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Buying Your First Electric Hunting Bike


An electric-assist bike is more than a toy for riding down the road. The power and stability of an electric bike can help you scale mountains or cruise to your remote deer stand that is miles away, deep in a wooded forest. There are multiple reasons to own an electric hunting bike from the convenience it brings to the fun of riding one across fields and down mountains.


Why Own a Electic Hunting Bike?

A hunting ebike is more than hunting. The power and versatility of an electric bike can help you travel to your deer stand quickly and quietly. It can also help you haul back that deer with a trailer attachment. Using a bike in the woods will get you to places an ATV will never go.

Built for hunting, the motor is strong enough to get you up and down hills, with a strong frame that gives you a smooth ride and extra stability. The design of the bike includes a durable front suspension that absorbs the impact of rocks or uneven ground. The extra-wide tires also help with stability and ground eating control.

What can You Use a Hunting Bike For?

The versatility of the e-bike design lets you put it on city streets and mountain trails and enjoy the same smooth ride. If you can imagine it, you can do it with a hunting bike.


A hunting bike is obviously for hunting because of the strength of the motor and design of the frame. With a good, strong battery, you can expect your bike to travel miles without ever having to peddle. You can also expect to travel even further if you choose to peddle along with the assist.

Mountain Biking

E-bikes are terrific for mountain bikes and climbing. The power of the battery and design helps you to climb hills and follow trails up and downhill without you having to think about it. There are different types of bikes for mountain bikes that can help go uphill and downhill with the suspension to withstand the bumps of trail riding.


Beach riding is different than regular riding. Sand gives around the tires of a bike, and forward propulsion requires more effort. An e-bike rides smoothly on sand though the weight of the bike and rider can cause it to sink more than on the firmer ground. Rambo Bikes is great electric bikes brand that has variety of bikes, for beach, trail and hunters. 

Rambo Bikes


What are the Different Classes of Hunting Bikes?

Seventeen states have different categories for electric bikes to fall into. The Federal government made the definition of the e-bikes, and the states added how you can use those bikes on public trails and roads. In some states, the bikes fall into the category of a moped or other smaller motorized transport that requires licensure under pre-existing laws.


Some states are working to ban e-bikes, such as New York, but twelve of the seventeen states use three different classifications for the type of e-bike it is and how you intend to use them. Fortunately, the thirteen states with similar laws make up one-third of the US population.

  •  Class 1 is the most basic e-bike. A class 1 bike can go up to twenty miles an hour with an electronic pedal assist. The motor will only work while pedalling.
  • Class 2 e-bikes come with a throttle. The throttle allows you to adjust your e-bike up to speed approaching twenty miles an hour with electric assistance. The battery offers the user with seven hundred fifty watts of power to haul and travel.
  • Class 3 A class three electric bike comes with the most powerful motors and is capable of traveling speeds approaching thirty miles an hour. They come with speedometers as well as pedal assist, and while they are faster, they do not fall into the category with motorcycles. Depending on the state, age and class can change for who can use an e-bike and where.

QuietKat e-Bikes


Most states treat e-bikes as regular bicycles and require them to ride in bike lanes, and anyone can operate them. Of the thirteen states, the rules diverge depending on the area. In examples, California allows for people of any age to ride e-bikes classified as Class 1 or Class 2, but Class 3 requires the rider to be at least sixteen years and wear a helmet.


Hub Motor vs. Mid-Drive Motor

The modern e-bike will come with one of two types of drive systems. The drive system is the electronic assistance system that will let you cruise down city streets or up and over mountains and hills. The two types of motors are the hub motors and mid-motor.

 Hub Motor

A hub motor is near the front or rear wheel. The hub motor is the more common and older style of motor. They are good for running down a regular road as they only one gear. They are not as powerful as a mid-motor and have trouble going up and down hills. They either come as geared hub motors or with a direct drive motor.

There are larger hub motors developed later into the 2000s, which can manage hills as they have the power to climb. The hub motor is easy to maintain for the regular rider though less efficient than a direct drive motor. They have low-end torque, and the power does not travel through a bike chain, so there are less wear and stress added to the drive train.

 Mid-Drive Motor

A mid-drive motor is a motor that works best for off-road activities. The motor is strong and can handle bumpy terrains as well as more easily climb up and down inclines. The Mid-Drive motor is the most expensive option for an e-bike, but the performance offers peak performance for the price. The bike has full suspension and can do low-level torque. Bakcou Mule is rated best hunting bike of 2020

The mid-drive motor comes with a chain that runs through the motor to increase the speed. It also increases the stress on the chain, which can cause it to break. It is your choice whether or not you purchase a motor with a throttle, though most do not come with one. The mid-drive motor distributes the weight of the motor lower on the bike



The mounting for the motor can be anywhere on the base from front to rear. A motor placed near the front of the bike places less stress on the back of the bike, but it can make the bike feel heavier and can affect the way you steer the e-bike. A rear mounting motor is easier to handle, but if traveling with any trailers, it can affect the motor cables.

Battery Size

Hunting ebike batteries are Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer. In some parts of the world, lead-acid is still a common battery, but they do not have the number of charges or power capabilities. If the batteries are lead-acid, they are very similar to the ones that appear in vehicles, though the lithium batteries are similar to what you will find in mobile phones.

The main difference between the two types of batteries is the size and the number of charges. The batteries are DC (Direct Current) batteries. A DC battery will give your bike twenty-four, thirty-six or forty-eight volts of power to run on until you recharge them. Depending on how frequently you use the assist and where the battery management system will let you control the levels of assistance. It most often prioritizes speed, though some modes work best for climbing.

Depending on how you use your e-bike and where you can expect anywhere from twenty-five to seventy miles of travel. Going up and down steep hills with a load for your deer stand will drain the batteries more than if you ride on flat streets. You can also expect a drop in power traveling with a load.

Over time, the battery will deteriorate, requiring replacement. If you ride the e-bike frequently, it will happen more quickly as well as if you use the bike for hauling heavier loads or going up and down mountains. Most batteries are fairly easy to replace by purchasing them from an e-bike retailer.

Lead Acid

Lead-acid batteries are heavier with a shorter lifespan of up to three hundred charges before you require a new battery. The batteries are sensitive to temperatures and can start leak battery acid after a couple of years.


In contrast, an e-bike that has a lithium battery, polymer or ion, can have up to one thousand charges before you need to buy a new battery. The batteries are heavy-duty batteries that last through different situations. The batteries are also not as temperatures-sensitive as lead-acid. They are heavy and expensive, but long-lasting.

Lithium Polymer

Lithium Polymer batteries are lightweight and cheap. They are a great choice for an e-bike battery though they do not have the lifespan of lithium-ion batteries. The batteries will not impede your progress up and down hills though they can sometimes catch fire.

Ebike Frames

There are different types of frames for e-bikes, depending on the quality of the bike. While there are good quality bikes that have lightweight frames, if you are looking for hunting e-bike, you might want to consider one with a heavy-duty frame.


Aluminum is a lightweight metal that is resistant to rust and wear. It makes bicycles lightweight ride and move. It also helps them with aerodynamics during the ride. They are more likely to take dents and damage because the frame is more lightweight.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is strong and lightweight. The hunting bikes can withstand basic wear though they can easily take damage through sharp impacts. The impacts might not do surface damage, though the frame can weaken with the impacts. The frame will hold the motor and batteries without a problem.


Steel frames are solid and durable. You can move heavy loads with bicycles, and they can withstand the impact of going up and down hills. They are a lot heavier and more difficult to control, though they can take the damage more thoroughly.


Titanium is the most durable and long-lasting bike frame. Titanium frames are more expensive than the other frames and better able to ride up and down rocky hills. They can haul heavy loads without worrying about the e-bike taking damage.

Final Thoughts

Doesn't matter if you choose Quietkat vs Rambo. Hunting ebikes are incredibly fun and easy to ride. When you are looking for a bike that will get you to your deer stand or bring back a deer stand, the right e-bike will hold up to the trails you ride on and the weight you might carry. There are plenty of options available, depending on your budget and your needs.



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Tomas Deksnys