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Rattan Electric Bikes

  • 8 min read

Rattan Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular among everyone, and especially for commuters and off road trips. Going off-road is a passion and requires a special kind of bike to overcome every challenge on the trail. We are going to look at one of the leading electric bike brands, Rattan Electric bikes.


E-Bike in Everyday Life - What's the benefit?

When it comes to an electric bike, there are many brands in the market and many more variants. Rattan bikes are known for their simplicity and for being excellent companion on and off road. They are fun and cool looking e-bike to ride.

Off-road riding your e-bike is pure pleasure. Some people are fond of taking a rough trail in a two-wheeler. There are many off-road enthusiasts who have suffered injuries or come of old age and still want that thrill of riding through mud or steep hill trails. To them, an electric bike is a way to go.

On the other side, day by day the cities are getting congested, and people are looking for alternative ways to travel from their homes to their work. Though public transports like busses and trains are a greener choice. The most popular choice these days is definitely the bicycle. Riding a bicycle before work can be exhausting and office-goers looking for alternatives. This is where electric bikes come to place and they truly are great for commuting.

Most of the electric bikes on the current market have a quiet motor  and along with the assist of the pedal an e-bike, even an entry-level one, can travel a reasonable range. Rattan e-bike will help to climb up mountains, cover rough terrains, and carry any equipment or accessories easily.


Rattan E-bikes - A brief about the Brand

Rattan has been making electric bikes for commuters and off-road lovers since 2009. Rattan was founded by a team of enthusiasts, and the sole focus of the company has been to design and develop electric bike that can take on the rough terrains and also commute on the city streets.

To be called THE electric bike, the ebike needs to have the ability to ride through rough mountain roads, have adequate grip and power to move and climb through gravels, sand and grass, and much more. It also has to go the distance and provide a smooth riding experience in outdoor areas or city roads.

Rattan is known for its reasonable price tag and great performance. While many e-bikes in the market start at a high price, these start at a reasonable value, and even the top models sit below the retail tag of the competitors. All Rattan e-bikes have a pedal-assist system along with the battery and electric motor. The benefit of this is it stretches the range of the battery by many miles.

Rattan is mostly known for its compact foldable e-bikes. These have a long-range on their batteries, have enough power to take on any kind of road, and most importantly, can be carried or stored easily in any place. They somehow similar to Yamme ebike, but better price point. 

People driving these folded e-bikes can ride and then carry them on trams or subway. After you reach the destination, you can just unfold the bike with ease again carry on with your journey.

The biggest advantage of Rattan electric bike is the fact that it offers people a lot. Rattan electric bike is great for commuting, occasional off-roaders, and it also gives people who can't pedal the chance to do biking.

I-PAS System

The party piece of these two-wheelers is the I-PAS System. I-PAS stands for Intelligent power assist system, which is a patented innovation by the company. With this technology, efficiency can more than 83%. This technology seamlessly switches between drive and generate and results in a more than 50% range comparing to traditional ones.

This I-PAS paired with the high voltage battery provides a really long-range than the rivals. Some, E-bikes are most known for having a flaw - which is the lack of long-range. Rattan eliminates this flaw and performs all day long.

Currently, there are three models - Rattan Challenger 2020, Rattan LM series, and Rattan LF series. The LM ans LF models has two variants - one with a 500W motor option and another one with a 750-watt motor option. 


Rattan Challenger 2020 E-Bike

Rattan Challenger 2021 is an entry-level e-bike starting at a lower price point than many of its competitors. It is perfect for anyone looking to start on the e-bike or to get the help they have been looking for on the way to escape into the wild or to commute to work.

Rattan Challenger  starts at around a thousand dollars, and in this price range, there are very few quality options which offers as much feature like this.

The most significant advantage of challenger  is its frame, size, and aesthetics. It uses 26 inches CST tires and a mountain bike type of setup which makes it a great alternative and even better. These all-terrain tires can provide an excellent grip on any kind of surface and not get punctured very easily. The aluminium alloy frame has double-walled rims which give a low drag while on-air and the front suspensions perform very well.

On the braking side, it has 160mm mechanical disc brakes on both wheels. Also, the brakes are attached with aluminium brake levers which cut off the electric motor automatically when the brake lever is pressed.

The bike is announced as a suitable electric mountain bike for people as tall as 5'4" all the way up to 6'3". Though people over 6 feet of height would struggle a bit while riding this bike.

Rattan Challenger - Motor, Battery, and Transmission

Rattan Challenger's e-bike has a 48V 10.4 Ah battery on it. The big advantage is that this battery is removable. It takes 4 to 5 hours to fully charge it. The motor is a 350W brushless motor that provides a maximum speed of 20mph. Rattan bike uses a Shimano RD-TY300 7 speed transmission and a Shimano TX50 shifter.

On a single charge and with pedal assist this electric bike can go a maximum of around 60 miles. It has a 4.3 inch LCD to display speed, battery capacity, remaining range, and all the necessary information. Another feature is at any given time when this bike cruises at the same speed for 5 seconds, the cruise control automatically locks into that speed, which makes the riding so much easier.

With all of these features, this bike weighs around 50 lbs. It has a maximum payload capacity of 330 lbs, which is more than enough for the commuter and his equipment. It also comes with its shelves and fenders, fat tire, and 1-year warranty.

  • 26-inch MTB type of form factor
  • Lightweight
  • 330 lbs of weight capacity
  • 60 miles of the maximum distance
  • 20 mph


Rattan LM 500W Mini Fat Tire


The Rattan LM series is a trendy option in the segment and the LM 500W is popular due to the smaller power unit than the more powerful 750W variant. Rattan LM 500W Mini Fat Tire is a folding two-wheeler, which enables the rider to store up his two-wheeler in the smallest space possible.

Rattan LM 500W Mini Fat tire carries a 48 Volt 13 ah lithium battery with a 500w brushless motor. With the provided 48 Volt 2A charger, the electric bike requires 4 to 5 hours to get fully charged. It also has a 4.3 inch light LCD to showcase the battery status, speed, and all the other necessary information.

This electric bike features an all-new 20-inch alloy foldable frame along with 20*4 sized tires. These tires are more fat than ordinary mountain cycles and cover more surface area and therefore give more grip. E-bike weighs around 50 lbs and can carry up to 330 lbs. It has new power-efficient technology and state of the art cruise control.

  • Efficient
  • Has a range of around 70 miles
  • Folding bike and easy to store or park
  • $1199
  • 1-year warranty
  • Cruise Control


Rattan LM 750W FAT TIRE

LM 750W Fat Tire is a more powerful version of the LM 500W. It carries the same 20-inch foldable alloy frame which can be folded down with just three steps. It has the same 20*4 sized all-terrain tires to deliver excellent performance on both commuting and also when the rider takes it on any type of surface. Along with the fat tire it has a 20-inch fork as front suspension and TEKTRO mechanical disc brakes. The front has a 180mm rotor while the rear has a 160mm unit.

Rattan LM750 has same 48V 13ah battery, but the difference comes from the motor. It has a 750W I-PAS motor which combining with the battery gives maximum travel of up to 90 miles. The battery takes around 4 hours get fully charged, and this e-bike weighs only 50 lbs. 


  • Can travel up to 90 miles
  • LCD to show the necessary information
  • Fat tires give confidence and grip in off-road
  • Suitable for people ranging from 5'3" to 6'4"
  • 1-year warranty



Rattan LF series is another foldable e-bike series from the Brand. LF series has a lot of differences from the LM series. The LF series has two variants that are very similar - the LF 500W & the LF 750W.

The LF 500W Mini Fat Tire has a different design on the aluminium alloy frame with a low tube design along with foldable technology - making it suitable for people of all ages, height, and for both men and women. This bike was designed as a foldable daily commuter which makes cutting through the traffic so much easier.

Rattan LF 500W has a 48 Volt 13ah lithium battery along with a 500W power unit The battery power - together these give travel of 70 to 90 miles on a single charge. The bike requires 4 to 5 hours to get fully charged. It has an intelligent power-saving feature which saves up to 83% of energy - therefore it has more significant reach than the competitors. It also has automatic cruise control which saves up a lot of effort and hassle.

This comes with a 20 inch by 4-inch type wide tire which provides a good grip on all types of surfaces. The Tektro mechanical disc brake on the front and rear wheels. There is a 180mm disc brake on the front and 160mm on the rear.

The bike comes with a brake lever with cuts the throttle automatically whenever the brakes are pressed. The bike weighs 50 lbs, which can be considered a lightweight variant compared to the competition. It can carry 330 lb of payload.

  • Foldable
  • 70-90 miles range
  • TEKTRO mechanical brakes ensure good braking
  • Lightweight and compact in nature
  • The payload weight limit is enough for everyone.
  • LCD display


Rattan LF 750W Fat Tire

Like the 500W, the LF 750W carries the same design aesthetic and most of the specifications. The only difference between them is the engine. The LF 750W takes the same 48V 13ah battery - but with a 48V 750W I-PAS motor. It has an intelligent power assist function which is a technology developed by Rattan. This allows the bike to be up to 83% more efficient on power. It has many similarities as Yamee fat bear bike

The LF 750W has a 4.3 inch LCD to display battery details and other information. It has an estimated range of 70 to 90 miles - and with pedal assist, it is projected to reach even further, The suspension is a 20-inch alloy spring adjustable fork on the front. The bike has Shimano CS-HG31-7 cassette freewheel and Shimano SL-TY300, 7-speed transmission, to always have the right gear at the right time and surface.


  • 7 Speed transmission
  • TEKTRO mechanical brakes
  • Long-range with I-PAS technology
  • Great carry ability of up to 330 lbs
  • Wide tires for better grip


Rattan electric bike has some unique features. Excellent range on the battery, cruise control, I-PAS technology and all this comes at a great price. Rattan e-bikes provide a fantastic value for their money. Can be a great present to anyone who wants an electric bike for daily commuting, or going on occasional off-roading.

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