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Best Crossbow Accessories 

best crossbow accessories

In the dynamic world of crossbow hunting and archery, selecting the right equipment can greatly enhance your experience and success. Beyond the crossbow itself, there are numerous accessories that can improve your accuracy, ensure your equipment's longevity, and increase your overall comfort and efficiency. From the precision-aiding scope to the essential crossbow bolts and broadheads, the convenience-adding cocking device, the protective crossbow case, and the stealth-ensuring noise-dampening system, the array of accessories is vast and varied.


Crossbow Accessories every hunter needs

I am a hunter and have been on countless trips and since I started crossbow hunting there are five of the top crossbow accessories that I think every hunter has to have.  Each has a vital purpose and will save you some time and increase your chances of success. 

Crossbow Scope

 Optics, such as those from Ravin Crossbows or Excalibur Crossbows, can drastically improve your crossbow shooting. Ravin is well-known for its high-quality scopes that have excellent clarity and precision, while Excalibur's scopes are praised for their durability and reliability. I personally use Ravin Speed Lock Crossbow Scope 100 yd. It is a new product from Ravin and I am enjoying it so far practice shooting and will be taking it on the hunt with me later this year.  

tenpoint crossbow scope

Bolts and Broadheads

Bolts from brands like TenPoint Crossbows and Black Eagle are popular choices. TenPoint's Pro Elite carbon bolts and Evo-x are known for their balance of speed, kinetic energy, and accuracy, while Black Eagle has a range of high-quality carbon bolts. For heads, my choice is Muzzy or Magnus Stinger both offer excellent options. Ramcat mechanical broadheads are praised for their cutting diameter and accuracy, while Muzzy's fixed blade has a reputation for durability and reliability. You want a good-quality arrow, so you can perform your best shot.  

Cocking Device

TenPoint and Barnett are among the brands that manufacture separate cocking devices. TenPoint's ACUdraw devices reduce the draw weight significantly, making cocking easier and more consistent. Barnett's crank cocking devices also ease the cocking process and fit various models of their crossbows.

Crossbow Case

Take it from me, invest in good crossbow cases like Plano, or Flambeau. Plano's cases are often hard-sided for great protection, while Flambeau offers cases that balance lightweight design with protective features. Let's be real, you buying a crossbow that costs not a few hundred dollars, protect it. You don't want to shorten its lifespan, you want a crossbow to serve you for more than a few years. SKB is my favorite, a little pricey, but they build super well-made hard cases to helo you transport your crossbow safely. 

Noise Dampening System

 Noise-dampening systems from Limbsaver or Bowjax can reduce the noise and vibration of your crossbow. Limbsaver's dampening accessories are well-known for their effectiveness. Bowjax also offers a range of noise-dampening products specifically designed for crossbows.

How much should I spend on quality crossbow accessories?

They enhance our precision, protect our valued equipment, and allow you to be confident and safe in the wilderness. With an extra $300 - $600 you can get all the accessories that I mentioned (depending on the brand). Whether it's the acute accuracy afforded by a quality scope, the swift and silent power of top-notch bolts and broadheads, the quiet ease of a well-crafted cocking device, the rugged protection of a sturdy case, or the subtle stealth of an efficient noise-dampening system, each accessory will contribute uniquely to our success in your next hunting trip.

Choose Wisely

Brands like Ravin, Excalibur, TenPoint, Black Eagle, Rage, Muzzy, Barnett, Plano, Flambeau, Limbsaver, and Bowjax, each stand tall in their respective fields, offering us fantastic choices of crossbow accessories. Therefore, isn't just about the hunt, it's about crafting our own unique experience in the great outdoors and creating those perfect, heart-stopping moments that make an impact on us when everything comes together. So here's to all of us hunters, may we always have the right tool at the right time, and may our aim be forever true.

Not sure which crossbow to choose?

I have written the in-detail article and selected the best crossbows that are available today. It is a complete guide explaining why each crossbow best in its category. Whether you're just starting hunting or looking for an upgrade to your older model, the selection of accurate, compact, and powerful crossbows available will help you to get the one you need. 

Daniel Kelly 

Tomas Deksnys

Tomas Deksnys