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Best Tenpoint Crossbows 2022


Crossbows are a great addition to the hunter's world and having the best crossbow that suits your needs may be essential, especially when numerous brands are selling such a variety of them. Out of all those brands one have earned the trust of the hunters through the years. 

 With hunting season long gone and their best tenpoint crossbows to choose in 2021, here are the best for the 2022 season. Consider a few things first like budget, fast and compact crossbow, or just compact. Speed and power, or lightweight and speed.

We used tenpoint on many hunts and we are happy to share some things we like and don't.

Made in America

Tenpoint Crossbow tecnnologies is the leading brand providing the fastest, best seller, compact, high-end, and best value crossbows with some state-of-the-art accessories. Also, Whicked Ridge Crossbows is another brand in Tenpoint family. 

Still not convinced?

Hunters spoken, Tenpoint crossbow is one of the best and safest crossbows providing multiple models with all specs required for best-hunting experiences. Ten Point Crossbows 2022 has an advanced cocking and decocking system with no sound to keep your target unaware of your moves.

Its compact body helps the hunters carry it on long hunting tours easily. We used many models on our hunting trips. Each of them will present different characteristics depending on their model. We will present a review of the best TenPoint Crossbows to serve you as a buying guide, with all the good and bad things you will witness in these models.

TenPoint crossbow had always tried to bring new technology to every single crossbow, making them the best crossbow in the market. The basic focus lies on the hunters and their needs in a crossbow, and TenPoint brand always think according to the hunter's mind. 

Whenever we talk about a crossbow that performs best while hunting, the TenPoint crossbow is the leading name. The fast performance with a reduced string to barrel contact, durable string system, and variable speed scope makes these crossbows worth choosing.  TenPoint Vapor RS470 Xero Elite Package was the best crossbow from the brand in 2021. 


Why Should You Choose TenPoint Crossbow?

TenPoint crossbows have all the specifications for a hunter who is on his hunting mission, including:

Accurate stroke
Comfortable Assembling
Noiseless Functions
Reduced Vibration
High-Speed Performance
Light-Weight Body
Top Accessories



TenPoint Nitro 505

Fastest Crossbow In the World

You must have been looking at the 505 reviews to decide whether it is the fastest crossbow in the world or not, so here it is. With speeds up to 505 fps, TenPoint Nitro Crossbow also has features an in-built string stop system, Evo-X Marksman scope, 20-inch micro track barrel, and ACUSlide. With a 30.7 inches length, TenPoint Crossbow gives an easy handling option. Nitro 505 Available in Moss Green of Veil Alpine

Opening the box, you will get all the required accessories, plus, if you still want to add some extra to your TenPoint Crossbow, you can always go for some extra to make your experience even better. 

TenPoint bows is equipped with the latest RX-Cams system capable of rotating at 404 degrees aiding in a reduced weight when the crossbow is in full draw position. Also, the 404-degree rotation adds to the ease of taking the draw as much back as you want without any difficulty. To be on the safer side, TenPoint Crossbow has enhanced the depth of grooves, which allows the string to move safely on the cams.

This has also helped more strands in the string beneficial for the long life of the crossbow so that a hunter does not have to invest money to repair the crossbow. The increased number of strands supports the fast functioning of Nitro 505 because when the arrow is fired with force, it damages the string in case it is weaker. 

Best Power Stroke in Crossbow

In TenPoint Crossbow cam lean is managed through a Vector Quad cable system designed to use four cables. This also helps the hunter shoot the arrow in a straight line without any change in its path.

The heavy limbs of Nitro 505 are 30 pounds in weight, making it the fastest crossbow ever as it increases the power stroke up to 17 inches long with an addition of 3.5 inches from the previous TenPoint Crossbows. This power stroke is enough to make a powerful shot directly hit the aim. 

The Acuslide system is one of the most preferred cocking and decocking systems by Tenpoint crossbows. With all other details of this safety system, when making its way into the Nitro 505, it amazes the hunter by providing an Auto Break Gear System.

This is to avoid the extra force on the hunter's body. The ACUSlide system is preferred because of its additional silent cocking and decocking that lets you set your crossbow without letting the aim know.

Crossbow Trigger system

Dyneema strap aligns with the perfections to bear the fast strokes of TenPoint Crossbow without letting the straps break, no matter how powerful you are shooting. This strand can hold a force of up to 2000 pounds that justifies TenPoint Crossbows to be the fastest crossbow because it  have added the strap with such a heavy force bearing to hold the force of the fast shoot.

The hunter will not have to keep his hand fixed on the handle until the arrow is shot; instead, the XTEND Adjustable Crank Handle makes things easier by allowing the handle to be set at the position where it was left. 

The S1 two-stage trigger system assembly comes with a roller-sear system for an accurate crisp and zeroes creep system. The nylon filament used for the assembly of the S1 trigger enhances the arrow grip and makes the trigger noiseless. This makes the pulling of the trigger completely noise-free. 

Looking at the overall performance, it does not fail a hunter with his hunting practice because of the high power stroke, three optical scopes, including with Evo-X Marksman Elite Variable Speed Scope, Oracle X Rangefinding, and the XERO X1i Rangefinding, plus a 50% reduced string to barrel contact. Tenpoint crossbows have given the best possible accessories in this crossbow that make it perfect for even first-time hunters.

Available Packages:

Crossbow Package ACUslide Moss Green $2999.99,
Crossbow Package ACUslide Veil Alpine $3099.99,
Oracle Crossbow Package ACUslide Burris Oracle Rangefinding Scope $3699.99,
Xero Crossbow Package with Garmin Rangefinding Scope $4599.99

What we like:

Perfect down-range precision, the efficient scope for even low light conditions, easy cocking, and decocking, improved performance, and accurate balance for the exact shot.

What we dislike:

Expensive compared to the features it offers, the same-priced crossbows can offer more.


TenPoint Havoc RS 440: Speed with Compactness

Fastest Compact crossbow

TenPoint Havoc RS 440 Crossbow is equipped with multiple aspects within its compact body that do not compromise speed. This means being a compact body crossbow; this tenpoint crossbow gives you the best possible characteristics you may find in the best hunting crossbows.

A zero creep S1 trigger, strong life string, decreased draw weight, safe cocking, and decocking are some of the main things every hunter can witness in Havoc RS 440. 

First-time you have Havoc RS 440 in your hands it feels amazing. It has an adjusted balance by the fact of the weight beautifully spread in the crossbow keeping the heaviest parts in the center. This is much helpful for the hunter while he is making the settings for shooting an arrow with the tenpoint crossbow because a poorly balanced crossbow will not work properly.

Out of the two rotatable cams, each is placed at the two sides of the crossbow, while the trigger and scope are balanced in the exact center with lesser weight at the back. This balance gives compactness to this crossbow, making it one of the most compact tenpoint crossbows.

For RS440 Xero, the Garmin Zero X1i sighting system in the Havoc RS 440 gives an accurate range of up to 250 yards with its rangefinding property. Knowing the exact distance from your aim is useful to make a successful shot. Further, it also views the aiming point to kill the prey on the first try without losing your effort and arrows. 

Apart from other aspects, the X1i sighting system also has a multi-colored display option, 3.5 times magnification power which is beneficial to keep an eye on each moment of the prey. 

Steady Aim

For hunters who want to know before each shot how steady they are on their aim, TenPoint  have provided a steady aim system that shows the hunting person whether it will be exact or not using a bubble level. Who wants the sounds of loading and unloading in the center of a forest where you are hunting alone?

Havoc RS 440 Crossbow has silent ACUSlide like in many other TenPoint Crossbows that is a must for a pin drop silence cocking and decocking, with a control on the handle allowing you to leave the handle at any place you want. The handle will never go back to its original position like you might have experienced in older designs of crossbows.  

The Micro Track Barrel in Havoc RS 440 manages the sliding trigger when the crossbow is going under cocking or a decocking process. The benefit of this small barrel is that it helps decrease the contact of a string with the barrel. This contact causes the production of friction, leading to a loss of the string’s life. However, this isn’t the case in this crossbow because of reduced contact and, in turn, reduced friction. 

The nylon strap joining the ACUSlide to the floating trigger box is made with a strong material that can hold a force of 1800 pounds, which is way more for a crossbow. The reason why this force-bearing strap is used lies in the fact that TenPoint RS 440 is the fastest crossbow. Therefore the strap used must be powerful enough to handle the fast stroke.

TenPoint Havoc RS 440 Crossbow is a complete package for your hunting tours with every necessary feature to make your experience with sharing with others.

There is no doubt that successful hunting depends on the expertise of the hunter, but the crossbow you are choosing also makes a great impact, and Havoc RS 440 is a perfect choice. Available in Veil Alpine and  Grafite Gray.

Available Packages and Accessories:

RS440 Crossbow Package ACUslide Graphite Grey$2499.99
RS440 Crossbow Package ACUslide Veil Alpine $2599.99
RS440 Xero Crossbow Package ACUslide $4099.99

What we Like:

Safe shooting with dry fire inhibitor, zero creep trigger, down-rage precission, safety wings, and reverse draw with the reduced draw weight. 

What we dislike:

Overpriced than its predecessor crossbows. 


TenPoint Crossbow Titan DeCock

Best Selling Crossbow of all time

Upgraded Model

Tenpoint Titan DeCock is a new model added by TenPoint in 2022 that has made its position in the world of crossbows soon after its arrival, making it the best-selling crossbow.

The secret behind being the best selling is all in its latest D1 trigger that has not been introduced in any other crossbow until now. Though the S1 trigger in the previous models like TenPoint Seige RS 410 was no less, the advanced technology introduced this time has made DeCock a silent killer.

2-stage trigger

The D1 trigger is a 2-stage trigger with a dry fire inhibitor, giving a zero creep and safest decocking keeping the hunter in safety. Now you can practice the trigger control without the arrow to avoid any loss of the arrows and any unwanted accident.

The dry fire inhibitor is a safe system that helps the hunter become a professional. Additionally, the de-cocking system is silent enough to keep your prey in its place without even a clue of what is happening around it. Thus an enhanced safety of de-cocking with the D1 trigger is the prominent feature of this crossbow, giving its name De-Cock.

Pro scope

Apart from the new feature, other remarkable features like a lightweight 3X pro scope. This makes viewing from a distance possible so that you can get an idea of how and where you will be shooting your arrow to hit the bull's eye.

The 3X has three crosshairs enabling you to look at three different distances for better viewing possibilities. It's additionally calibrated with the four dots appropriate for centering the target.

You will have three Pro Elite 400 Carbon Arrows in the box, which are, of course, not enough for you, but they are perfect for your initial hunting experience. The shooting experience can not be put on the crossbow alone; in fact, the arrows play a crucial part. The accuracy and precision are guaranteed with this bow. 

Light Weight Crossbow

Weighing only 6.4 lbs and the 14-inch power stroke is another feature that makes no less than the world's fastest crossbows that offer a 17-inch power stroke. Carry this crossbow is a pure pleasuare and the benefit of such a longer power stroke is that the hunter has to put less effort into shooting at a distance. 

Available Packages and Accessories:

Package Rope Sled $799.99
ACUdraw $849.99
De-Cock Crossbow Package ACUdraw 50 Sled Vektra  $999.99 
De-Cock Crossbow Package ACUdraw De-Cock Vektra $1099.99


What we like:

Price, Illuminated scope, fully coated optics, and dry fire prohibition. 

What we dislike:

For the accessories, only three arrows in the box.

TenPoint Viper S400 Oracle

Most Accurate Crossbow

Launched in 2020 with the best available technologies, TenPoint S400 is still on the timeline for hunters because of its differentiating features. Most of the good crossbows in the market are found to be much expensive, while this one is much better than all those in terms of its affordable price. Making it the preferred choice of hunters that are unable to afford expensive crossbows with more or less the same features. 

TenPoint Viper Crossbow offers a compact body with 32-inch length and 11 inches width in an unloaded condition. Isn’t this size amazing? Carrying a large crossbow with you on long hunting tours might create frustration for you because, of course, there are no smooth paths to take your vehicle in the forests.

Hence, you have to pick up the bow on your shoulders; that becomes much easier with a compact body and only a 7.5 pounds weight. 

TenPoint Viper S400Crossbow is designed with all the features that compliment the shooting of arrows at 400 fps per second speed. Though the crossbow is the baseline for such high speed, still TenPoint Viper S400 Crossbow is packed with three Evo-X CenterPunch premium carbon arrows that can achieve a 370 fps speed, making the claim of 400 fps speed somewhat false news.

However, the best thing is to purchase ProLite Carbon arrows from the TenPoint store to aid you with high speed. 

Burris Oracle X Rangefinding Scope

The Oracle X™ comes with a built-in laser range finder that is activated via the wireless remote or the button on the scope. Once the button is pushed, it instantly displays the distance to your target and provides an exact aim point, which is pretty awesome.

Weaver and Picatinny mountable,Elevation and wind adjustable ,Large ranging button with programming pad , Works off of one CR123 battery, Automatically range game up to 200 yards away with the press of a button. Reflective targets up to 500 yards.

An accurate illuminated aim point automatically adjusts for both distance and brightness allowing you to better see your target, The illuminated pin remains accurate through the scope's entire 2x-7x fantastic range for accuracy through your crossbow's full range. The reticle has digital level, angle compensation, and auto-brightness

Fully Assembled 

The best thing about the TenPoint S400 Crossbow is it's already assembled when you open the box, making it easy for you to take out the bow and directly start shooting without any assembling required that takes hours. Sometimes you don’t even understand how to do it. Its compact size also does not require you to disassemble it anyway, as it allows the hunter to be placed within a hunting case for keeping at home or carrying with you. 

TenPoint Viper has an improved and renovated Micro Trac Barrel with rollers aimed at lowering the contact of string to the barrel. Why? Because it helps to increase the lifespan of the string, thus keeping it in the hunter's budget.

If the string gets damaged with time because of increased friction, it is obvious that it will break soon. But with the Micro Trac Barrel, the string can bear more than 1300 shots without getting damaged. 

Silent cocking

The leading cocking mechanism is introduced in TenPoint S400 to make it one of the best. TenPoint Viper is one of the first crossbows that brought silent cocking into the market because the previous ones were much different, and they didn’t allow safe cocking.

While in Viper S400, you can leave the handle at any point while cocking or decocking without any fear of injury because the handle will not go back; instead, it will stay at the location where it was left by the hunter. So leaving the handle at any position you want will not cause any harm to you.

But how is it possible?

The advanced integrated brake system in Viper S400 keeps the crank at its place without allowing it to roll back, eventually releasing the handle. A dry firing safety mechanism is another thing introduced in this crossbow to prevent the empty firing of the bow when not used for hunting.  

Overall, TenPoint S400 is one of the best crossbows from TenPoint that features multiple useful aspects which were not present in its predecessors. 

Available Packages:

TenPoint S400 Crossbow Package Graphite $1499.00
TenPoint S400 Crossbow Package Veil Alpine $1699.99
TenPoint S400 Oracle Crossbow Package ACUSlide Burris Oracle Rangefinding Scope  $2499.99

What we like: 

Enhanced string lifetime, perfect cocking with less effort, high-speed and compact body.

What we dislike:

The arrows in the box are not compatible with 400fps speed, so you must purchase separate arrows. 

TenPoint Turbo S1

Luxury Crossbow on the budget


If you are finding a crossbow that fulfills your dreams within your limited budget, then Turbo S1 is the go for you because it offers advanced features that every hunter expects from a crossbow within a limited range that is affordable by almost anyone.

Now people who have a passion for hunting but can not bear the expenses have a chance to rise and show the world the hidden talent of hunting in you. You can now surprise your friends and family by hunting various targets. 

Low Priced Crossbow

We know the fact that “The Turbo S1 is our lowest-priced bow with the ACCU slide that everyone has come to recognize as a superior cocking and de-cocking system. When it comes to size, speed, weight, and the ability to safely de-cock your bow, the Turbo S1 will quickly outclass the competition at its price-point … it is the ideal compact crossbow.”

Turbo S1 is one of the shortest crossbows available in the market, with RX-6 cams integrated into it to keep the shooting experience at its best. A speed of 390 feet per second is obtained by these cams that have the ability to rotate at 340 degrees, making it a perfect choice for hunters as hunters want a crossbow that allows them to draw as much as they want without making it difficult for them because of a reduced cam rotation. 

The Best Crossbow Technology

The Vector Quad Technology is at its best with its benefit of the crossbow using four cables that are required to reduce and sometimes completely eliminate the cam lean. The reduced cam lean is responsible for adding accuracy in each shot, with no loss of effort or the target. When your arrow is tilted with an increased cam lean, your target may run away by getting alerted.  

Safe Cocking

The Auto Brake system with ACU Slide enables the hunter to use the handle in whatever way he decides to. Whether you are just a few minutes from shooting, but your target manages to escape, you have the option to leave the handle without fearing that the arrow will shoot or it will cause an accident.

Besides safe cocking, the brake system is also designed to provide silent cocking and to de cocking, especially for the hunters that are not big fans of voices and the creepy sounds that crossbows make while cocking and de cocking. 


The latest roller sear system in the S1 trigger added to the Tenpont Turbo is one of the most amazing features as it is responsible for a perfect crip with zero creep at only 3.5 pounds-force.

This means that the hunter will not have to put much effort while using the trigger, which is helpful for hunters who are not bodybuilders with heavy muscles.

The trigger is fitted with a nylon-filament arrow retention brush to help with the enhanced grip in the crossbow so that when you pull the draw, the arrow will be kept in its place until you release it. The aluminum barrel with Micro Trac body gives an enhanced life to the string by keeping it safe from wear and tear with each shot. Even after hundreds of shots, the string will still be in its best possible condition.

The function of the Micro Trac barrel is to reduce the friction that is generated by rubbing between the string and the barrel. This is also aided by a half-decreased flight deck surface allowing little string contact with the deck.

TenPoint S1 is available in the market at very good prices. Opening your box, you will get a fully assembled crossbow ready to be taken on a hunting tour to kill the targets and take memorable pictures. 

Available Packages:

Crossbow Package ACUdraw 50 Sled $899.99
Crossbow Package ACUslide Moss Green $1299.99
Crossbow Package ACUSlide Vektra $1399.99

What we like:

Three arrow Quiver, variable speed scope, requires less force to operate and advance the cam system.

What we dislike:

As far as accessories only a few arrows are in the pack.

Final Thoughts

Again, consider a few things before buying Tenpoint bows. Where and how you will be using it. We at hunting giant believe that the TenPoint crossbow is a perfect choice for any age hunter having different levels of professionality. Given the variety, these crossbows are even suitable for teenagers and women because of their lesser weight, making them easy to carry.

High-quality cables with added strength, ACUSlide System, precision scopes, and rotational cams are some of the prominent features of TenPoint crossbows. Hunters who had just stepped into the hunting world can trust TenPoint brand to give a kick start to their hunting passion with the fantastic and most advanced features and accessories. 

We have so far given you a detailed and honest review. TenPoint and Wicked Ridge Crossbows are known for their high-end speed and accurate targeting that never lets your target escape from your sight. With each stroke balanced and predefined, the TenPoint crossbow technologies manages to give its best performance. To carry with you on the hunt or to hit the target is an honestly a great feeling.

Tomas Deksnys

Tomas Deksnys