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TenPoint Nitro 505 Xero - Fastest Crossbow in the World

TenPoint Nitro 505 Xero - Fastest Crossbow in the World

Do you love to hunt your target with a crossbow? Or are you looking for a hunting tool that catches your hunt with a single blink of an eye? Well, if you have one of these purposes, you have come to the right place so far!

After comprehensive research and analysis, we have come to the results that no other crossbow has taken the place of TenPoint Nitro 505 Xero till now. It stands top on the list when we talk about the fastest crossbows in the world.

No doubt, Tenpoint crossbows has now released a large number of remarkable crossbows in the market, their 2022 tenpoint crossbow lineup it is pretty amazing, but the TenPoint Nitro 505 can attain a speed of 505 feet per second. Isn't it amazing? Of course, it is! Thus, now you'll be able to hunt even the largest animals with a single shot of your bow.

TenPoint Nitro 505 – Top Choice of Hunters

We are pretty sure that you'll see Nitro 505 on almost all headlines of the best crossbows with the fastest hunting speeds. With tremendous kinetic energy of about 227 foot-pounds, Nitro 505 provides sufficient power to cover the distance within a blink of an eye.

Besides this, there is a complete plethora of demanding features and technologies in TenPoint Nitro 505 Xero, making it the best yet fastest crossbow for hunters. That is why the hunters have a lot to expect from it. You'll be amazed after knowing that it covers a distance of about 250 yards after pressing the button for once.

How Fast is TenPoint Nitro 505?

Before heading to discuss the factors that make Nitro 505 the fastest crossbow in the world, let's unwind some real facts about the speed of this bow. Reports have revealed that it is the only fastest crossbow developed till now. Its speed tops Raven 500E and is also tested with a chronograph. However, different lengths of this crossbow are observed to have varying speed limits.

When a 20-inch crossbow 400-grain crossbow was tested for its speed, it gave different speed ratios, including 514 and 515 fps. Other than this, when a 455-grain Nitro crossbow was tested, it attained a speed of about 494fps. Thus, it is pretty obvious that the fastest crossbow in the Nitro class is a 400-grain one.

The primary reason for the increased speed of this crossbow is the availability of CenterPunch to enhance the overall performance of the crossbow ring. Furthermore, the low weight of the bolt impacts the speed of this crossbow and makes it one of the fastest crossbows in the world. Two models of TenPoint Nitro 505 Xero, including 400-grain and 455-grain crossbows, slightly differ in their speeds and kinetic energies.

Besides the bolts, another factor responsible for the fastest speed of this crossbow is the presence of an aluminum barrel. It dramatically decreases the overall surface area of the bow by 50%. Thus, this whole mechanism results in a significant decrease in friction. The aluminum barrel will also give you increased string life.

What Features Make Nitro 505 Xero Fastest Crossbow in the World?

Hands down, TenPoint Nitro 505  is the most fastest crossbow in the world, you may wonder about the features that make it eligible for this award. That is why we have spent our time researching the features and technologies present in the TenPoint Nitro 505 Xero crossbow. The big debate of the past was tenpoint vapor RS470 vs Ravin R29X, which is better. Not anymore. Nitro 505 blows them out of the water. 

Built-In Laser Finder

Unlike the typical crossbows, it comes with the modern technology of a built-in laser finder that makes it easy for the hunters to catch the target. The point at the hunt will not be a major problem for you when you're using this Nitro 505 crossbow. Plus, you don't have to estimate the total distance between the target and your place.

This built-in technology automatically adjusts the distance to the targeted position. Furthermore, there is a precise illumination or laser integrated with this technology. Thus, with the high speed, you'll now be able to locate the hunt in no time.

Auto-Brake Gear System

Another ground breaking technology by tenpoint crossbows is, that increases the working efficiency of the TenPoint Nitro 505 crossbow is the auto-brake gear system. Many hunters find it pretty hard to cock and de-cock the crossbow since the sound triggers the hunt and run away. So, when you're using the TenPoint Nitro 505 crossbow, you don't have to bother about losing your target.

The availability of the auto-brake gear system supports the crossbow's silent cocking and de-cocking mechanism. Thus, there will be minimal noise when you're pointing the bow at a deer or any other hunt. This integration of the auto-braking system increases the speedy hunting, thereby satisfying the hunters to the fullest.

Vector-Quad Cable Technology

Here's a fantastic feature that makes TenPoint crossbow Nitro 505 Xero the fastest option is the four-cable system. This vector-quad cable technology never lets the users lose their stability when pointing the target. It helps to stabilize the cams and limbs. Thus, it will not be wrong to say that Nitro 505 provides a consistent hunting position to the users.

In addition to this, repeatable performance is a plus point because of vector-quad cable technology. It greatly helps to eliminate the cam lean and plays a leading role in generating a straight-nock shot. This technology makes the trails perfectly accurate for professional hunters. Thus, you can get repeatable results with it.

Reverse-draw Limb Design

No doubt, Nitro 505 has been the fastest crossbow in the hunting industry till now. But the addition of a reverse-draw crossbow limb design makes it even more demanding among the users. This feature is known for providing a substantial platform that can support a 17-inch power stroke. This stroke is considered as longest in the industry.

The increased speed of the TenPoint crossbows is due to this high power stroke. It is also observed that the high speed of the Nitro 505 crossbow is possible with less draw weight. The presence of reverse-draw limb design technology helps engage the string for an extra four inches of travel. Thus, this rail travel increases the overall performance and accuracy.

Zero-Creep S1 Trigger

If you're a hunter, you must be wondering about the pulling power and two-stage trigger. These technologies help in increasing the accuracy and consistency of hunting skills. Thus, to help you out with this, the fastest crossbow is now available with a zero-creep S1 trigger. It helps the hunters attain a 3.5-pound pull with an advanced roller-sear system.

Above all, this trigger box is available with DFI technology. Dry-Fire-Inhibitor is fitted with the highest quality of nylon-filament arrow. It increases the retention or grip and improves the overall alignment in the bow system. Another plus point of this feature is the prominent reduction in noise and vibration.

Low Weight

It is also observed that the less draw weight of the crossbow increases its ability to shoot the bows with the fastest speed. That is why TenPoint Nitro 505 Xero is available with a low weight ranging up to 7.9 pounds (without accessories). Another plus point that comes with the low weight of the crossbow is its easy handling.

This Tenpoint crossbow is measured up to 30.7 inches (without stirrup). Thus, this increased length of the whole setup makes it easy for the hunters to handle it during the hunting sessions.

Cocking and De-Cocking System

One of the essential reasons hunters' increased usage of the TenPoint Nitro 505  crossbow is its silent mechanism for cocking and de-cocking. You don't have to put much effort in organizing or pointing its bows towards the target. All you need to do is apply only 5-pounds of force to operate with your full access.

Many compatible straps increase their ability to bear large amounts of force. It comes with a NEW Dyneema cocking trap. It can withstand up to 2000 pounds of force. So, it doesn't matter how far your target is; you can easily adjust the cocking and de-cocking mechanism without causing any noise.


High Kinetic Energy

The highly improved kinetic energy is an outstanding feature that supports its 505 fps speed. It is directly related to the overall speed of the crossbow. TenPoint Nitro 505 crossbow Xero can generate an estimated kinetic energy of about 227-pounds per second. It is responsible for the highly demanded power of crossbows.

Thus, you don't have to bother about the bow's ability to cover long distances after shooting with its kinetic energy. It can cover about 505 feet per second right after pressing the button. This feature will definitely make you purchase it on the very first look.

Is It a Good Purchase?

TenPoint Nitro 505 Xero crossbow has been observed to stand rightly on almost all users' expectations. Its surpassed last years fastest tenpoint crossbow at that time tenpoint vapor RS470 xero elite paclageThe integration of all the features mentioned above increases its speed to a greater extent. Thus, if you're wondering about getting your hands on the fastest crossbow, TenPoint Nitro 505 Xero will be a perfect option for you! The price is also budget-friendly for many crossbow lovers out there.

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Jody Harris

January 17, 2022

I have my hunting license but never bow hunting I want to try it

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