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Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Review

To become a good hunter, one has to have professional equipment to enhance the performance. Unlike the past, where hunting equipment was simple and not so effective, these days, the market has introduced technologically advanced devices which are not only best for archery but can also offer a fantastic experience of hunting for the hunters. 


If you are a hunter and are longing for any magical item that can let you handle all the adventures coming your way, it's high time that you switch to something outstanding. A piece of hunting equipment that not only provides an adjustable bow but also has excellent target precision is a must-to-have. 


Does this sound interesting to you?


Considering the increase in the sales of different crossbows, the market is now full of so much equipment, leaving you confused about what to choose and what to not. Before you invest a heavy amount and valuable time into something not worth it, we have brought you an informative guide and review. 


Let us introduce you to the fantastic Bear Archery Cruzer G2 RTH, where RTH stands for Ready to Hunt. This Compound Bow is made for all the skilled and newbie hunters. Having all the features and specs demanded these days, the Bear Cruzer G2 is something not to be missed at any cost. 


Don't worry! We are not leaving you without the details. 


So, without wasting any more time, let's dive straight into the specs, features, sizes, pros, and cons of this compound bow known as Bear Cruzer G2. 


Analyzing the Bear Archery Cruzer G2 RTH In-Depth 


BearX Crossbows are known for their excellent features, which are mainly required for every expert hunter in his gear. To make the right target, you can never compromise on the Crossbow you are using. BearX keeps updating its stock of Crossbows now and then because of an unprecedented increase in demand. 


With each inventory update, the new items come with even more qualities and excellent adaptability. The product we are talking about is known to be the most sold Bear Archery Cruzer G2 RTH. 


Not only is it highly demanded, but it is one of the best crossbows, which we would suggest you use if you are dedicated to keeping a good focus on your hunting. Any archer can use bear Cruzer G2. Due to its unique rotating modules, the performance is increased multiple times. 


There is a lot more to know about the Bear Cruzer G2 Bow. However, you will have to stick around till we know every detail about the must-have Crossbow available in the market. 


Key Features of Bear Cruzer G2


With a tremendous speed of 315 fps, the Bear Cruzer G2 offers an extraordinary level of accuracy. It is widely known for having a sturdy construction yet a smooth and adaptable bow that can be easily used by any archer, amateur, or newbie. 


Some of the outstanding features that make Bear Cruzer G2 stand among the crowd are mentioned below. 


1: Pace of Shooting 

Most hunters are highly impressed by the fast speed of the Bear Cruzer G2. The primary element to be considered when purchasing a good bow is the speed it offers. A hunter's priority is to ensure that the bow's speed is fast enough to capture the target no matter how fast it is. 


The best part?


Bear Cruzer G2 serves in this case. With a speed of 315 fps, precise and accurate shoots are no more a dream. It comes with a 12"-30" draw length. Draw weight, however, plays a vital role in determining the speed of Bear Cruzer G2. To shoot at the desired rate of 315 fps, a draw weight of 5-70 lbs. is suggested. 


2: Rugged and Robust Build

A hunter's dream is to have a crossbow that is strong enough to last for years. If you are a passionate archer or hunter and want to level up the game, Bear Cruzer G2 should be your first option. 


Another fantastic fact is that being sturdy in build, the Bear Cruzer G2 is not as heavy as it seems. With a weight of only 3 lbs., it is considered to be extremely handy and compact. The fitted machine riser in the Bear Cruzer G2 helps maintain the bow's weight and ensures that the speed is maximum. 


3: Assembled Accessories

Bear Cruzer G2 is not an ordinary bow. When we say it, we mean it!


This great bow comes with a complete package of accessories that are required for hunting. The entire bow package is pushed together to be used by hunters in the most effective way. The accessories that come with the Bear Cruzer G2 includes:

1. Limbs

2. Whisker Biscuit

3. Stabilizer

4. Sting

5. Cams 

6. String suppressors

7. 4-Pin Lighted Sight

8. Peep Sight

9. Nock Loop

10. Reading Manual


What else could you expect from a perfect hunting crossbow? Bear Cruzer G2 has got it all. 


4: Reduced Noise Levels

One of the intricate elements of hunting is noise. As soon as the prey hears the disturbing voice of the bow shoot, you are very likely to miss your target. The manufacturers of Bear Cruzer G2 have designed it with a Rock Stops suppressor to decrease the noise and vibration while shooting. Hence, when you hit the prey, very little to no sound is produced to keep your target unaware of the attack. 


5: Easy to Use

If there is anything one can vouch for when it comes to Bear Cruzer G2, it has to be its adaptability and easy-to-use design. Whether you are a new hunter or an expert, Bear Cruzer G2 offers the same specs for you both. 


In addition, the bow is suitable to be used by any archer or hunter of any height or weight. The adjustable nature of this Crossbow has made it the favorite of all. 


6: Outstanding Design 

Aesthetics play an essential role during hunting. You need that vibe to get your target achieved. 


No worries!


Bear Cruzer G2 is not only attractive to look at but has a fantastic design which makes it look versatile and eye-catching. The Crossbow is designed to make it usable for both right-handed and left-handed hunters. 


Any archer, depending upon his demand, can adjust the weight and height of the draw accordingly. To reach the target with ease, Bear Cruzer G2 is the best option to choose. 

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Tomas Deksnys

Tomas Deksnys