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Ravin R26 Crossbow Review

Ravin R26 Crossbow Review

The traditional methods of hunting use bows and archeries have gone so far in the modern world. With the advancement in technology, every field of human life has been made easy. The profession of hunting is of no exception to it! A wide variety of crossbows with less energy consumption has replaced many bows and arches.

What's an important point here?

Whether you're a disabled hunter or you have just stepped into the field of hunting, the game would be challenging for you, especially when you don't have a worthy collection of hunting crossbows. The ease of learning and handling has made more than 50% of the US hunters have made arrangements to add crossbows to their hunting tools.

We think in addition to this, crossbows have gained immense fame due to their extraordinary performance and availability of features over guns and bows. You'll never feel like you're hunting with a different tool other than a gun or any other shooting equipment.

Hunters find it pretty challenging to find crossbow compatible with their skills and shooting level. Ravin crossbows is top brand that exploded on the hunting world recently. Ravin has many awesome crossbows in their line-up. It is still a puzzle which on to choose. 

We are hunters and we have made sure to bring you the top-rated crossbow Ravin r26 in the hunting industry. Let's explore our breathtakingly accurate crossbow in the section below.

Detailed Review of Ravin R26 Crossbow

Unlike all other companies for producing hunter crossbows, Ravin has always made it stand on the top for producing reliable and long-lasting shooting crossbows. Ravin has now launched another product named as Ravin R26 crossbow.

It is considered the hunter's favorite crossbow because of all the demanded features within its package. Ravin being the company of hard-working hunters, has now approved a new product in the hunting industry with a wise integration of the HeliCoil technology.

The majority of the hunters always wonder about getting their hands on the reasonable yet durable crossbow, which comes with all the essential features for hunting. This is why Ravin has now won the hearts of beginner and professional shooters with Ravin R26.

The accuracy, speed, lightweight feature, compact shooting, fast and efficient targets are some of the worthiest features that have made this crossbow run over the nerves of all skill level hunters. We know that this crossbow will give it's run for the money to the ravin crossbows 2022. The customer reviews have made it clear that there is no better option than Ravin crossbow if you want to get expertise on hunting.

It seems you're pretty excited about knowing more about the features of Ravin R26. So let's just end your curiousness by giving you a brief overview of Ravin R26 features.

What we like about Ravin R26

One of the first and foremost features we would like to share with you guys is the comprehensive yet precise design and build of this fantastic crossbow. It comes with a length of about 26 inches. It is one of those features which have made it more appealing than the previous R10 and R20 crossbows. The crossbow's weight is negligible so that you can hold it for longer durations without causing pain in your arms.

There is also a skeletonized stock, but you need to bother about the additional weight with it. This stock is made up of the highest quality of lightweight and durable cast polymer. Not only this, but the design of this great crossbow also has cutouts, limbs, and riser with it. These additions have made this crossbow lightweight than all other professional crossbows.

Performance of the Crossbow

You don't have to doubt your hunting skills after getting your hands on this. It makes sure for the beginner hunters not to mess up with different hunting conditions. It never comes with low performance since it has a slight bow integrated within it. A comprehensive combination of a compressed design is available in the Ravin crossbow.

Did You Know?

It has an exclusive frictionless flight system for the adjusted bows. This frictionless bow system makes it even accessible for the beginner hunter to catch the hunt at the very first sight. The benefit of the integrated flight system doesn't end here, but it improves the lifespan of the crossbow to extended time durations.

HeliCoil Technology

Another most important feature that makes this crossbow out of the box is its HeliCoil Technology. Unlike all the other Ravin crossbows, Ravin R26 has the feature to allow the cable coil at the bottom and bottom sides of the crossbow to make helical grooves. These helical grooves can be drawn very quickly. The leading role that this HeliCoil technology plays is to enhance the balancing feature of this crossbow.

Moreover, the decrease in the cam lean and the increased downrange accuracy of the R26 crossbow comes with this feature. When you shoot the arrow out of this crossbow, it comes in contact with the string and the double rollers of the crossbow. The track friction also reduces significantly because of this fantastic feature.

Versa-Draw Cocking System

The majority of the hunters find it pretty challenging to set the cocking button while pointing at the target. But all your worries are to an end now since this Ravin crossbow has integrated a Versa-Draw cocking mechanism which is available incompatibility with the Trigger Firing System. The firm installation of the coking button and handle is present in the two recessed holes, which contain the integrated magnet.

Want to know the best part?

One of the best parts its cocking mechanism holds is the ease of using the cocking technology. You don't have to do anything other than rotating the cocking handle and pressing the spool thumb. After this, press the release button to trigger the shooting mechanism in the crossbow.

Decocking Mechanism

Like the cocking mechanism, there comes a decocking phenomenon in this excellent hunter crossbow, making it more appealing to customers worldwide. You'll love to use its decoking mechanism since it saves a lot of time and energy of the hunters while pointing at the hunt. Plus, there is no hard and fast rule for using its decking feature.

All you need to follow is to press the spool thumb button for releasing the arrow continuously and rotate the handle in an anticlockwise direction. Besides this method, you can even adopt another way to know whether the arrow is decocked or not is to look at the cocking strap. The decocked arrow is always slacked.

Production of Noise and Vibrations

You don't have to suffer a lot while shooting by terrifying your hunt with the voice of gunshot. You can now carry on the process with minimal voices and vibrations since Ravin R26 comes with an ultra-fast shooting arrow speed. The speedy shooting of the arrow never lets the crossbow generate louder voices or vibrations while shooting. Not only this, but the addition of HeliCoil technology and frictionless flight system has also increased this quality.

Another amazing thing to tell you here is that you can purchase additional dampeners for lowering the voice of this hunting crossbow. The degree of noise production will decrease to significant levels. Thus, never let you miss a single shot. This is why it is considered one of the quietest hunting crossbows from the Ravin series.

Speed and Arrows

The efficient arrows integrated into this Ravin crossbow have speed coverage ranging up to 400 feet per second crossbow. Slightly slower then Ravin R29X crossbow, but nevertheless still very impressive. The pre-assembled and pre-tuned speed of the Ravin crossbow takes harder one second to penetrate the hunt's body. This speed of the hunting crossbow is mainly regarded as higher than the average crossbow. Another thing that makes this crossbow best among all is the addition of precise arrows made up of the highest quality materials.

Almost all arrows present in the Ravin R26 are made up of 400-grain high-grade materials. Thus the premium quality of arrows integrated into this crossbow increases its lifespan. Moreover, the arrows of this outstanding hunting crossbow come with polymer nocks. This will make you put a bit more effort while adjusting the position of the crossbow. If you don't do so, the string will move out of the targeted direction.

  • It covers 400 feet per second
  • The design is quite lightweight and comprehensive
  • It is suitable for beginner hunters as well
  • It comes with HeliCoil technology
  • It has an integrated frictionless flight system
  • The overall structure of Ravin R26 is compact
  • It causes minimal sound and vibration while shooting
  • There is also a cocking and decoking mechanism

    Final Verdict:

    No doubt few points need the manufacturer's attention, but overall it seems like the wisest addition to a hunter's collection. With HeliCoil technology and frictionless flight system, this model from the Ravin series has stolen the heart of beginners and professional hunters. Thus, make sure to grab your hands on it for a better hunting experience.


    Tomas Deksnys

    Tomas Deksnys