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Ravin R29X Crossbow Review

Ravin R29X Crossbow Review

Being a hunter is now more than a need for survival as it was in old times, as technology has transformed the older hunting game into new forms using modern accessories and tools. Although it is pretty awesome to have a freezer full of elk like we have here at Hunting Giant. Has a man living in a cave ever thought about a crossbow with a high defining scope, adjustable straps, lighted arrows, and elegant designs?

All he knew was a bow and arrow, which he had carved himself using wooden sticks and stones, only efficient enough to kill small animals to be used as food. Can you imagine if such a man somehow saw the modern-day crossbows; it would be difficult for him to believe the advancement they had gone through. 

What’s the catch? 

Crossbows were never so modernized as they are now, and  brands are emerging each day, with each bringing a better version than the previous ones. Ravin R29 is also a part of this competitive race, and I do not doubt that they took the challenge seriously.

Want to know why? 

Because they had brought innovation to the world of crossbows in the form of blistering speed and fun-sized crossbows that elevate the shooting experience of the hunter, these more petite two features, though are not the only two things that a hunter needs in a crossbow, they make Ravin crossbows far more professional, leaving the other crossbows behind.


Ravin R29X - Revolution Of Crossbows

Do you want to have a winning hunting journey? Choose Ravin R29X, as it adds to the revolution by bringing new and advanced features. The Ravin Crossbow R29X has the honour of being the latest model of the Ravin crossbows, which explains why it is so perfect.

What’s best? 

The powerful bone-breaking shots it makes are the most wanted thing in any crossbow because no hunter wants to shoot an arrow that goes slow or waste. Thus a fast enough crossbow allows hunters to kill the target with a single arrow using appropriate shooting strategies.


Furthermore, its compacted fun-size adds to this revolution, making it suitable for hunters to carry Ravin R29X wherever they want. It is contradictory to the other crossbows with huge sizes and is challenging to hold. Such an enormous-sized and expanded crossbow can not help the hunter in a smooth shooting experience and make a perfect shot, a never fulfilled dream.


Key Features Of R29X

A compact design and fast speed are the signature features of Ravin crossbow R29X, with many other staggering and stunning features that add to the value of Ravin Crossbows.

So let’s get started.


Compact Design

We believe that Ravin R29X is and will be among the best ravin crossbows 2022 offering a surprisingly compact design with a 29-inch length, 6-inch width in cocked while 10.5-inch width in uncocked condition. Until now, no other crossbows available in the market come with smaller sizes compared to Ravin Crossbows however the latest versions of Ravin R29X have a chance of this opportunity.

Think I am exaggerating? 

Ravin R29X Sniper is the most recent Ravin R29X offering a compact body with even smaller lengths and widths. It has a 26-inch length, 5.75-inch width in cocked and 9.25 inch in un-cocked condition , confirming it to be even more precise than its predecessor model. This compactness does not entangle Ravin R29X Sniper into the bushes if you are walking through a forest.

Thus even if you wish to have even more diminutive and compacted crossbows, your only option will be to wait for the next coming model of Ravin Crossbows because there will be no better choice than this.

Camouflage Appearance

Ravin Crossbows know that the best way to hide yourself from the enemy is to use the technique of camouflage, which is also used by nature like in various animals. Using this technique, Ravin Crossbows have manufactured R29X with a camouflaged appearance that mixes with the surroundings making it difficult for your target to see the crossbow even when you are very close to it. The uniqueness in this camouflage pattern is the predator dusk design that is engraved on the Ravin R29X Crossbow.

Looking at Ravin R29X Sniper, it is also designed in camouflage pattern; however, there might be a lack of predator dusk design that hunters had enjoyed in R29X Crossbow.

HeliCoil Technology

Both Ravin R29X Crossbow and Ravin R29X Sniper have the differentiating Helicoil technology absent in many other crossbows in competition to Ravin Crossbows. The Helicoil technology drags the cables away from the top and bottom of the cams, helping the cams on the Ravin R29X precisely in position and balance.

Astonishing, isn’t it? 

The additional benefit of this Helicoil technology allows the cams to move in all directions and helps the hunter have an overall view of his surroundings without needing to move. By keeping the cams in perfect accuracy, the Helicoil technology gives Ravin R29X Crossbow and Ravin R29X Snipper a proficiency of being compact designed crossbows without losing their accuracy.

Lightning Speed

Ravin R29X Crossbow had no competition for speed when it was released, as it had a speed range of 450 fps that is not even found in the latest versions of Ravin Crossbows. On of the Ravin al time best sellers is Ravin R26 crossbow has 400fps for comparison. We think it is more than enough kinetic energy and speed to compete with top crossbows in the market in 2022. 

Comparing the speed of Ravin R29X with the so far latest version that appears to be Ravin R29X Snipper that does offer a rifle like speed within its compacted body but still, it can not beat the high speed of its predecessor. Although it can't beat  ravin R500E fastest crossbow. It has 500fps.

On top of it?

 Even if we talk about the kinetic energy which tells about the power with which a crossbow can shoot an arrow, offered by the Ravin R29X Snipper, it is measured to be 142. Still, even this small amount of kinetic energy gives a powerful stroke. While the kinetic energy witnessed in Ravin R29X is 180, that is just unimaginable for a hunter.

Trac-Trigger Firing System

Ravin R29X Crossbow and R29X Snipper are designed with a trac-trigger firing system. This trigger system is built on a mechanism that makes the rail slip down and join with the string before the cocking. This helps both Ravin Crossbows to have an ultimate precision and accuracy with exact shooting time leading to an unmatched hunting result that gives the shooter new confidence in his shooting abilities.

Lightweight Body

Ravin Crossbows are craved for their lightweight bodies, which makes it a good thing for a hunter because who loves to bear a heavyweight on his arms? Especially when it comes to a more need to focus on the accurate shot rather than carrying the burden of crossbow. The Ravin R29X is packed with a 6.75lbs weight that is pretty awesome; however, if we compare it with the weight of the latest model crossbow in the line of Ravin Crossbows. You will be amazed to know that Ravin R29X Snipper is only 6.5lbs in weight.

Thus, we must say that Ravin Crossbows are working to reduce the weight of crossbows in the latest version to make them more suitable for hunters who feel it difficult to carry crossbows on their arms.

No Cracking Sound

Ravin Crossbows specialize in designing crossbows that do not make loud sounds before or during firing a shot. Ravin R29X Crossbow and Ravin R29X Snipper appear to be the legends of this feature. Both these crossbows have almost null cocking and de-cocking sounds that are accurate for hunting efficiently. 

Want to know why?

Various targets run away with a bit of noise or movement, thus making it difficult to hunt them. Therefore a silent cocking and de-cocking is a much-needed feature in a crossbow.

What we think Of Ravin R29X

Knowing what makes Ravin R29X Crossbows so different from others available in the market will help you better decide about investing in this modernized crossbow. So here are some of the good and a few bad things about Ravin R29X.

● Provides maximum performance.

● 450 fps Lightning speed shooting that never misses a target.

● Precise design with complete efficiency.

● No need to spend extra time assembling it as it comes pre-assembled.

● Offers a low draw weight.

● Silent working helps in keeping the target unaware of the shot.

● Beats the previous versions in durability and reliability.

● Accurate shots with complete precision.

● Efficient cocking and de-cocking systems.

● A lightweight body makes it compatible with long-time shooting.

What we don't like:

● They may offer a less resale value depending on the multiple conditions.

● Some people may feel it is overpriced.


The Final Verdict

Till now, long-time we have discussed Ravin R29X, revealing everything about it, including its specialties, features, pros, and cons. The things which make Ravin Crossbows worth buying surpass its weak points, thus making it a preferred choice of hunters. Ravin R29X has everything a hunter needs for an outclass hunting session and displays his hunting skills to mates.

Want to know our opinion? 

We are totally in favour of investing money in the Ravin R29X Crossbow because it will give an excellent price to specifications ratio for professional hunters. Even the hunters who are new to hunting can learn professional hunting, starting with Ravin Crossbows.

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Tomas Deksnys