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TenPoint Crossbows for 2021

As someone who's spent countless seasons in the great outdoors, I've come to understand the importance of equipping myself with the best tools the industry has to offer. That's why I'm updating this post – to share my experiences with TenPoint's Crossbows in the past, what changed, and what crossbows are discontinued or replaced.  A brand that brought us the revolutionary ACUdraw de-cock, the fastest crossbow ever, and set the industry standard with its durable, powerful, and innovative designs.

When I first wrote about TenPoint's lineup in 2021, I highlighted their excellence in crafting the best crossbows, renowned for their highest quality, lethal accuracy, and optics. But as you know, technology evolves, and so does our understanding of what makes a hunting crossbow truly outstanding. TenPoint, a company deeply invested in crossbows made in the USA, has consistently outdone its predecessors, pushing the boundaries of what we can expect from a hunting crossbow.

Before you buy Tenpoint Crossbow

If you looking to buy a TenPoint crossbow, it's good to understand the evolution of these bows. Whether it's their best-selling models or the introduction of more affordable crossbows, TenPoint has something to offer for everyone. As we see advancements in their lineup over the years, with each model being more refined and capable than the last, TenPoint remains committed to cater to hunters at any stage of their journey, from beginners to advanced. Ask yourself do I need a build cocking device, I need speed and power? Do you like modern reverse-draw bows, or you are a forward-draw crossbow person? My advice always is, to be open and try new models, and see how you like it. It all boils down to experience and preference. 

So, let's dive back into the best hunting crossbows, explore the updates, and what's changed, and see why their models are the great choice for any hunter. 

Quality by Tenpoint

One aspect where TenPoint consistently shines is in its whisper-quiet operation. The seamless cocking and de-cocking mechanisms have revolutionized my hunting, allowing for stealthy approaches and effective shots without startling the game. The resilience and reliability of these crossbows have made them a favorite among the hunting community, avoiding costly mishaps and ensuring safe use.

2021 vs 2023

Features Vapor 470 (2021) Havoc RS440 (2021) Siege RS410 (2021) Flatline 460 (2023) Stealth 450 (2023) Viper 430 (2023)
Speed (FPS) 470 fps. 440 fps. 410 fps. 460 fps. 450 fps. 430 fps.
Length (in) 31" 26.5" 26.5" 26.5" 33" 33"
Width  6.5" 7.5" 7.5" 7.5" 6.5" 6.5"
Draw-Style Reverse-Draw Reverse-Draw Reverse-Draw Reverse-Draw Forward-Draw Reverse-Draw
Power Stroke (in) 17" 13.5" 13.5 13.5" 13" 13"
Draw Weight (lbs) 225 270 220 300 300 250
Cocking Mechanism ACUslide ACUslide ACUslide ACUslide ACUslide ACUslide


Siege RS410: Ahead of Its Time

tenpoint siege

The Siege RS410, with its first-ever silent and safe de-cocking system, is a 2021 favorite and beyond. Not sure if will be featured in the Tenpoint 2024 lineup, but the rumor is it will replaced. I love Siege, its reverse draw system and the ability to produce virtually zero sound make it an awesome ultra-compact model in the crossbow market. The Siege RS410's high, accuracy, and balanced design, along with the ACUslide system, make it a superb choice for hunters who value precision and silence.

What we like:

Siege RS410 is a shorter but faster crossbow and has to be the quietest crossbow in the market. The controllable de-cocking system does not require holding the buttons or the use of straps. All it needs is the backwinding of the handle that can be stopped at any point of your choice.

It is  2.65" long and 7.5" wide, but it still offers a velocity of 410 feet per second. The zero-creep trigger system has two stages, and that too is very comfortable. The dry-fire inhibitor and the ACU slide cocking and de-cocking system make it a safer option.

Havoc RS440 and Vapor RS470

My experience with the Havoc RS440 was nothing short of remarkable. This fastest ultra-compact crossbow, clocking in at 440 feet per second, became my trusted companion in tight spaces. It wasn't just about the power, the 13.5-inch power stroke packed a punch, yet the crossbow was light enough (just under 7.5 pounds) to maneuver easily through dense woods. Fastest compact crossbow, down-range deadly accurate, this was the model that made waves. Accessories like bow-pack, nocks, and EVO-X Lighted Alpha bolts make this model very attractive. 

 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- "My Vapor RS470"

I bought and tested the Vapor RS470 in my backyard, shooting from 60, 80, and 100 feet, and I was blown away by its performance. At 60 feet, the accuracy was pinpoint perfect, it felt like the crossbow did all the work. Increasing the distance to 80 and 100 feet, I was skeptical, but the RS470 didn't disappoint. Each shot flew straight and was impressive. This level of precision and power in a crossbow makes the Vapor RS470 an exceptional crossbow. Truly, it's a standout in its class. - Tim.L


Then there was the Vapor RS470, a dream for deer hunting. The first time I used it, the power was ridiculous for me at that time, the 470 feet per second velocity was outstanding. The 17-inch power stroke meant each shot carried enough force, and at around 8 pounds, it was a solid, reliable crossbow in my hands. The accuracy was great too, all that changes in 2022 with Tenpoint releasing Nitro 505, the best crossbow on the market, but that is another story. 

The New Era: Flatline 460 and Stealth 450

flatline 460

Moving to the Flatline 460, I immediately noticed the upgrade. With its speed at a blistering 460 feet per second and a 15-inch power stroke, it felt like I had an extra edge. It is 20 feet-per-second faster than Havoc and is slightly heavier than the Havoc, around 7.7 pounds, but the balance and ergonomics more than made up for it.  The scope had new struts therefore increasing strength by 80% giving you a great foundation for optics to deliver long-range accuracy. 

Introduction of Fastest Forward-Draw Crossbow

The Stealth 450, true to its name, brought a new level of stealth to my hunts. At 450 feet per second and a 14-inch power stroke, it offered the perfect blend of velocity and silence. Weighing in at about 7.3 pounds, it is a delight to handle. It is been three years since 2020, when Tenpoint lounged its fastest forward crossbow Vengent S440, so the upgrade was needed. I still love forward draw models and Stealth 450 is one of them. 

stealth 450


Upgrade that was needed

The TenPoint Viper 430, an upgraded version of the 2020 model Viper 400, stands as a testament to TenPoint's commitment to continuous improvement. This model got its speed to an impressive 430 feet per second, compared to its predecessor's 400 fps. With a power stroke of 14 inches and weighing in at a manageable 7.5 pounds, the Viper 430 strikes a perfect for deer hunters. My experience with this crossbow in the field was good. Its enhanced speed and accuracy, especially at longer distances, made a noticeable difference. Whether perched in a tree stand or stalking through dense brush, the Viper 430 proved to be a reliable and effective hunting companion.

 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- "A Step Above the Viper 400"

I was looking forward to switching from the Viper 400 to the Viper 430. Recently, while in Colorado, I successfully took down a buck at a considerable range with the Viper 430. Its speed of 430 was evident as the arrow struck with precision and power. Was clean shot was a clear testament to the Viper 430's improved capabilities. Love it! - Greg

A Hunter's Advice

To my fellow hunters, each of these TenPoint models has its unique strengths. The choice depends on your hunting style and preferences. If agility and compactness are your priorities, the Havoc's legacy is hard to beat. For those after speed and precision, the Vapor's successors won't disappoint. And if you like forward draw, longer string life, and speed,  the Stealth 450 is for you. No matter your choice, you're equipping yourself with a crossbow built on the experience and innovation that TenPoint is known for.

The Crossbow Scope Advancements

I have always been fascinated by the blend of traditional skills and modern equipment, the Xero versions of the Havoc RS440 and Vapor RS470 were a revelation. These models brought an unprecedented level of technological sophistication to hunting. With their ability to calculate range and automatically adjust aiming, they truly represented a new kind of scope. Although the standard Havoc RS440 and Vapor RS470 models have been phased out, their Xero variants continue to impress, offering unmatched precision and ease.

But the innovation didn’t stop there. The advancements seen in the Xero series have now been extended to other models in TenPoint’s lineup. For instance, the Garmin scope is now available on the Flatline 460 and Nitro 505. This integration brings a new level of accuracy and convenience to these models, allowing youto adapt to different environments and targets with greater ease.

Moreover, the addition of the Burris Oracle rangefinding scope to these models further elevates their capabilities. This scope not only enhances precision but also adds a layer of confidence to each shot, knowing that your equipment is calibrated to help you make the best shot possible.

nitro burris oracle scope

Take on Technological Integration

From my experience, these technological integrations are more than just fancy add-ons. The ability to quickly and accurately gauge distance and adjust accordingly can mean the difference between a successful hunt and a missed opportunity. Whether you’re perched in a tree stand or tracking game through the brush, having a crossbow equipped with a Garmin or Burris Oracle scope gives you an edge that was unimaginable a few years ago.

As we look forward to future hunting adventures, it’s exciting to see how TenPoint continues to push the boundaries, merging traditional hunting skills with cutting-edge technology. If you are looking to elevate your game, exploring these advanced options is well worth it.



The Tenpoint built-in ACUslide system is an innovative feature that revolutionizes how you handle and operate your bow, and there's a reason it's highly acclaimed in the archery community. This state-of-the-art accessory allows you to safely de-cock the crossbow, significantly enhancing safety and convenience. Integrated into all the models we mentioned, including the best-selling Raider 400 de-cock, with its 400 feet-per-second speed, the ACUslide is not just an add-on but an essential aspect of the crossbow. It brings a new level of safety and efficiency to the process. The fact that ACUslide is available in these models demonstrates Tenpoint's commitment to combining high performance with user safety, ensuring that every hunting or target practice session is both productive and secure.

Final Thoughts

As we look towards the future of hunting and crossbow technology, it's clear that TenPoint has set a high bar with its 2021 lineup. From the compact power of the Havon to the advanced technology of the Xero series, or the super speed and accuracy of Vapor RS470, these crossbows have not only enhanced my hunting experiences but also continue to influence the development of future models. TenPoint's commitment to innovation, safety, and performance is evident, and I eagerly anticipate what they'll bring to the field next.


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Tomas Deksnys

Tomas Deksnys