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How to Start Crossbow Hunting

Crossbows have a long history with human beings and protection. When back in the day, a simple bow and arrow was used, crossbows were used to shoot longer ranges and to cross thick barriers. 

This initiated the use of a crossbow as a weapon, and it can be said that it proved to be a great one. Considering the power and strength of a crossbows, it is now used for hunting and sharp shooting. 

As the need increased, the diversity of crossbows increased, and now there are many types that may be specified to different uses. But what are the parameters that will help to choose a crossbow? That can be done by seeing its pros and cons, and they are enlisted as follows:

Pros of Using a Crossbow:

There is obviously a reason why many people prefer deer hunting crossbows over other traditional bows and compound bows. They are unique, different, and trustworthy. This sounds like a loyal and go-to companion. However, the reasons are not a mystery as the significant pros that a hunter can have from a crossbows are:

 High Accuracy

It is not a surprise that the hunting crossbow is a bow that is used for high accuracy. The accuracy of a bow is the main thing that makes it better than the other bows. Moreover, it does not have a usual arrow for shooting. Instead, it used cross-headed arrows so that they could have double the power and strength. 

The manufacturers of the bow have made sure that they provide the necessary equipment that is needed for hunting today in the light of new technologies and instalments. The installation of scope is one of the best features of the bow. It can help in aiming the target without moving your position, and it can even let you aim for shots that are farther away for the human eye to notice. 

This allows the hunter to shoot from far-off distances without the slightest of a clue for the deer to ace deer hunting. TenPoint Vapor RS470 Xero

 Apart from the effective scope, the light adjustment system is also added to the bow. Even when the place is dark or if the area is foggy, the light adjustment will help the shooter to see without difficulty and hunt even in unfavourable weather. 

Flatter Trajectory: Fast & Powerful

Every shot that any bow makes travels in a horizontal and vertical trajectory that combines to form a curve until it reaches the target. Once the string is stretched, potential energy is stored in the bow and the arrow. 

As soon as the arrow is released, the potential energy is converted into kinetic energy, which accelerates the speed of the bow. The power is used in both the vertical and the horizontal movement.

However, many bows have a prominent curve while shooting, and it causes the kinetic energy to be used as potential energy, and the combination of the gravitational pulls makes the shot less powerful and speedy.

On the other hand, the trajectory of the crossbow is flatter and straighter. Having a flatter trajectory not only allows the shot to be quicker, but also the energy that is preserved in avoiding the vertical movement is added into the horizontal direction. The kinetic energy and the power of the shaft of the crossbow combine to form an ultimate powerful shot that has no bounds.

As it has more kinetic energy, it has more velocity and horizontal power. Thus, the target will always be caught with a single shot rather than shooting the target repeatedly for it to stop and surrender. Therefore, it can be said that it is the best for deer hunting with a crossbows. 

Lock-Trigger Mechanism

Much energy is used by the user when it comes to stretching and cocking the string of the crossbows. In other bows, the hunter must keep a hold of the string for more extended periods of time while he aims or targets the prey. In this process, either the hunter gets tired of holding the arrow, or the shot becomes accidental if the hunter leaves the string by accident. This can not only cause harm, but it will also cost missing the target that you searched with much effort. 

That is not the deal with crossbows. Once the string is stretched, it can be locked by the trigger mechanism and released when the aim is targeted, causing an easy and fine shot. This safety mechanism allows the hunter to shoot without worrying about the stretched string. 

Moreover, as the lock mechanism allows the other hand to be free, the focus can be fully kept on the target rather than keeping a hold of the string. Thus, it is easy and more accurate in this way as well.

 Easy Maintenance & Usage

Even in the most advanced bows, maintenance is always tricky. The bow needs to be used in a way that it is not mishandled and works best. The bow can be maintained easily as it minimizes the risk of human errors of mishandling because of the lock-trigger mechanism. 

The string does not have the risk of breakage or extra stretching as it is defined. At the same time, it allows the hunter to get a hold of it quicker than the traditional bows.

The system is easy and comparatively effortless than the other bows available in the market, making it a favourite in any situation. No matter which kind of hunting the person prefers, the versatility is a plus point that cannot be ignored when choosing a bow for hunting and shooting games.

Cons of Using a Crossbow


No bow is perfect, and that is a fact. As people have different preferences, each task and each hunting require different types of bows. We do not state that this bow is the best in the market as you might be interested in other bows as well.  After all, it is never bad to carefully look at your options, analyze them, and choose the one you think best suits you. Considering this thing, there are a few cons that a few users of crossbows have reported over the years. 

The main cons that you might take notice of are:

 Heavier Than Traditional Bows

The complex and articulated mechanism of a crossbow is no joke. It is fully customized and strategically made for ease. But this complex mechanism maybe a tad heavier for some users. They are heavier to carry and transport than the other simpler bows that are available in the market. 

However, they are now made up of lighter materials such as carbon fiber which is much lighter and more manageable. As for the carrying and handling part, they can be carried in bow cases for easy handling and carrying. Plus, you can use cocking devices to lessen the fatigue caused by bending and cocking manually. 

When hunters cock the bow, they have to bend down and cock it. But with the use of cocking devices, you can minimize the energy used in a better way. 

 Needs Practice to Master it.

After all, it is a complex mechanism, and it needs a little understanding before you start shooting deer and other animals for game. The cocking system and the lock system are things that make the bow unique. However, it also makes the bow a little complex for beginners and amateurs. 

Even though the bow is easy to use, it needs practice to master the bow's flight and the gauge yardage. As these things are distinct and unique, they need to be mastered in order to compete. You can use range finders to adequately gauge the distance, so you can use crossbows for deer hunting. They will help you locate the distance even if you are not an expert in it.

 Crossbows Are Loud

Many hunting crossbows are a little louder than some compound bows, which can become unfavourable for crossbow deer hunting. Although new Tenpoint Crossbows are pretty impressive. Imagine you are standing close to a deer, and you have targeted it with your scope. But as soon as you cock your bow, it makes noise, and the deer senses it and runs away. That's the worst thing that could happen while crossbow hunting. 

You can use crossbows with whisper silencing systems or use dampeners. They can be attached to the bow, and it will make the shot as quiet as night and as calming as wind. This way, you can make your shot with accuracy without worrying about the prey running away. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing the crossbow of your dreams is a wish of every hunter there is. Everyone wants to have a go-to bow that will prove loyal even in unfavourable conditions and weather. Crossbow brads are releasing new bows every year and the best tenpoint crossbows to choose in 2021 are available to you with some amazing speed and features.  

The crossbow is a little complex and needs practice before completely acing it with ease. Even though it has a few cons, it provides an accurate shot with the ease of a fixed target and a powerful draw. This makes the bow worth the money and worth the practice. 

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Tomas Deksnys