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Bakcou Mule

Best Electric Hunting Bike 2020

If you are in the market for an electric hunting bike, then you have come to the right place. We are here to assist you with which is the best option. As you know, Bakcou is in the field of electric hunting bikes for many years.

They have made many great quality hunting ebikes this year and the years past to it. Bakcou is a veteran in this area of service. We will tell you what you should expect from their brand bikes and why Bakcou Mule is the best electric hunting bike of 2020.


The Reason Why BAKCOU is the best

A huge number of customers throughout almost all the states entrusted them. It didn't happen overnight. They build one of the best products. It comes with a very much affordable price and amazing after sell service to their customers. That's why the brand became trustworthy to the hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and the sportsmen. Bakcou Electric Hunting Bikes offers the great value for your money products.

Electric hunting bikes can be expensive and some can't afford them due to their high prices. With their amazing design, durable products, and rather an affordable price Bakcou came near to the heart of the customers.

Bakcou bikes always innovating that is why they going to come up with more and more number one hunting e-bikes. The dream of having a nice heavy-duty hunting bike is not far away from my friend, Bakcou has made that come near to our reach.

Hunter's Favorite BAKCOU Mule Electric Bike

The Hunters all along the country love Bakcou mule bike. While hunting, the mule will assist you like a veteran companion or more you can say, a veteran friend. Just think about it, how comfortable in the hunting ground if you have it with you. It doesn't matter the area is forest, hill, game reserve, or flat muddy areas, you can go anywhere with this riding companion of yours. You can tear it down day in day out.

Keeping all in mind, this bike is a heavy carrier too. They can carry heavy bags, hunting equipment of different weight categories. When the hunting is done, you can carry deer with the help of it. Attach one of the Bakcou cargo trailers and you good to go. For Bakcou mule won't be hard at all. It has extra gearing space and if you go on a long hunting trip, you get the option to take many more accessories with you. I bet you love this extra bit of usefulness.

Things You Get Nowhere Else

Made by Hunters.Bakcou Mule is the bike that is made for the hunters by the hunters. You'll get all the things that you want in your hunting companion because only a hunter knows what a hunter needs.

Motor. The ultra mid-drive which is used in Mule makes it smart and powerful. It also reflects a better impact on the performance of the bike which includes gaining the top speed. Integrated torque sensor, make the Ultra motor the most capable, durable, and efficient motor on the market.  All the features and parts that are added to it makes this one of the most rugged electric bikes.

Accessories. The bike comes with all major accessories like no other bikes, where you have to buy them separately. Rear and front fenders will help on those muddy terrains and the pannier rack is attached and ready for your heavy-duty bags.

Bakcou Mule is one of the most top-rated hunting e-bikes on the market today. Let's have a look at some stand-out features that this bike has.


Standout Features of Bakcou Mule

  • Weight.

The Mule bike is 68 lbs only. This is a really light hunting electric bike considering the power and distance it can go.

  • Smart motor.

Bakcou Mule uses Bafang Ultra M620 750 watt / 1000 watt. This is an ultra mid-drive motor type as well that comes with the w/integrated torque sensor.

  • Range

The range of Bakcou Mule electric bike is 40+ miles. It really stands out from the rest.

  • Suspension

Heavy powerful BCEB GT MRK suspension is on this bike with 100mm Air Fork. It also has the shock-absorbing suspension at the seat post.

  • Speed

It has average speed of about 28 mph. It can speed up to 40 miles per hour.

  • Brakes

Has a powerful hydraulic braking system. It contains a Powerful Tektro system dual-piston hydraulic brakes which has 203mm Front and 180mm Rear rotor. It is also called disc brakes or mechanical-disc brakes.

  • Gear System

Shimano Alivio Hill-Climbing type of gearing system. Which really helps when you riding steep hills.

  • Load Capacity

Mule can take a load of around 300 lbs. Now that's what we talking about. Get your gear on and let's go hunting!

  • Fat Tire

 The unparalleled traction fat tire also gives this bike a mini monster look. Which also assists to get a better grip on the surface.


The 3 Reasons Why You Should Have this in Your Garage

1. Best hunting bike- The Bakcou eBikes Mule was designed and developed for the game - with changing torque and its unique combination of power and torque. High-sensitivity sensors record data on the speed, torque, acceleration, and braking of the bike to ensure precise control of the wheels with the highest possible efficiency.

2. Value for money- The Bakcou mule can handle everything thrown at him, whether it is a day trip or a long trip to the grocery store. Bakcou has built and packed it with a variety of equipment designed to get you there quickly and back home as quickly as possible. It comes with a very reasonable price with huge capacity and accessories. Like the other bikes of Bakcou, this one also has full of creative and amazing features putting him to one of the top electric hunting bikes of 2020.

3. Best off-road- If you are preparing to get there quickly, this animal is built and packed with a ton of force and built for a long time. To keep the ride calm on rough terrain, the Backou features a powerful Tektro dual-piston hydraulic brake with 1.5 inches front and 2-in-1 rear. This means it can control dirt roads and debris and travel at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. BAKCOU Mule Electric Hunting Bike is the best electric bike for the off-road. The hunters will love to be able to ride bikes in snow and the mud.

This beast will be a huge assist in your hunting. Utah-based Backou bikes is a tireless manufacturer, producing more than 1,000 of its units, including the popular Mule model.  The Mule comes with two different power options for you.

If you want more power, then you should go for the 1000 watt one. If you think you're happy with medium power, you should go for the 750 watts one. The satisfaction of the customers has always been the goal for the Bakcou brand. And they sure to deliver this time.


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