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 Ravin R26X Crossbow

Ravin is based out of Superior, Wisconsin, and quickly made a name for itself in the crossbow world. Being the hunters themselves, the founders knew what modern crossbows should look like and what features were missing in the market. Instead of delving too deeply into individual components, I'll concentrate on the best use cases for each model to give you a practical understanding of how they perform in real-hunting scenarios. The great news is, both the R26X and R29X are equipped with the same high-end Helicoil technology, silent cocking system, and firing system, so there's no point in meticulously comparing each feature side by side.

Ravin Crossbows produces a range of exceptional crossbow models, but today I'm going to focus specifically on two that I get asked about: the Ravin R26X Crossbow  and the Ravin R29X. I'll break down the key differences between them to provide clarity and help you decide which is best suited for your hunting needs.


Let’s take a look at the 29X Crossbow


Alright, let's dive into the Ravin R29X, the bigger and more powerful sibling of the R26X.  You feel the differences between these two models when you're out in the field. The R29X stands out with its slightly larger and longer frame, giving you a bit more power and lethal shots at a longer distance of 60-70 yards. You can appreciate how accurate and powerful the R29X is. It shoots with remarkable efficiency and has a close to perfectly balanced draw. 

But with greater power comes a bit more weight. The R29X, being larger, is slightly heavier than the R26X. This is a trade-off you must consider based on your hunting style and the terrain you usually navigate. Both models come in stealth black and Kings XK7 camo options. Kings camo model has the scope with a speed lock feature that lets you lock in your fps adjustment. The 29X comes with a sniper package that gives you extra accessories like Ravin Scope Level and adjustable turrets for your scope. 


Now let’s look at the Ravin R26X Crossbow


Now, let's shift our focus to the Ravin R26X crossbow. It's worth noting that in 2023, this model clinched the number 3 spot among the best-selling Ravin crossbows, and for good reason. The R26X has been around for several years now and my guess is it will be in the new lineup in 2024. It took the spot of the famous R26 model. It is the balance between size, power, and usability, making it a favorite among many crossbow hunters.

What sets the R26X apart is its more compact design. As you maneuver through dense woods or narrow spaces, the smaller size becomes a significant advantage. It’s easier to handle, especially in tight spots where a larger crossbow could be cumbersome. This compactness doesn’t come at the cost of performance.  The R26X crossbow still packs a powerful shot at 400fps, maintaining the high standards of power and precision Ravin is known for.





Feature  R26X R29X
Speed (400-grain arrow) 400 fps 450 fps
Power Stroke 12" 12.5"
Kinetic Energy 142  lbs. 180 lbs.
Power Stroke 12 lbs. 12.5 lbs.
Width Inches 5.75" 6.75"
Width (decocked) inches 9.25" 10.5"
Total Length 26" 29"
Weight 6.5 lbs. 6.75 lbs.
Model  Forward Draw Forward Draw


As a hunter, what I appreciate about both the Ravin R26X and R29X is how they incorporate cutting-edge tech without getting too complicated. They've both got the Helicoil technology, which means smoother, more accurate shots. The Frictionless Flight System is awesome too – your arrow glides without any drag, making your shots faster and more precise. And the Trac-Trigger Firing System? It just feels right every time you take a shot.


Why Choose The R29X?

It's the crossbow for when you need that extra edge in range and energy. It's about power – the kind that punches through targets with ease. If you're the kind of hunter who values a powerful crossbow that doesn't compromise on accuracy, the R29X is your go-to. It's built for those moments when you need a bit more force behind your shot, whether you're aiming for longer distances or dealing with tougher conditions. The R29X delivers that extra punch, all while keeping your shots precise and on point. It's not just about having power, it's about having controlled, reliable power right at your fingertips.


Why Choose The R26X Crossbow?

It's the ideal choice for you if you embark on long treks or navigate through dense, challenging terrains. The compactness of the R26X is a huge advantage in such scenarios. It's nimble, easy to handle, and feels light in your hands, which is a blessing when you're moving through thick brush or climbing rough terrain. But don't let its size fool you – the R26X still packs a solid punch. It's this blend of size, great power, precision, and price that makes the R26X so popular.


Which crossbow do you prefer better? Drop us a comment or send us a message, would love to know. 

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Tomas Deksnys

Tomas Deksnys