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Yamee Fat Bear 750S E-Bike Review

Whether you are a pro cyclist or a newbie, an e-bike is a perfect partner to make your riding experience even more fun.  With commutes getting short, an e-bike is the best gadget that helps you move around without any hassle.

The best part?

These e-bikes are operated by a rechargeable battery and are lightweight as compared to other bikes. Moreover, these bikes save you from the hassle of hard pedaling as the motor assists the pedaling function. Therefore, with these bikes, you get the chance to explore more, see more without getting bone-tired.

With the increase in the popularity of e-bikes, many manufacturers have come forward with their products. But the Yamee ebike is considered to be on top of the list (we're going to discuss the reason behind its popularity in the next section).

Therefore, to assist you and to save your time and energy, we have gathered all the information about the top-notch Yamee Fat Bear 750S E-Bike. From specifications to pros and cons, everything is included in this guide.

So, keep reading, and you'll find out everything.

Yamee ebike

If you are an e-bike enthusiast and want to spend your money on an excellent item, there is no better choice than the Yamee Fat Bear 750S E-Bike. It is ideal for commuting and can make your journey effortless even in a busy city.

One of the best features that we appreciate about this bike is that its 1000 PD shock rear-wheel saves the rider from exhaustion by soaking impacts. Moreover, the high-quality, robust motor is efficient enough to let you run through the most rugged grounds quickly.

Besides this, the Yamee fat bear has the highest mileage till now to cover long distances efficiently. Therefore, whether you want to ride in snow or on a troublesome path, this Yamee ebike will make all your journeys safe and pleasant with its solid tires and robust motor. It does have some resemblance to Rattan ebikes

What's the catch?

The Yamee fat bear 750s has a folding design that allows you to fold the bike into a portable compact form. That means you can easily take your bike everywhere with you to have the best riding experience anywhere, anytime.

Want to know more about the Yamee fat bear?

Have a look at all the features of this amazing gadget.

1.      Battery Power

With 48V and Samsung 3500 cells, the Yamee fat bear e-bike can run for 40-50 miles with a single charge. The I-PAS technology allows you to fastly re-charge the bike to run it for a longer period and have long peaceful rides.

This folding e-bike has a speed of 32 mph that makes passing rough terrains and climbing uphills a cakewalk for you.

Big news:

In addition to this, the Yamee fat bear 750s has 14.5 AH 3500 lithium-ion cells made by Samsung. These cells are hidden in the bike's frame, so they do not affect the bike's appearance.

2.      Motor

This Yamee bike contains a brushless 750W DC motor that produces a 65 nm torque so that the bike can efficiently run for the whole day. You can travel up to 60 miles or more — thanks to IPAS technology that add more mileage to the bike.

Therefore, whether you want to ride on the beach, in the snow or through a crowded market, this bike's powerful motor and torque will give you a never-ending adventure. One of the unique features of this e-bike is that its motor is brushless, enabling the bike to perform efficiently with less removal of heat. No emission of heat depicts that this bike is highly eco-friendly and does not harm the environment.

3.      Tires and Pedal

The Yamee fat bear 750s comes with a cruise three-level pedal. Unlike most e-bikes, the Yamee fat bear has a kinetic brake regeneration system that causes the bike to travel for a more extended range. Furthermore, the cruise control lets you lock the brake into the same speed.

Most of the bikes do not provide a stable ride on uneven or rough surfaces, but the Yamee e-bike consists of four-inch suspension plus fat tires that keep the bike in contact with the ground. The bike has a front suspension with a 60mm travel for proper grip and a smooth and riding experience.

4.      Brake System

Having a strong brake system is essential for riders to avoid any accident or mishap. Therefore, the high-end Yamee bike model comes with a 180 mm hydraulic brake system that easily lets you handle the bike on rough tracks. When brakes are applied, the power cuts off automatically to keep the user safe from any jerk or injury. This hydraulic system will enable you to have complete control of the lever, and it also gives you the freedom to apply braking force according to your choice.

An interesting fact:

Besides all the features, the lever feels so lightweight that you won't even feel it while operating it. This braking system ensures the high quality of this e-bike as compared to its competitors.

5.      LCD Display

For having a great and smooth riding experience, an LCD is one of the essential features. It allows the rider to observe information like speed and battery level while riding. Consequently, the Yamee bike has a 4.4 inch colourful LCD. This LCD screen allows you to check the battery level and choose the pedal and speed level during the journey.

Furthermore, the LCD has an automatic brightness level which means you can easily read all the readings under full sunlight. Hence, whether it is day or night, this fantastic bike's large curved LCD screen will give you a better visual to assist you throughout your riding adventure.

6.      Sturdy Frame

If you are looking for an e-bike that is sturdy enough to withstand the harsh weather condition and has a long life, then the Yamee fat bear 750s is the perfect fit for you.

Yes, that's true!

As compared to a heavy steel bike, the Yamee e-bike is made up of aluminium. Aluminium makes the bike lightweight and corrosion and rust-resistant. In addition to this, it comes with a weatherproof coating that means the bike is capable of withstanding all harsh weather conditions.

As the bike is lightweight, so it is easy for you to fold it and carry it along with you anywhere. After folding, the bike's frame becomes 39" X 29"to easily store it in a small space or carry it with you on a bus or train.


  •  20-inch foldable frame
  •  Shimano 8 speed freewheels
  •  750W powerful motor
  •  Front and rear 180mm disc brake system
  •  Cruise control
  •  32 mph maximum speed
  •  Covers a distance of about 40-50 miles
  •  4-inch colour LCD screen
  •  Takes 4-5 to get fully charged
  •  1000 PD rear shock
  •  20 X 4.0 terrain tires
  •  Rust-free aluminium body
  •  Two-year warranty


  •  It has a sleek and stylish design
  •  People of all age groups can ride this bike
  •  Sturdy and durable
  •  Easy to ride and operate
  •  Has an IPAS technology with brake regeneration feature


  •  The battery may become weak over time

Final Verdict

The high-end and high-performance Yamee fat bear 750s is ideal for giving you an excellent adventurous experience. Moreover, this e-back can improve your lifestyle by increasing your physical activity level. Therefore spending your money on this bike is not a wrong choice.

So take the next step, go out and buy yourself this beautiful piece!

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Tomas Deksnys

Tomas Deksnys