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Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow Review

Not everyone is cut out to be a hunter. A successful hunt requires consistency, accuracy, pointing the laser beam at the target, and many other tricks. Today's hunting techniques aren't like in the past. Marketers have introduced crossbows to help increase accuracy, scope, cocking power, and aim.

This is why most learners or pro hunters are turning towards a variety of crossbows to enhance their grip in the hunting field. Waiting so long to approach your hunt and losing the target because you don't have any good equipment to shoot can be the worst experience of your life.

But wait, all your worries are over!

A crossbow is primarily known to increase the efficiency of the bow-hunters to catch the hunt sooner and accurately. Considering this very demand, many worthy options of crossbows are now present in the market.

But how do you pick the best one?

Well, we have researched a lot and ended up bringing the Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow for you. It is regarded as the perfect yet reasonable crossbow so far. Ranging from accurate pointing to the enhanced accuracy, it is equipped with all demanded features.

Detailed Review of Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow

For those hunters who are dedicated to maintaining a high focus on their hunt, Barnett provides the highest quality of crossbows, unlike all other brands. You can get good crossbows there for a good price.

The budget-friendly prices of the Barnett Crossbowsnever let the users fall in doubt about the quality and the functioning. The Whitetail Hunter Series issued by Barnett has won the heart of many hunters not only with its outlook but with its very demanding features.

Do you know?

Talking about the best item from the Whitetail series, Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow is regarded as the best option from every aspect. Many hunters take it as the ready-to-hunt package because of the availability of all those features that hunters expect to be present in their hunting gear.

Are you excited to know the features and exceptional reasons that make it the best choice of hunters of all levels? We are sure you are! So for ending your curiosity, let us get straight to some of its remarkable features.

Key Features:

It has dramatically made hunting a five-finger game for beginner hunters with compact dimensions, easy-to-use outlook and style, and lightweight quiver. Some of its worthiest features are given as under:

1.Size, Weight, and Compactness

The ease of holding a crossbow is the first factor that enhances the hunter's efficiency to catch a hunt. That is why this addition in the Barnett Whitetail series is equipped with a very lightweight feature. It weighs only 6.6 pounds. Thus you'll be holding it for long continuous hours searching for the target without getting any pain in your arm.

The length of this fantastic crossbow is also compatible for use with all hunting tools. The measure of its length ranges from 34.875 inches, whereas the axle-to-axle length is about 18.125 inches. Thus you can easily fit it with all your tight quarters or treestands.

2.Multi-Reticle Scope

Experiencing short distance hunting at your beginning in the hunter field can be the most challenging task for you. The majority of the hunters lose the targets while hunting the prey at a short distance. The primary reason behind this inconvenience is the lack of focus, stability, and accuracy. A stock can add all these features to the crossbow.

For this reason, the Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow comes with a four by 32mm multi-reticle scope, which mounts on the standard weaver base of this hunter crossbow. There is no need to worry about the increased weight of the crossbow due to this scope since it is pretty lightweight to handle and mount. It increases the precision from 20-yards to 80-yards from the target.

3.Kinetic Energy

One of the leading and most active features that make this crossbow best among all options in the Whitetail series by Barnett is its efficient kinetic energy. The speed of the bullet or arrow coming from the crossbow indirectly defines the energy needed to hit the target. The greater the kinetic energy, the greater will be the chances to get the hunt more accurately.

That is why Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow comes with 118.6 kinetic energy to penetrate the bow or arrow deep into the hunt's body. However, the energy delivered by the bow to the target depends on the target from the hunt. This is because many hunters prefer to use this fantastic crossbow at a short distance from the prey so that there will be no doubt in the accuracy of the shooting.


If you are new to the field of hunting, there is no need for you to worry about the safe operation of this crossbow. The manufacturer has embedded all the demanded safety features in this item, making it the top choice for beginner hunters. It comes with active knock sensors, which are specialized to detect whenever the nock comes in contact with the crossbow string.

The emission of fire is also restricted because of the presence of an anti-dry fire mechanism in it. The sudden emission of the arrow from the crossbow makes it even more perfect for safe hunting and prevents all kinds of accidents caused by dry fires. Moreover, you'll never hurt your fingers with this crossbow since it has a flight deck with specific finger safety reminders. These reminders will never let your fingers enter into the flight path of the arrow.

5.Design and Construction Features

The compact design and attractive outlook of this Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow stole the heart of professional hunters. The construction of this fantastic crossbow is supported with the highest quality of materials, increasing its lifespan and efficiency to a greater extent. The bow assembly of this hunter crossbow is made up of premium quality fiberglass composite riser.

Moreover, the bow assembly of this hunting crossbow is pretty compact and lightweight to support the emission of high-performance cams with adjustable power. This added compactness of this Whitetail crossbow shifts the center of gravity to shift towards greater stability. Thus, the hunters will never be missing the target from now on while using it. In addition to this, the enhanced stability greatly increases the factor of accuracy in it.

6.Speed and Accuracy of the Bows

One of the most demanded features that make the hunters choose it, at first sight, is the enhanced speed and accuracy of the bows emitting from it. It comes with 185-draw weight and about 15-7/16-inch power stroke functionality, enabling the arrows to emit with a high speed of about 375 feet per second. This feature allows the hunter to catch the target no matter how fast it is moving.

The power deliverance of the emitted bow from Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow ranges up to 118.6 ft. lbs knockdown power. You can insert arrows at 2.5-inch grouping at 60-yards. This feature will never give a chance to the target to escape from the shooting area. It makes it even easy for the hunters to practice the speed accuracy of the bows during the start of their hunting career.

7.Easy Assembly

The majority of the hunters consider the assembly of the crossbows a mind-boggling and time taking task. This is the primary reason the beginner hunters tend to look for the assembled crossbows, where they have to take out the item and use it with great convenience. There is no need for you to worry if you are fed up assembling the parts of the crossbows since this item comes with compact and easy assembling. It will take not more than 10 minutes to assemble all the details of Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow.

It is equipped with a single bolt assembly feature which means you don't have to watch the long tutorials before assembling it. The whole item and the scope are pretty easy to assemble and handle. It is completely sighted out of the box. Thus, all you need to do is fix the bolts of this crossbow, tighten them, and use them to increase the hunting ease for yourself.


  • It is available at a very reasonable price
  • It comes with a TriggerTech frictionless release technology
  • It is lightweight to carry and handle from one place to another
  • It offers the highest bow speed of 375fps
  • There are finger safety features in it
  • It offers easy assembly
  • It comes with a durable scope


  • Some users find it a bit tricky to use at first try

Final Verdict:

Collecting all of its features to a single page, we want to conclude that it will be the best choice if you're going to save your money by adding the worthiest crossbow to your hunting kit. All astounding features are present in it, which will make you fall in love with it with the first experience. Thus investing your bucks on Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow will never be a wrong choice at all.



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March 14, 2023

I’m having problems with my Barnett Whitetail Pro STR crossbow. The string and cables keep fraying, and I had to return it to the store four times. I got new strings, and it seems to have fixed the issue. The employee at the store advised me to only use it for hunting and not for frequent target practice.

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Tomas Deksnys