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Killer Instinct SWAT XP Crossbow Review

Killer Instinct SWAT XP Crossbow Review

For years, people have loved hunting, whether it's to learn the skill or just to enjoy the experience with friends and family. The most crucial thing is to decide which crossbow to purchase from the hundreds available in the market.

Also, are you seeking beauty with brains?

Killer Instinct Swat XP Crossbow will serve to be a beauty with brains for hunters. Killer Instinct Swat XP's sleek design and elegant body will make you and other hunters fall in love with its 29-inch compacted body, which you can only dream about if you do not buy this crossbow.

But wait, there is more!

This Killer Instinct Crossbows is not just a beauty, but it comeswith smart features that are going to roll over your eyes once you witness its fast speed performance in such a compact body. It will never let your target escape because of the most incredible features added to Killer Instinct Swat XP.

Want to know more about Killer Instinct Swat XP Crossbow? Let’s get started.

Killer Instinct SWAT X1 Crossbow Package Black

Staggering Features of Killer Instinct Swat XP

Killer Instinct Swat XP Crossbow has packed every feature that must have in a crossbow that is supposed to give the hunter a memorable hunting time during each hunting event. Here are some of those most remarkable features.

Solid Design

With a 29 inch length and a 14.12 inch cocked. In contrast, the 9.12-inch uncocked length, Killer Instinct Swat XP gives a firm and solid design for hunters without any exaggerated body that makes it difficult for the hunter to handle the crossbow, making it impossible to have a good shooting experience.

A solid design does not mean that Killer Instinct Swat XP Crossbow will give you a hard time picking it up because of its heavyweight; instead, it gives you a lightweight body that weighs not more than 7.5 lbs.

Perfect Balance

A crossbow that does not offer an excellent balance is a useless thing to purchase because, to make an accurate shot that does not miss its target, the crossbow must be well balanced. This will help the hunter hold the crossbow still and make a shot. Killer Instinct Swat XP Crossbow offers a perfect balance with accurately placed accessories.

What’s best?

SWAT has designed this crossbow so that everything is designed in the center, giving the crossbow a good balance. The trigger, grip, cams, and stock are adjusted smartly in the center, maintaining an accurate balance. This centralized design helps in reducing the feeling that your crossbow is falling towards a side, enhancing the hunting. The latching mechanism is a part of this centralized design that adds to the possibility of making a high-energy power stroke possible.

IR-E Crossbow Archery Scope

 Killer Instinct Swat XP Crossbow is integrated with a 5x resolution IR-E archery scope. With an ability to adjust speed ring, this scope is the most wanted thing in this crossbow because it is not always possible to stay a lot nearer to your target. It’s because most of the targets escape rapidly once they even get a hint of your presence, making hunting a big fail for the day. The adjustable ring of the scope helps you adjust the shooting speeds between 270- 450 fps.

Isn’t it exciting?

With such flexibility, you can adjust the scope’s speed according to the distance and speed of your target and make a successful hunt possible. Furthermore, KillZone XB100 Reticle is the top feature of IR-E Crossbow Archery Scope that aids in handling both small distanced targets and long-ranged targets so that you do not have any limitations while hunting a target.

Additionally, this scope is equipped with LUMIX optic clarity with the illuminated property. This gives a clear glass-like scope to watch your target like you are standing just in front of it.


DSC Dead Silent Crank Cocking System

 Every crossbow user wishes to have a pin drop silence in their crossbow while hunting a target. The DSC dead silent crank cocking system in Killer Instinct Swat XP makes this wish possible because it is precisely what it is advertised to be, giving a deadly silenced cocking to the hunter that will ever alert your target unless the arrow hits it.

Best of all?

 The crank handle is made removable to aid the hunters who are left or right-handed, as it can be adjusted on any side a hunter wants to depend on his feasibility.

Furthermore, you can even enjoy a rope cocker if you like, as SWAT has added it with extra accessories in the box, so the hunters do not have to purchase it themselves, spending more money. The reason why some hunters prefer rock cockers is that it reduces half the draw weight that makes it easy to shoot an arrow.

Smooth Crisp Trigger

 Killer Instinct Swat XP Crossbow is integrated with a trigger equipped with everything, which is a must, including its efficiency and safety. A 3lb lightweight trigger that does not require the hunter to apply extra power to pull it. Also, it comes with a unique feature of zero creep allowing the hunter to use this trigger for making the accurate shot.

Talking about the safety mechanism of this trigger, the hunters will enjoy an auto dry fire system that protects both the hunter and his surroundings from any common injury and incident, which makes this trigger an absolute choice for a crossbow like Killer Instinct Swat XP.

Accutac Barrel

 Killer Instinct Swat XP Crossbow is packed with an accutac barrel, whose 360-degree rotational design provides a reduced cross-bolt oscillation that enables the crossbow to have an enhanced broadhead flight speed. It also gives good support and complete guidance to the hunter to help him leave the trigger at an accurate angle and make an accurate shot.

Furthermore, the free-floating string in the accutac barrel system allows the string to float between the two barrels and thus increases the lifespan of the string.

Additional Accessories

One of the most incredible things about Killer Instinct Swat XP Crossbow is the additional accessories packed in its box. These additional accessories are one of those things that differentiate Killer Instinct Swat XP from other crossbows available in the market. There are very few of them that offer you several such accessories. But SWAT cares for its users and does not want you to spend extra money buying the accessories separately. So here is a list of the accessories available in the pack.


1. Lumix speed ring 1.5 – 5×32 IR-E Scope

2. SWAT XP Arrows (400 Grain) with field tips

3. Rope Cocker

4. 5 Arrow Quiver

5. String and Limb Suppressors

6. Stick of rail lube

7. DSC Dead Silent Crank


Pros and Cons Of Killer Instinct Swat XP

No doubt, Killer Instinct Swat XP Crossbow is one of the masterpieces of its field, but still, nothing comes without a bit of drawback, as it is the only thing that leads to the development of new products every day.

So let’s look at some of the bright and dark sides of Killer Instinct Swat XP to help you learn more about the worth of Killer Instinct Swat XP Crossbow in real life.

What we like

  • Comes in a compact design, making it a perfect choice for hunters of each age as it does not have a massive body with a heavyweight.
  • It helps you hunt both open and closed places because of its small body design integrated with everything.
  • The 2.5 pounds crisp trigger is easy to pull and make an accurate shot.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Over-Molded Grip
  • Offers to shoot the target from long distances of up to 100 yards, allowing you to target every type of animal.
  • Killer Instinct Swat XP Crossbow provides the hunter with a reduced friction design that makes it easier to shoot an arrow without applying much force.
  • Multiple accessories are presented with the crossbow to enhance the hunter’s experience.
  • Outstanding center balance helps in making a good shoot with an accurate angle.
  • The Accutac Barrel System is introduced in Killer Instinct Swat XP.
  • Easy and comfortable to handle.

What we don't like

  • Because of its elegance, you will have to take care of it a lot to keep its grace maintained.
  • It is only available in CAMO - True Timber Strata
  • Field trips are not included in the box.

Wrapping Up

We have tried to provide you with every information about the Killer Instinct Swat XP, and this will be enough for you to decide whether to invest your money in this crossbow or not.

In our opinion, you may find numerous crossbows in the market with multiple features, but considering Killer Instinct Crossbows, the features, design, reliability, accuracy, and speed offered by Killer Instinct Swat XP Crossbow would be challenging to find in a single crossbow. It aims at providing you with every possible feature within its compact body. We had a pleasure to try Killer instinct lethal 405 of our hog hunt in Texas. This is the crossbow is you are on the budget.

In the light of above discussion, are you convinced enough to purchase Killer Instinct Swat XP Crossbow?

Help us know your opinion by leaving a comment below.


1 Response

Mike Parker

Mike Parker

February 14, 2023

I bought a killer instinct bone collector 405, when a limb broke just sitting in my stand one morning on my Parker crossbow, I needed something there was a huge buck cruising the area and there was over 3 weeks left of archery season. Now I wish you had a trade in program, the bone collector has it’s problems, the barrel or rail is made from a polymer and looks bent to me the arrow didn’t lay flat on the riser barrel it lifts up in the front a good 3/16 of an inch which doesn’t help accuracy at all it shoots Fair but it could shoot better. With the arrows that came with it it doesn’t shoot 405 it shoots about 385 through my chronograph. I would just hate to take this bow and sit in the corner and buy something else you should come up with a trade-in program on your crossbows so we can get something better like you are new killer instinct SWAT XL that looks nice and I believe that barrel is made of aluminum and it should shoot pretty much perfect I’ve read some reviews on it but only time will tell I might purchase one, thanks for letting me leave my review Mike of Traphill, North Carolina

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Tomas Deksnys