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Ravin Crossbows 2022

  Ravin Crossbows 2022 Lineup

Ravin is a brand with a five-year history and a simple but fascinating beginning in 2015. A group of few hunting buddies joined hands to bring the best crossbows in the world to fulfill every demand of a professional hunter at its best. However, Ravin didn't find many fans in the initial years, but from 2019 they got a huge fan following among hunters by releasing two of their best crossbows.

The Helicoil technology with superior speed, unmatched downrange accuracy, perfectly balanced draw, precision rifle trigger, Trac trigger firing system, and more consistent accuracy makes Ravin crossbow one of the best in the market.

You will enjoy an increased crossbow life, with a frictionless flight system reducing the string's contact with the barrel, making the string last longer without much damage to it.

Ravin Crossbow

A much-reduced draw load, even better than the ACUSlide system, is introduced in Ravin Crossbows, called as versa draw cocking system makes this brand suitable for hunters who never want to skip their target. The Ravin Crossbows 2021 is the thing of the past and we are here to give you an overview of some of the new Ravin crossbow 2022 and to give you an idea about the best to choose from.

Why Should You Choose Ravin?

Ravin is one of the leading brands in hunting. It provides the hunters with advanced technologies, best performance, perfect shot, compact body crossbows that are perfect for the professionals to amaze the world with their skills by making the most precise and bursting shots. 

Though a newly emerged brand, Ravin had made its place in the hearts of the hunters in a few years, proving themselves to be the best. They know the needs of the hunters as the manufacturers of these crossbows are themselves a group of hunters. Hunters superior accuracy, that delivers big hunting performance, that's what is all about.


Ravin tries to bring new technology to its crossbow very time. Helicoil technology is an example of these advanced technologies not found in any other crossbows around the world. This technology comes with many benefits like a reduced connection between the string and rail and perfectly balanced cams that also help to reduce the draw weight.

Some other features special to Ravin include:

Compact Design
Frictionless Flight System
Draw Cocking System
Trac Trigger
Crossbow Safely
Removable Draw Handle
Very best crossbow triggers

However, if you are thinking about the Ravin accessories, then here it is:

Arrow Speed
Crossbow package


Ravin R5X


Are you looking for something new in this new year? Ravin R5X will serve the purpose as released a few days back with advanced technologies and best speeds to make it one of the best crossbows for 2022.

The versa draw cocking system in this crossbow marks the best performance because it's used in combination with a tric-trac draw system to make it even better than the previous crossbows. This cocking system adds a new revolution to the crossbow world. The best thing about this draw system is that you can easily cock and uncock your crossbow with reduced weight. With only a 12 pounds weight, Ravin has given its best to make the R5X the lightest crossbow in terms of cocking.

Ravin has featured a 400 fps speed in this crossbow to add awesome crossbow shots to it. While a hunter holds this crossbow, he would never fail to hunt down his target with the fastest speed. This crossbow is specially designed for the hunters who want to make the history of hunting the fastest targets with no chance of missing even a single shot. You may experience good speeds with different crossbows, but the huge hunting performance is only possible with this crossbow.

Ravin has added the unique and advanced Helicoil technology to Ravin R5X to make it one of the best crossbow packages for this archery season for professional hunters. The most known benefit of this technology lies in the ease of use, making this crossbow an excellent choice for all types of hunters, whether professionals or non-professionals. With the Helicoil technology, Ravin has promised to provide unrivaled downrange accuracy with every arrow shot from this great crossbow.

With all these features, this crossbow has a low weight of 6.7lbs with a compact crossbow design making it compatible for the professional hunters to kill the targets by full focus, without bearing the high weight of the crossbow.

What we like: scope, fully assembled efficient shooting, best draw handle, and bearable weight.

We don't like: May seems expensive to some buyers.

What's in the Package?

  • Ravin .003 Arrows & Field Tps (400 Grain Total)
  • Removable Draw Handle
  • Quiver/Mounting Bracket 100 Yard Illuminated Scope
  • Built-In Cocking Mechanism
  • Anti-Dry Fire/Auto Safety
  • Built-in Mounts


Ravin R10X: Best Power Stroke

If you are thinking of making some awesome cross bow shots with full power strokes, making your arrow speed faster than your targets, then Ravin R10X is the latest crossbow of this year to give you what you desire.

Do you know?

For those fans of Ravin R10 in the previous year, this crossbow will break the grounds for them with an added 20fps speed giving this crossbow the best power stroke ability. With a total of 420 fps, this crossbow delivers a massive hunting performance for this hunting season.

The silent cocking system gives you an advantage of target shooting with a hundred percent shooting accuracy. This makes it possible for you to cock your crossbow without creating a high sound, enough to make your hunting experience a big fail.

Ravin crossbows are hopeful to have very few complaints from this latest upcoming model that will be released almost in the spring of 2022, following its predecessor. It gives an opportunity for an adjustable buttstock and an adjustable cheek stock that are two compatible features for a hunter while adjusting the angle to make the perfect shot.

The frictionless flight system is one of the best choices of Ravin crossbow added to this model for improved life of the crossbow. This makes it one of the most affordable and long-life crossbows, as you will not have to purchase a crossbow every season because this crossbow does not have an easy-to-break string system. The frictionless flight system reduces friction by reducing contact between the string and trac barrel; thus, this helps to keep the string as new as possible.

The best thing about this crossbow is that you will not have to assemble it after purchasing because it comes in an assembled condition. You have to purchase it and take a hunting tour to witness the shooting experience by a great crossbow.

What We like: increased speed, silent cocking, a built-in cocking mechanism, and built-in sling mounts.

We don't like: The length is somewhat increased, sometimes making it difficult to hold.

What's in the Package?

  • 3 Ravin .003 Arrows & Field Points
  • Removable Draw Handle
  • Quiver/Mounting Bracket 100 Yard Scope
  • Built-In Cocking Mechanism
  • Anti-Dry Fire/Auto Safety
  • Built-in Mounts

Ravin R26X: Silent Cracking

Ravin R26X has taken the place of Ravin R26 with additional features making it better than the previous ones. Hunters can enjoy a whisper cocking system to make every target captured. The silence of the cocking system allows you to load and unload your crossbow without letting your target know. The additional benefit of this crossbow is its compact body with a reduced size of 26 inches, making it one of the short crossbows for better performance.

If you have some field tips, this crossbow will serve as your best choice because it has an accurate 400fps speed for your powered shots. Those willing to enjoy awesome crossbow shoots can give their best performance with this speed, as your skill will only work if you have a crossbow that is worth shooting with.

Ravin Helicoil technology coils the cables at a remarkable distance above and below the cams, helping the cams stay balanced for an appropriate draw. With the cams perfectly balanced, the hunter can enjoy higher-level accuracy as it would help him adjust the arrow at an accurate angle with a few minor adjustments. While if you notice crossbows, other than the Ravin, you would feel that adjusting the arrow with unbalanced cams is way more difficult for the hunters, even if the crossbow is held by a professional.

Another benefit of balanced cams is that the crossbow's felt draw weight feels much reduced, making it comfortable for the hunter to handle the crossbow and make shots perfect to kill the target in no time.

What we like: Trac trigger firing system, short length, compact design, accuracy

What we don't like: The same speed is found in the previous models with much less price and almost the same features.

What's in the Package?

  • 3 – Ravin .003 Arrows & Field Tps
  • Removable Draw Handle
  • Quiver/Mounting Bracket 100 Yard Scope
  • Fully-Integrated Silent Cocking System
  • Anti-Dry Fire/Auto Safety
  • Built-in Sl. Mounts


Ravin R29X: Deadly Downrange Accuracy

Ravin has given two models with R29, including one as the R29X while the other is the Ravin R29X Sniper Package, with almost the same features but with a minor difference of the refined rifle trigger in the second one. This is designed to deliver amazing shots in a similar way a rifle does, giving it the shape of a crossbow but the shooting features of a rifle.

The Ravin r29x versa draw cocking system added to the latest crossbows is a part of the Helicoil technology, making it possible for the hunter to perform easy cocking and de-cocking. The built-in trigger in this crossbow has the ability to slide down the rail and connect the string even before cocking. The two nylon rollers with the trigger system allow the arrow to be placed on them with no contact of the arrows with the rail, thus reducing the friction at a remarkable value. This makes the arrow shot without any restrictions or reduced speed because of the friction that would have been created if the arrow was to contact the rail.

Ravin R29X Crossbow is designed to aim at the target with 450 fps speed enough to kill the fastest targets like a leopard or deer. The bolts that come with this crossbow have a 300-grain weight; therefore, when they are shot with 180ft-lb kinetic energy, it becomes difficult for the target to escape from you.

What the difference Between RavinR26X and Ravin R29X is?

These two crossbows are two crossbow models that were released after the other, making it difficult for some buyers to find out the highlighting differences between them. Therefore we have made a small comparison to make it easy for you to decide between the two.


  • R 26X has a 400 fps speed, while Ravin r29X has a boosted speed of 450fps.
  • R 26X has a reduced length of 29 inches; on the other hand, Ravin r29X has an increased length of 29 inches
  • They both possess a similar draw force that is 12 lbs.
  • Regarding the power stroke, Ravin R29X has won the battle as it presents a 12.5-inch power stroke, but R 26X only has a 9.5-inch power stroke.

What we like: Compact bow, silent hand crack, built-in quiver, and enhanced speed.

What we don't like: Cheek pieces seem to be uncomfortable.

What's in the Crossbow Package Use?

  • 3 – Ravin .003 Arrows & Field Tps
  • Ravin r29x Removable Draw Handle
  • Quiver/Mounting Bracket 100 Yard Scope
  • Built-In Cocking Mechanism
  • Anti-Dry Fire/Auto Safety
  • Built-in Slng Mounts


Ravin 500 Crossbow: High-Speed Crossbow

Ravin has released two products in the R500 series, including Ravin R500 and R500 Sniper, with a remarkable feature of ultra-high-speed, making these two the fastest crossbows ever.

What's extra in the sniper model?

Though they come with almost the same features, the  model offers an option of upgrading to Ravin R500 Sniper package making it even better for the hunters to make accurate shots while on their hunting tours. Also, looking at the accessories of the sniper model, hunters will enjoy Ravin Scope level, R500 series premium arrows, and an additional adjustable turret scope which is the best non-electric scope in the market. The benefit of these extra accessories is not just an enhanced physical look of the crossbow. Still, they give the crossbow more enhanced features useful for excelling performances while hitting the targets.

R500 crossbow package is a perfect-sized 28-inch compact design crossbow, with a narrow width of 3.6 inches when in the cocked position. This helps you take it with you when you have a mood of hunting for passion or profession, leading you towards a better future. The 360-degree rotating cam system makes easier shots with an adjustable and flexible draw system. The rotating cams also help reduce draw weight, ensuring the crossbow's performance and precision.

One of the drawbacks for some hunters is this crossbow weighs around 10 pounds, which I way more than many crossbows in the market. Though it is not a problem for many hunters, holding a lightweight weapon makes it possible for the hunters to shoot with more efficiency. But being a hunter, you must have the experience that for a crossbow to be good from all aspects, the parts must be made up of good and reliable materials, which ultimately increases the crossbow's weight.

This crossbow comes with two scopes for enhanced visual accuracy. One is the illuminated 100-yard scope designed to meet the 550 feet per second speed. The illumination option of this high range scope is available in red and green to make it convenient for the hunter to use them for better measurements. Both the scopes have multi-coated lenses with reduced glare, fog-resistance, and shockproof.  

The cocking system introduced in this crossbow uses a dual-screw-driven system. The versa drive cocking system works with the help of a chargeable electric cocking motor. The benefit of this lies in the fact that the hunter can pause or resume cocking and decoking whenever and wherever he wants. The battery introduced with this cocking system is powerful enough to give enough power to almost 50 cocking and decoking cycles, so you don't have to worry about the battery drainage while you are hunting.

What we like: Narrow design, pre-tuned, fully assembled, high speed and

What we don't like: Offers a single color making it boring for those who want to have different colored crossbows.

What's in the Package?

  • 6 Ravin .003 R500 Arrows & Field Points
  • 1 Removable Draw Handle
  • 1 Quiver/Mounting Bracket
  • 100 Yard Illuminated 550 FPS Scope
  • Anti-Dry Fire/Auto Safety
  • Built-in Slng Mounts


Ravin R500 -  Fastest Crossbow  

This crossbow is going to give you the unmatched speed experience to make sure that your plan of hunting next weekend becomes a success. The 500 feet per second speed and Kinetic Energy 222 Ft/Lbs is enough to kill your target with a lightning speed arrow hit, making the second move of your target impossible. When Ravin R500 was released, just not too long ago, it was the fastest crossbow ever. 

The sniper version of R500 has an additional Helicoil cam system capable of a 360-degree rotation. This rotation benefits from giving ease while the arrow is drawn back. The rotational cams allow the string to move as much as the hunter desires with much force needed. In traditional crossbows, the cams are not rotational, making it difficult for a hunter to draw back an arrow to shoot with full force.

The cocked length from axle-to-axle is 3.6 inches, representing the compact design of the crossbow

Do you know what the difference is between R500 and R500E?

Though the R500 series has more or less the same features, there is still a huge difference representing why the Ravin R500E Crossbow  is named so. The electric cocking system introduced in this crossbow uses a dual-screw-driven system. The versa drive cocking system works with the help of a chargeable electric cocking motor.

The benefit of this lies in the fact that the hunter can pause or resume cocking and decoking whenever and wherever he wants. The battery introduced with this cocking system is powerful enough to give enough power to almost 50 cocking and decoking cycles, so you don't have to worry about the battery drainage while you are hunting.

The benefit of this electric drive system is that now the hunter will not have to put any force for cocking and de-cocking; instead, he can now press a button to cock or de-cock as much he wants. Thus making it even easier for the hunters to show their skills and prove themselves as professionals. Apart from this, the ones who are not professional in hunting can also take advantage of this as they will not have to make manual adjustments before shooting the arrow.

R500E and R500E Sniper have more or less the same features, instead of a single difference of the adjustable turret scope present in the sniper version giving a benefit of better visuals of the target to be shot. The shooters can use this scope to adjust yardage with the elevation turret of the single reticle scope. We think R500E is the best crossbow by far.

What we like: Fast speed, electric drive system, rotating cams, powered stroke, and fully assembled, crossbow automatic safety.

What we don't like: May seems high-priced for some users.

What's in the package?

  • Ravin Electric Drive Kit (Motor Unit, Battery & Charger) *
  • 100-Yard Illuminated 550 FPS Scope
  • R500 Draw Handle
  • 6-Pack of Ravin .003 Arrows & Field Points
  • 3-Arrow Quiver and Quiver Mounting Bracket.


Ravin R18 Crossbow - Shortest Crossbow Ever 

If you are looking for the shortest crossbow, this one is a perfect choice. A new addition to the Ravin crossbows this year will give you a crossbow with just 18 inches in length, making it a perfect crossbow for those who wish to have an amazing experience with smarter weapons.


It will only be 1.3 inches when the cocked position is incredibly small from the other crossbows available in the market. With such a small body, this crossbow is still packed to give you a speed of almost 330 fps, which is enough for a crossbow of this size.

The specialty of this upcoming crossbow lies in its vertically expanding limbs, which are not found in any other crossbow yet as the traditional crossbows have horizontally expanding limbs.

The cams have also increased rotation by 720 degrees, which is a huge number for any Ravin crossbow. This benefits the hunter to draw the arrow as much as required without putting extra draw force, thus Ravin R18 features a 12 lbs draw force, which is much less and easier for a hunter.

What we like: Shortest compact body and vertically expanding limbs.

What we don't like it: It offers less speed, though the previous versions have much higher speeds.

What's in the Package?

  • 3 – 16” .003 350 Grain R18 Arrows with Field Points
  • Removable Draw Handle
  • Ravin 3 Dot Reflex Sight
  • Built-In Cocking Mechanism
  • Anti-Dry Fire/Auto Safety
  • Built-in Slng Mounts 


Ravin R10 Crossbow: All-Time Classic

Is this the best crossbow from Ravin? This all-time classic crossbow Ravin R10 comes with a compact body designed to deliver a high speed for hunting the targets. The 400 fps is somewhat the same as found in the previous versions; still, the 142 feet per second velocity will break the grounds for you, with every hunting tour becoming a 100% success.

The Helicoil technology, together with the reverse draw technology, enables the coil to stay away from the top and bottom of the cams, making it easier for the cables to move in the cams without any restriction. The cams in the Helicoil technology have a 340-degree rotation with perfectly balanced cams. This balances the weight of the whole crossbow, spreading its weight all over, thus reducing the imbalance that makes it difficult to shoot an arrow.

The arrow and string float freely with reduced contact between them, which is possible only because of the frictionless flight system. This system has the basic aim of reducing the friction to enhance the string life; more contact between the rail and the string increases friction and thus causes intense damage to the string. However, this is not the case in this crossbow.

The tric trac firing system has a safety mechanism to avoid any accidents. The benefit is that this crossbow is designed to fully focus on the safety mechanism to protect the hunter from damage. Whether you are holding it while wearing gloves or without gloves, the design is compatible enough to provide you with enough comfort, this firing system aims to retract the string in a repeatable manner.

Ravin R10 consists of automatic adjustable illuminated scope for a better hunting experience. It has an adjustable speed, and arrow drops compensation setting between 300 and 425 fps. There are nine illuminated dots to help the hunter adjust the wide field of view for a better and clear view. The additional magnification feature allows you to increase or decrease the magnification up to five times, depending on your distance from the target.

What we like: Lightweight, affordable price, high kinetic energy, and anti-dry fire safety system.

What we don't like: Scope performance is somewhat low.

What's in the Package?

  • 3 Ravin .003 Arrows & Field Tps 
  • Removable Draw Handle
  • Quiver/Mounting Bracket
  • 100 Yard Scope
  • Built-In Cocking Mechanism
  • Anti-Dry Fire/Auto Safety
  • Built-in Slng Mounts

So Is A Ravin Crossbow Worth It?

There are a few things to consider like the budget, speed, and precision or compact and speed? Overall we think any crossbow package you choose from Ravin crossbows is a great investment for any hunter who enjoys hunting or just shooting targets. With its precise accuracy, this brand gives the best crossbows, though they do not have a remarkably long history. Still, within a short time, they had crossed the market by presenting the best technologies.

Ravin Crossbows possess the best crossbow trigger to make it easier for the hunters to shoot arrows without much effort and with less power. Removable Cocking Handle is just one of the features of Ravin products. Thus if you are thinking of going on a turkey hunting mission, additionally with other targets, then this crossbow is going to make your day because it delivers the best hunting performance.

This article aims to review the best Ravin crossbows in 2022 for the hunters and crossbow lovers out there. We hope that this was much helpful for those thinking of purchasing a crossbow from Ravin for their best hunting experiences. 

Frequently asked questions

Where are Ravin Crossbows manufactured?

They are manufactured in Superior, Wisconsin, USA.

Which is the Ravin's fastest crossbow?

Ravin R500 models are the fastest, with almost 500fps speed, not found in any other crossbow yet.

Can I increase the speed of a Ravin Crossbow?

Ravin has featured its crossbows with amazing high speed; still, if you want to increase the speed further, you have the option to purchase high-speed arrows that combine with the fastest crossbows to give them even better speed.  

1 Response

Alfred Wilbur

Alfred Wilbur

January 03, 2023

I purchased the R-20 during this hunting season due to scope problems with both my hunting guns.. The accuracy and speed blew my mind.. I’m buying this and using it through all the seasons. I will say the adjustment knob for turning scope lights on desired setting,,, is a real bitch.. YOU can’t forget to turn scope light off at the end of the day.. Personal experience… When I looked in my scope for an evening sighting,, The lights weren’t on.. When I went to turn the know,,, there was something wrong.. The battery cap and battery were missing.. I contacted Ravine service and had the SHOCK of my life.. I was getting a new cap, no questions asked other than mailing information… Figuring I wouldn’t be getting it until after the Holidays for obvious reasons,,,, TO MY SURPRISE,,, Days later I get the cap replacement.. BUT,,, they didn’t fit.. I contacted the agent again today and I SWEAR,,,,, I have never had such INCREDIBLY GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE.. NEVER!!! I am a bitter consumer for how businesses and their employees treat the people who put food on their table.. I’m almost embarrassed to say that at 72 years old,,, I got goose bumps from the incredible results I got from the Ravine Agent… YES,,, I won’t get the FIX until after the holidays, but for how I"m being rewarded with customer service,,, I can wait… It will be like Christmas all over again… Thank you Jay

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Tomas Deksnys