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Fastest crossbow on the market - Tenpoint TRX 515

They did it again! Tenpoint TRX 515 crossbow – the fastest model on the market that will make waves among hunters again.  As someone who's all about getting the job done right, I've put the TRX 515 through its paces. Let me tell you, this isn't your average crossbow. Is it a reverse-draw design? Check. The ability to stop at any point without sacrificing accuracy? Absolutely. And the speed? It's not just fast, it's blistering, hitting those high fps like a champ.

Tenpoint Crossbows  build some amazing models over the years, I'm here to share what the buzz is all about. No fluff, no empty promises – just practical insights into the Tenpoint TRX 515 reverse-draw beast. The new Twin-Riser Technology, new AR-Style safety, its ability to stop at any point while maintaining accuracy, and why it's hailed as the best crossbow in the game in 2024.

So, saddle up as we dig into the nitty-gritty of the TRX 515  the fastest crossbow, breaking down why it's not just about speed but the precision that every hunter craves.


TRX 515 has some exceptional features, it's essential to spotlight the new  ACUslide MAXX, an integral component enhancing this crossbows ability silently cock and safely de-cock. Stronger, smoother, and easier to operate. ACUSlide MAXX, seamlessly integrated into the TRX 515, epitomizes simplicity and safety in the cocking process. This innovative cocking mechanism offers more than mere convenience – it represents the evolution of crossbow technology. It's pure pleasure effortlessly cocking this powerhouse of a crossbow with a silent, retractable system. The MAXX brings that concept to life in 2024.

Kinetic Energy

It isn't your ordinary crossbow – TRX is built like a powerhouse meticulously engineered for the demands of hunting in 2024. With an record braking speed of 515 feet per second (fps) and boasting a staggering 214 foot-pounds of kinetic energy, which is about the same as Nitro 505 - 243 FP. Its 16-inch Power Stroke, a result of its reverse draw design, is the core of its performance. This combination isn't just about numbers, it's about the impact it brings to the field. The TRX 515 isn't just a crossbow, it's precision and power, and a game-changer in crossbow hunting. 

Is the Ravin R500 faster?

The Ravin 500 made a significant mark as the fastest crossbow in its time, hitting 500 feet per second (fps) and setting a new standard. However, the Nitro 505 arrived, snatching the title for the fastest crossbow on the market, and now TRX 515 taking it even step further. Having put both through their paces, here's the laydown:

The Ravin 500 exhibits remarkable accuracy, especially with 400-grain bolts, hitting the sweet spot at 100 yards. On the other hand, the TRX 515, with its staggering speed, takes the crown in sheer velocity. While the Ravin might edge slightly in accuracy with specific grain arrows, the TRX speed is unmatched. It's a trade-off where both excel in their own rights – precision versus speed.

At the end of the day, we splitting hairs I think, the TRX 515 lightning-fast 515 fps stands out, making it the choice for hunters seeking unparalleled speed. With new Twin-Riser technology the crossbow is very accurate, don't blink, you might miss the arrow hitting bulls eye. 

Crossbow Scope 

When considering a scope for the TenPoint TRX 515, three notable options stand out, each catering to the diverse needs of crossbow hunters:

EVO-X Marksman Elite Scope 3.0

This scope is build quality, tailored to complement the TRX 515 performance, offering illuminated aiming points for precise accuracy at varying distances and speeds up tp 550 fps. Comes as a standard option and its features include a customized reticle and external target turrets for accurate shooting. A solid option if you ask me. 

Burris Oracle X

This scope utilizes a built-in rangefinder to automatically calculate and display the exact aiming point. This now is my favorite as It offers convenience and accuracy.  Just push a range button on the scope and it displays the distance with such a good accuracy that 100-yard shots seem easy. 

Garmin Xero X1i

Incorporating advanced digital technology, this scope provides a digital aiming point display, offering precise targeting and ease of use. It's engineered to match the TRX  speed and power, ensuring accuracy in every shot. This is pure class and outstanding technology from Garmin. A bit pricey, but if you like gadgets this one is for you. 

Each of these scopes presents distinct advantages, catering to different preferences and hunting scenarios. The EVO-X Marksman Elite excels in providing illuminated aiming points, while the Burris Oracle X and Garmin Xero X1i offer advanced technological features for enhanced accuracy and convenience with the TRX 515.


Tenpoint Comparison

Feature TenPoint TRX 515 TenPoint Nitro 505 Ravin R500E
Speed 515 fps. 505 fps. 500 fps. 
Power Stroke 16 inches 17 inches  15 inches
Kinetic Energy 241 FP KE 243 FP KE 222 FT-LBS
Cocking Mechanism ACUslide MAXX ACUSlide  Electric Drive System
Draw Weight 300 lbs.  300 lbs.  300 lbs. 
EVO-X Marksman Elite 3.0
Variable aiming points 100-Yard Illuminated 550 FPS Scope
Dimensions UnCocked / Cocked 12" / 6 inches UnCocked / Cocked 12" / 6.5 inches UnCocked / Cocked 7.6" / 3.5 inches
Weight 7.2 lbs. 7.9 lbs. (with ACUslide) 9.9 lbs. 
Size 29" 30.5" 28.5"
Scope Options Burris Oracle, Garmin Xero X Burris Oracle, Garmin Xero X Ravin® integrated Xero® Xli Crossbow Scope
De-Cocking ACUslide MAXX ACUslide VersaDrive Cocking System
Assembly Fully Assembled  Fully Assembled  Fully Assembled / Pre-Tuned
Noise Quite due to ZERO-Trac Barrel & GUIDE and Twin-Riser Technology Reduced noise due to the AcuSlide system Generally quiet operation
Price Check Price  Check Price Check Price



Shooting Experience 

My experience with the TenPoint TRX 515 has been nothing short of remarkable. It doesn't utilize a rope cocker like other 440 fps - 470 fps models, the integrated ACUslide MAXX system ensures a smooth and silent cocking process which is really impressive. The crossbow comes with 3 CenterPunch HPX Carbon Arrows, and  snaps into the TriggerTech trigger box and allows you to hear and feel that your arrow is properly locked and loaded.. This configuration contributes significantly to its exceptional balance, accuracy, impressive speed. The new TriggerTech Precision Trigger is a standout feature, contributing to the TRX 515 precision. It has this crisp feel when pressing it and this 3lb. trigger will definitely will help with accuracy and precision this season. 


Available Accessories 

As a hunter, I've found that the accessories that you buy greatly enhance the hunting. The scope upgrade is something to consider, I personally like the Burris Oracle X, its high tech but easy to use.  Lighted CenterPunch HPX Premium Carbon Arrows, Nemesis broadheads, Axis Tripod also available. You can purchase a Tenpoint soft case, since the STAG hard case won't fit your TRX 515 model with Garmin Scope or Burris Oracle X. 


Which is faster crossbow or bow?

When comparing the speed of a crossbow to that of a bow, it's essential to note that crossbows typically achieve higher arrow speeds compared to traditional bows. The Nitro 505 was the fastest crossbow, and delivered remarkable arrow speeds exceeding 500 fps, surpassing many others in the market, including the fastest Barnett crossbows, or the Ravin R500. This year the Tenpoint TRX  515 takes up a notch, flying arrows at 515 feet per second. In contrast, modern compound bows, such as the new Alpha X by Hoyt, generally achieve speeds ranging from 300 to 350 fps. In a direct speed comparison, most of the newer crossbows often outpace traditional bows, showcasing their exceptional velocity, making them a preferred choice for hunters seeking speed and accuracy.

Who makes the fastest crossbow?

The TenPoint TRX 515 currently holds the title as the fastest crossbow on the market, boasting an impressive speed of 515 feet per second (FPS). This remarkable speed sets it apart not only as a leader in the TenPoint lineup beating previuos record holder Nitro 505, but also across the entire crossbow industry. While the TRX 515 is the fastest, there are a few other models that come close and are worth mentioning. For instance, models from Scorpyd, like the Aculeus, have been known for their high speeds, reaching up to the high 400s in FPS. Similarly, some models from brands like Ravin and Excalibur also push the boundaries of speed, although they typically fall short of the Nitro 505's top speed.

What is the fastest crossbow in 2024?

The speed race in the crossbow industry were between models like the Ravin R500 and the TenPoint Nitro 505, and in the year 2024, we have a new winner which is Tenpoint TRX 515 model shooting arrows and 515 feet fet second. Will the Ravin reclaim the crown? 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the TenPoint TRX 515 stands out as a powerful crossbow that will change the hunting this year. The precision and power it delivers are unmatched, providing the confidence to take on any game at even longer distances. The ACUslide MAXX system are standout feature, offering safety, ease and quite operation of use that is unparalleled. The Tenpoint TRX 515 is a choice that offers new technological advancements, reliability, power, and precision in every aspect of its design and accessories.

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Jody Harris

Jody Harris

January 17, 2022

I have my hunting license but never bow hunting I want to try it

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