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Ecotric Electric Bike

Going on trips in this summer season is what almost everyone is planning. Are you one of them? Or you looking for the good budget electric bike that you can rely on for quality and performance? If yes, then make sure that you plan on getting an Ecotric bikes with you to make your terrain fun and safe. They are comfortable, convenient to carry and has great battery life. You should get your hands on any one of them to make your trip more fun. 

Have you ever heard of electric folding bikes? Well, this new concept of folding electric bikes makes your life convenient and its easy to carry for your next trip in city. 

Let's  jump straight into the new technological advancement of Ecotric bikes, which one is more suitable for you and how it can change your life in more positive way. 


Folding Electric Bike Advatanges

Before we look at the five best selling  Ecotric bikes, let us see how these folding bikes are different from the standard mountain bikes. A standard mountain bike doesn't have the features of getting stored easily. If you own a standard mountain bike, you must keep it in a sotrage, or a  proper garage with a spacious area is required whenever you have to keep your  bike safe and protected. Lets not forget bikes racks, they can be expensive too. 

Imagine that I told you that you could keep your bike over the wall or hang it behind the door?

I am talking about the folding Ecotric bikes available exclusively for people who want to find convenience in transporting their bikes on trips. You don't have to worry about the storage space or packing and unpacking of your bike. Just grab it, fold it, and you are ready to go. 


Ecotric Seagull Electric Mountain Bike

Perfect integration of simplicity and functionality, theEcotric Seagull Electric Mountain Bike are one ofECOTRIC'sbest-selling bike models. Most people vouch for its outstanding quality and classy style. What makes it unique is that this Ecotric bike comes with white or a black matt texture and design. 

1000W Rear Hub Motor

This creative shape design instantly draws your attention. In lieu of the traditional frame design, this Ecotric bike has a straight sloping upper tube made of Aluminum Alloy.  1000W Rear Hub Motor has enough torque and power.

Thanks to the bike's comfortable, yet lightweight 26×2.125‘ tires, this Ecotric seagull bike can be conveniently carried and moved without any hassle. Despite its size, this bike can be able to carry out tasks and is easy to maneuver, such as hauling groceries from the store and tackling slight terrains with minimal effort.

At weight of only 65 lbs along with a batter this Ecotric bike can carry a weight of almost 265 lbs. Traveling distance of over 25 miles on the single charge. The design makes it appear as if a seagull is about to flash across the sky. It is also visually pleasing and gives you a feeling of functionality and elegance.

On the whole, it can be said that if you are looking for the most classy and convenient way to carry the electric bike, then you should not miss on buying this fantastic product. Trust me, and it is worth all your money.


Ecotric Bison Matt Black

Do you aim to conquer the wild roads during your trip? Here you go!

The simple and practical design and reliable performance of the Big Fat Tire E-Bike makes it one of the best off-road bikes on the market. The Bison Matt Black is ECOTRIC's flagship off-road bike, showcasing an innovative design and uncompromising level of craftsmanship. 

This is yet again a great bike considered to be one of the most high-strength and versatileecotricbikes. It comes with a perfectly integrated frame. This supremely powerful ebike comes with a high-performance middle damper. The hydraulic suspension front fork keeps you comfortable and absorbs all the dumping shocks. 

Great Battery Life

Bison Matt Black fat tire electric bike comes with a motor power rear hub 48V 1000W. Its battery life is 48v 17.6AH which can give you up to 25 miles unassisted and up to 46 miles pedal assisted distance. 

    In conclusion, a person looking for a powerful yet exceptionally featured Ecotric bike should get their hands on this bison matt black electric bike. The long battery life, easy handling and smooth ride. 

    Ecotric Folding Electric Bike  

    This 48 V Fat Tire portable electic bike form Ecotric is the high-end model of the line. Featuring two new colors, Matt Green and Black Red, update the fat 20 48V. An entirely new experience is waiting for you with this 48V Fat tire folding  bike, which comes with an LCD. 

    Light Weight 

    It comes with an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable when riding on your trip. The first color LCD screen with high resolution and excellent saturation has been adopted to improve the visual experience for users. You can view all the information about the bike while traveling. This bike is only 52 lbs., which makes it extremely convenient to carry. This ultra-high-capacity lithium battery provides you with sufficient power when you are away because its 48V 15AH capacity is hard to find in the market. 

    Rear Hub 48V 500W

      Rear Hub 48V 500W can be charges fully in 5-7 hours giving you unassisted rage of 29 miles and up to 52 miles assisted.The bike has every feature that a typical electric bike should have. In addition, its battery life is long, making it easier to take this Ecotric bike on long paths. Most interestingly, you can beat your fellow bikers with the fastest speed ever experienced. 


      Ecotric Leopard Electric Mountain Bike 

      Do you prefer looks over everything else? But Ecotric bikes don't compromise on quality and power as well. What could be a perfect package than to have a mountain bike that too with all the features and a perfect look? 

      The best part? 

      All of this at such an affordable price. We are referring to none other than this UL Certified Ecotric Leopard Mountain Bike. 

      This UL Certified Ecotric Leopard Mountain Bike has an extremely powerful 26x2.35' narrow tire that provides a fast ride. Just like its name suggests, this Leopard Mountain ecotric bike has a shock absorption feature that can allow you to have an unimpeded trek without having to feel all the unpleasant

      Up to 30 miles range unassisted

      shocksThe weight of this ecotric bike is only 51 lbs. It is indicating that this powered electric foldable UL Certified bike is extremely lightweight and easy to carry. Unlike other bikes, the battery life of this ecotric bike is 400-500 cycles making it durable and stable. This ecotric bike also has an LCD to keep you informed about all of your bike information. 

      Ecotric Starfish 20-inch Folding Bike 

      It isn't easy to be impressed by the Ecotric Starfish folding electric bike because of its stylish design and extremely portability. This electric bicycle weighs a little more than 50 pounds, making it one of the lightest on the market. Furthermore, it is designed for women who wear dresses and clothes which are hard to wear on a bike. 

      Key Features

      With a rear hub 36V 350W battery, this battery has a powerful battery mileage. The battery life of this Starfish 20-inch White Portable bike is almost 400 to 600 cycles. Being only 50 lbs with a battery, this bike can carry a weight of almost 200 lbs. It comes with a speed sensor. Despite having a small motor, this bike has a huge load capacity. 

      Great Load Capacity

        In conclusion, it can be said that this ecotric folding bike is a perfect option for all those who want to enjoy the experience of electric bikes at an affordable price. In addition, its lightweight is an exception when it comes to transporting and carrying bikes with you on your summer trip. 

        So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the official website and get your favorite product out of the mentioned above. We wish you a lucky purchase. Don't forget to do your research before making your investment. 


        Does Ecotric Worth The Money?

        The brand has been around and if you don't want to spend too much money, not looking for electric bike for super steep hills and mud rides, Ecotric bikes is the choice for you. Perfect for city commute, casual trips and beach rides. At 600$ - 1300$ price point its perfect choice.

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