter a tactical advantage over prey. In this article, we compare two popular models of hunting bikes: QuietKat and Rambo bikes. Read on to find out which model is better between the two.


Why every hunter needs an electric hunting bike

Electric hunting bikes offer ideal transportation for hunters when they venture out into the woods to pursue prey. They have the ability to operate quietly, which helps the hunter get close to the animal they are pursuing without making a lot of noise and scaring it away.

The hunting bikes have wide profile wheels that are built to traverse the tough terrain of the woods. This enables the hunters get to the area where prey is located quickly. You can read our blog post how to choose you first electric hunting bike for some tips. 

Electric Hunting Bike

Hunters can also carry their equipment on the bikes instead of hauling it on their backs. This allows them to reserve energy to pursue prey instead of using it to carry their gear. Another advantage of hunting bikes over trucks is that the bikes can use narrow roads, thus allowing the hunters to transport their gear easily. With a truck, the hunter has to park it far away since it will not fit in narrow roads.

The load carrying capacity of hunting electric bikes also allows the hunter to carry back the prey they have caught. The bike comes in handy when the prey has been caught deep in the woods since less physical effort is spent transporting it.

Hunting ebikes are meant to be durable and require little maintenance overtime. Unlike vehicles that have to be serviced regularly, the bikes operate for a long time without being damaged.

Hunting ebikes can be used in residential areas in some states. Before you buy an ebike for use in a residential area, however, check the local laws to know which bikes are allowed in your area.

Things you should look out for before buying an ebike

Motor type

The mounting of the motor on an hunting bike affects how the bike performs. It affects the bike's top speed and determines how the bike handles different terrains. Ebikes' motors come in three options that are discussed below.

Rear hub motors

Rear hub motors are popular and used by many manufacturers on low end hunting bikes. The motor is fixed on the rear wheel and is connected to the pedals by a chain. Rear hub motors generate lots of raw power, thus allowing the rider to cover long distances within a short time. However, bikes with rear hub motors perform poorly when climbing up steep hills.

Mid-drive motors

Mid-drive motors are mounted in the middle of the bike frame, in between the pedals. A protective cover shelters the motor to protect it from dust and debris. The mid-drive motor spins the bike wheels through a crank. Mid-drive motors can generate greater torque, which helps the bike climb over steep terrain easily. The motors, however, are harder to maintain and cost more as compared to the rear hub motors.

Ultra mid drive motors

Modern hunting ebikes come with improved motors that functions just as the mid drive motors. The upgraded motors also give the rider more control and can reach top speeds faster as compared to other motors.

Battery capacity

Ebikes come equipped with long lasting batteries that work to power the motor. When buying an ebike, therefore, you should know the number of hours you want to spend riding the bike. Bikes with batteries that hold enough charge to power the motor for many hours allow you to use the bike over long ranges.

Bikes can have batteries that power the motor for ranges that extend between 30 and 50 kilometers. When the battery runs out when you are out in the woods, you have to rely solely on the pedals to move the bike's wheels. This requires a lot of effort and can be a nasty experience when you have a huge load on the bike's carrier.

Top Speed

Hunting bikes with high top speeds are ideal when you have spotted prey and you want to close in on it. The rough roads in the woods, however, will limit you from riding the bike at top speed.

Noise level

Although hunting bikes are designed for quiet operation, they do produce some sound when they are in operation. The amount of noise a bike makes should not be loud enough to announce your arrival when you are hunting down prey.

Additional features

Manufacturers today add extra features on hunting ebikes to make their use more comfortable. Ensure that you check out features like feedback screens, Hydraulic shock dampers, and additional controls for managing speed.

Be aware of the different classes of ebikes

In United States, ebikes are classified as follows:

Class 1 Ebikes

Ebikes that are classified in this category have peddle assistance only up to speeds under 20 miles per hour.

Class 2 Ebikes

The bikes classified as class 2 ebikes have both throttle assistance and pedal assistance up to speeds of 20 miles per hour.

Class 3 Ebikes

Ebikes that are classified in this category have pedal assistance up to the speed of 28 miles per hour. They also come installed with speedometers that show the speed at which the bike is moving.

QuietKat VS Rambo Ebikes

QuietKat Warrior Electric Hunting Bike

The QuietKat Warrior comes with an improved battery and motor system in its 2020 upgraded version. Its frame's design enables even weight distribution, which allows the rider to handle the bike better in rough terrain. It comes with adjustable dropouts that allow wheel base adjustment and enables the rider to run on a single speed drive train.

The bike has a load capacity of up to 325 pounds while the 8 speed SRAM gear is powered by a mid-drive motor that has an output of up to 1000w or 750w. The motor is powered by an 11.6ah/48V battery, which allows the rider to cover between 20 and 40 miles with the bike.

The QuietKat Warrior comes equipped with 26 inch by 4.5 inch tires and Tektro Mechanical Disc brakes that are effective when traversing rough terrains. Buyers have the option of purchasing the 17 inch or 19 inch frame variations of the QuietKat Warrior ebike.

What we like

  • Has a large load capacity
  • Mid-drive motor enables the bike to climb steep hills effortlessly
  • Comes with wide durable tires
  • Available in 17 inch and 19 inch frame sizes
  • Equipped with a feedback screen that displays a speedometer

What we don't

  • Sold at a high price
  • Additional seat post accessories are sold separately

QuietKat 2020 Jeep Electric Hunting Bike

The 2020 edition of the QuietKat Jeep ebike is designed to crisscross roads in the countryside all year round. The bike is mounted on a durable Fire-link suspension system that provides the rider with ultimate traction for a supreme ride control.

Two Poly wide tires with a profile of 26 inches by 4.8 inches guide the Jeep ebike through hardpack roads and they work just as well in snow. The fat tires ensure that you no longer have to retire your bike during the winter. The 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes on the Jeep hunting ebike also bring the ride to a halt in a matter of seconds after they are engaged.

This bike comes fitted with a class 2 type 750w motor that is powered by a 14.5ah/48Vbattery. The fully powered battery powers the motor for long ranges between 30 and 60 miles before it requires a recharge.

The bike has a maximum load capacity of up to 300 pounds and is available in 17 inch and 19 inch frame variations.

What we like

  • The tires have a wide profile that supports riding on tough terrain
  • Available in two frame height options
  • It has a 10 speed gear
  • Carries heavy loads up to 300 pounds
  • The hydraulic brakes are very effective
  • The mid drive motor enables the bike to climb up steep hills

What we don't

  • Sold at a high price
  • The bike is available in only one color

Rambo Bushwacker Electric Hunting Bike

The Rambo Bushwalker provides the outdoor hunter with the best concealed transport and has a stylish look for the modern rider. The Panasonic 48V, 11.6AH battery that powers the motor on this bike sinks deep in the frame, thus enabling its weight to remain low. This makes the ride more stable. The battery is capable of powering the bike for up to 38 miles of uninterrupted riding.

A Bafang 750 W Mid-Drive Motor drives the bike and can peak power output to 1000w. This enables adrenaline junkies to traverse hilly roads and not be stopped by mud or snowy terrains. The Bushwalker has a maximum load capacity of up to 300 pounds and rides on wide tires with 26 by 4 inch profile.

Your ride on this rambo bike is halted by the twin piston Tektro HD-E350 Hydraulic brakes that are installed on both the front and rear wheels, thus giving you ultimate ride control.

This ride is only available in a 19-inch frame size, which cuts out shorter riders. It also comes with an interactive digital display to help you monitor  Rambo Venom will be new Rambo release and future of hunting ebikes. 

What we like

  • The bike's color allows easy concealment
  • Has a long range battery
  • Fitted with wide tires
  • Has a digital speedometer
  • Climbs steep hills with minimal effort
  • Fitted with very responsive brakes
What we don't
  • Only available in 19 inch frame size


Rambo Rampage Electric Hunting Bike Package

The Rambo Rampage electric hunting bike is for serious hunters and off road bikers who leave nothing to chance. Driven by a powerful Ultra-Drive 1000w motor that peaks at 1500w, the bike is the best transportation that a hunter can ask for. The motor is controlled by three sensors that balance the performance of this bike in terms of its speed and pedal torque.

The deep-sited Panasonic 48V 21AH battery pack that comes with the bike can power the bike for up to 75 miles of uninterrupted riding. The battery also stabilizes the ride due to it convenient positioning within the frame. The Rambo Rampage rides on 27.5-inch by 2.8-inch wide tubeless tires while ride stoppage is controlled by 4-piston hydraulic brakes on both the front and rear wheels.

Load capacity on the Rampage bike maxes at 300 pounds. This bike is only available in an 18.5-inch frame size and in black with decals.

What we like

  • Many extra accessories included during purchase
  • The motor has high power output
  • The battery provides enough power for long range riding
  • Includes a digital speed display

What we don't

  • Sold at a high price
  • Only available in 18.5 inch frame size



When it comes to selecting the best ebike for hunting, you cannot compromise on price. The bikes we have featured in this review are not cheap but considering the features on each bike; we think that acquiring any of them makes a sound investment.

Both brands have nice hunter bikes, but we are more impressed with the Rambo bikes over the QuietKat hunting ebikes. The longer lasting batteries on the Rambo hunting ebikes, for instance, are clearly superior because they allow the hunter to ride for more hours without a need to recharge them.

The additional accessories included in the Rambo Rampage also played a part in making the brand our favorite. In our opinion, the Rambo ebikes blend in better with the woods as compared to the QuietKat bikes, which makes them better for hunting.


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