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Must-Have Crossbow Accessories

best crossbow accessories

Hunting crossbows and archery is a fun, but serious business, and selecting the right gear is essential for a successful hunt. As an avid hunter myself, I prioritize essential crossbow accessories—they're my trusted companions, ensuring readiness for every expedition. Don't try to buy every gimmick out there, stick to essentials. From the precision-enhancing scope to the indispensable crossbow bolts and broadheads, each accessory serves a vital role in the hunt. The time-saving cocking device and stealthy noise-dampening system, along with a protective crossbow case, ensure functionality and protection in every environment. These light and versatile accessories fit perfectly into my backpack, offering everything needed to make each hunting trip a success. As I continue my hunting journey, stay tuned for updates in 2024, highlighting the latest innovations that elevate the functionality and ease of hunting crossbows. 

Not sure which crossbow to choose?

We have written the in-detail article and selected the 11 best crossbows for 2024 that are available today. It is a complete guide explaining why each crossbow best in its category. Whether you're just starting hunting or looking for an upgrade to your older model, the selection of accurate, compact, and powerful crossbows will help you get the one you need. 

Crossbow Accessories For Every Hunter

I am a hunter and have been on countless trips since I started crossbow hunting there are 7 best crossbow accessories that I think everyone has to have.  Each has a vital purpose and will save you some time and increase your chances of success. 

Crossbow Scope

Scopes are a cornerstone among essential crossbow accessories, especially hunting using high-speed crossbows that shoot with precision. It significantly impacts downrange accuracy, a vital element when targeting deer. The integration of illuminated dots in scopes, like the EVO-X Marksman Elite Scope or RangeMaster 100 Crossbow Scope are solid options. If you want to take it up a notch, the Burris Oracle rangefinding scope ensures precise targeting, instantly displays the distance to your target, and even provides an exact aiming point.

 Notably, optics from Ravin Crossbows or Excalibur Crossbows stand out for their quality and functionality. Ravin scopes are renowned for unparalleled clarity and precision, while Excalibur's offerings are lauded for their durability and reliability, crucial factors in the field. I've embraced the new Ravin Speed Lock Crossbow Scope 100 yd. It has impressed me during practice sessions, and I plan to take full advantage of its capabilities during my upcoming hunt later this year. 

Burris Oracle scope

Bolts and Broadheads

When it comes to selecting bolts, or arrows for your crossbow, quality can't be overlooked. Brands like TenPoint Crossbows and Black Eagle reign supreme in the crossbow world. TenPoint's Pro Elite carbon bolts and Evo-Xmodels boast an ideal balance of speed, accuracy, and kinetic energy, crucial for long-range shots. Meanwhile, Black Eagle offers a variety of high-quality carbon bolts that excel in both straightness and durability, making them top contenders.

To ensure optimal performance, consider factors like the 400-grain weight, a crucial element for penetration, and FPS (feet per second) rating, determining speed. Brands like Eastonoften deliver exceptional options in both weight and length, catering to varying hunting scenarios. Whether it's the carbon fiber construction enhancing durability, the straightness ensuring precision, or the right weight for deep penetration, choosing the right bolt is key for your best shot when it matters the most.

TenPoint Evo-X Center

Cocking Device

Alright, let's talk about the Cocking Device—every hunter's best friend in the crossbow game. Brands like TenPoint and Barnett have integrated options in their crossbows and nailed it with their hassle-free solutions. Take TenPoint's ACUdraw devices, for instance. These are outstanding, reducing the draw weight significantly, making cocking a breeze, and ensuring a consistent pull every time. If you have a nagging shoulder or having a hard time cock or decock this is a must.

Barnett's crank CCD are equally good on their crossbows, making the cocking process smooth. Barnet Hyper Raptor 410 is a great example. With either of these devices, you're not just reducing the strain on your muscles but also ensuring a more precise draw. The kit includes everything you need for an efficient setup. Tip, buy crossbow already with an integrated one but if you can't make sure it can be installed. Brands like Killer Instinct also offer quality cocking devices to handle your crossbow with ease out there in the field!

coking device

Crossbow Case

Take it from me, invest in good crossbow cases like Plano, or Flambeau. Plano's cases are often hard-sided for great protection, while Flambeau offers cases that balance lightweight design with protective features. Let's be real, you buying a crossbow that costs not a few hundred dollars, protect it. You don't want to shorten its lifespan, you want a crossbow to serve you for more than a few years. SKB Crossbow case is my favorite, a little pricey, but they build super well-made hard cases to help you transport your crossbow safely. Many main brands like Ravin, Killer Instinct, and Wicked Ridge have cases available for their crossbow. Invest in one and thank me later. 

plano crossbow case

Noise Dampening System

When it comes to quieting down your crossbow, noise-dampening systems are a real deal. Brands like Limbsaver and Bowjax have perfected the art of reducing noise and vibration in your crossbow. Limbsaver's high-impact rubber dampeners are known for their sheer effectiveness in minimizing string noise and oscillation. Meanwhile, Bowjax steps up the game with a range of noise-dampening products tailor-made for crossbows. These are not just about reducing noise—they're about making your hunting more efficient. With products that easily attach to your rail or limb, the kit often includes wax, lube, and other lubricants to ensure your crossbow operates smoothly, and quietly and serves you longer. These crossbow accessories are a must-have in your hunting gear.

dampening system


A crossbow quiveris a must-have, plain and simple, for us hunters in the wild. It's not just a simple accessory—it's our trusty sidekick, always holding our bolts or arrows, ensuring they're right where we need them, be it in a treestand or a ground blind. It's that essential gear that makes all the difference between a swift, clean shot and a fumble in the moment. Go with 6 arrow quiver one, I find it more convenient. There are solid models available,  they're lightweight and offer quick access. Brands like G5 Outdoors, Bohningjust to name a few. 

crossbow quiver

Crossbow Sling

A crossbow sling or sling stand can significantly reduce the hassle for bowhunters, offering a hands-free way to carry the bow comfortably, especially if the crossbow to the heavy side. Sling ensures weight distribution and convenience, carrying by hand or using improvised straps can be equally effective. Specialized backpacks like Tenpoint HALO bowpack, or Wicked Ridge Ambush Bowpack designed specifically for crossbows are very convenient.  Each method ensures that the bow remains easily accessible, ensuring readiness for action when needed. The choice ultimately depends on personal preference and the terrain encountered, but regardless of the method, you want to ensure that your equipment is close at hand during the hunt.

crossbow sling

How much should I spend on quality crossbow accessories?

They enhance our precision, protect our valued equipment, and allow you to be confident and safe in the wilderness. With an extra $300 - $900 you can get all the accessories that I mentioned (depending on the brand). Whether it's the acute accuracy afforded by a quality scope, the swift and silent power of top-notch bolts and broadheads, the quiet ease of a well-crafted cocking device, the rugged protection of a sturdy case, or the subtle stealth of an efficient noise-dampening system, each accessory will contribute uniquely to our success in your next hunting trip.

Who sells the best crossbow accessories?

As an avid hunter, I've learned the significance of opting for USA-based brands when it comes to crossbow accessories. Brands like TenPoint and Black Eagle, well-known for their durable and reliable gear, offer top-notch nocks built to endure any weather or usage condition. Additionally, investing in waterproof enhancements from trusted USA brands like Ravin and Excalibur ensures my equipment can handle the rugged outdoors. Choosing these brands isn't just about the gear, it's about the peace of mind that comes with superior quality, ensuring my setup remains dependable in every hunting scenario.

Final Thoughts

Reflecting on the journey of crossbow hunting accessories, it's evident that these tools are nothing short of revolutionary. From nocks that steady your shot to waterproof enhancements safeguarding your arrow shafts, each accessory plays a crucial role in the pursuit of that perfect shot. Brands like TenPoint and Ravin engineer accessories that redefine accuracy, making every trigger pull count. Mounts and triggers crafted from durable brass ensure reliability, a testament to the hard-earned expertise and dedication of these brands. In the end, these accessories aren't merely tools, they're the result of meticulous engineering and dedication, giving every hunter the confidence to make their shot count.

Daniel Kelly 

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