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What is the Bakcou bikes price?

Bakcou bikes surged in popularity in the last few years due to their efficiency, battery life, and accessories. Among the leading electric hunting bike brands, Bakcou stands out with its impressive blend of power, durability, and advanced features. The main question we get from prospective buyers often is, "What is the price of Bakcou bikes?"

Hunting bikes vary in price depending on set up. Do you need a step-through model due to an injury you have, maybe you looking for a​​ll​-wheel drive e-bike, or maybe full suspension? We aim to help you u​​nderstand what factors contribute to the cost and the value that these awesome hunting e-bikes. Send us an email or simply give us a call and we will help you to choose the one for you. Whether you're an experienced hunter, a wildlife photographer, or someone seeking new adventures, join us as we unravel the investment behind owning a Bakcou bike.

Note - Bakcou Bikes comes with accessories included. Front and rear mud fenders, rear pannier rack, puncture-proof tire liner, bow/gun holder. This saves at least $250 compared to other brands. 


$3300 - $3500


The Bakcou Flatlander electric bike is designed primarily for outdoor enthusiasts who travel across varying terrain but may not necessarily require the steep hill-climbing capabilities offered by other models. Comes in a regular and step-through 24" model.

The Flatlander is well-suited for flat to gently rolling terrain. It's an excellent choice for hunters, anglers, and campers who need to carry gear across vast distances efficiently. With its powerful electric motor, riders can cover ground at up to 25 mph, quietly, and without the physical strain of a traditional bike. The e-bike also allows you to access areas that might be difficult to reach with a vehicle.

Bakcou flatlander

It is the least expensive option, but that doesn't mean the Flatlander is built somehow cheap. Like other Bakcou bikes, is built to be rugged and durable. The fat tires have excellent traction and stability, which is ideal for off-road trails and paths. The frame can handle heavy loads, and the integrated racks provide convenient storage for hunting or camping gear.

With a range of 40+ miles on a single charge, it's also an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys biking but might need a little extra assistance to handle longer distances or wants to make commuting more efficient. Check local laws regarding where and how electric bikes can be used. Drop us ​a​ message i​f​ you have questions regarding ebike classes


$4600 - $5800

Kodiak AWD, Mule, Storm

We entering a best-selling category. Here we have an all-wheel drive option with the Kadiak ADW model, full suspension Bakcou Storm and Mule, the best-selling Bakcou model by far. 

The Bakcou Kodiak AWD (All-Wheel Drive) electric hunting bike is designed to handle the toughest terrains and steepest slopes that nature can throw at you. Has TWO 500W hub motors, one in the front hub and one in the rear hub. The bike has exceptional power and traction, allowing you to navigate steep inclines, muddy trails, and rocky terrains with relative ease.

The Kodiak AWD is perfect for hunters who go to challenging landscapes in pursuit of the game. The bike's all-wheel-drive capability provides awesome control and stability, even in harsh weather conditions. 

Beyond hunting, the Kodiak AWD is a fantastic option for any outdoor enthusiast who wants to explore off-road trails, regardless of how demanding they may be. 

Bakcou Storm

One of the primary applications for the Bakcou Storm full-suspension electric bike is hunting. Its powerful electric Bafang M620 Ultra motor with smart torque-sensing switch between 750 watts, and 1,000 watts with a max power output of 1,500 watts, allows hunters to cover large distances silently, reducing the chances of spooking wildlife. The fat tires provide excellent traction, allowing for secure travel across a variety of terrains including mud, sand, snow, or rocky trails and full suspension gives that smooth ride at a range of 50+ miles on a single charge. 

This is an absolute beast of an e-bike with a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs, the Bakcou Storm is also well-suited for carrying any heavy load or hunting gear you have. The bike's design includes various attachment points for gear, making it even more practical for hunting trips. If you serious about hunting and going out deep into the rocky roads and steep hills this bike is for you. 

Bakcou Mule

The Bakcou Mule electric hunting bike is one of those versatile e-bike models that offer a unique blend of power, performance, and durability. Designed primarily for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Available in 24" step-through and 26" step-through models. It is the best-selling hunting bike in the US for what could be 5 straight years. I have one and let me tell you it is worth every dollar. 

The Mule's powerful motor has 160NM of Torque / 1500 Peak Wattage Output and the battery allows it to travel 40+ miles on a wide variety of terrains with ease. From steep hills to muddy trails, the Mule can handle it all, making it a valuable hunting tool for someone who needs to get deep into the wilderness. 

$7000 - $8000

Storm Jager, Mule Jager

The word "Jäger" is German for "hunter," which pretty much sums up what this model is for. Rugged package Bakcou Mule is everything you want in a hunting e-bike. Skid plate to protect the motor, 25ah battery for even more mileage, Shock Absorbing Suspension Seat Post, Skid-Proof Wide Stance Pedals and all I can say is let's go! 

It comes with Rohloff Speed Hub that has an outstanding gear range of 526%, and you can easily shift through the 14 gears without pedaling. Don't worry about heavy foliage or heavy terrain,  the Bakcou Mule Jäger has no derailleur, and therefore ride is smooth all the way. 

storm jager

Storm Jager also comes with a 25-ah battery instead of a regular 17-ah. This hunting bike will go through rocky or sandy climbs and steep descents like a breeze, still pulling your trailer with game or hunting gear. This is a badass full-suspension bike redefined. Unmatched power and performance of Bafangs ULTRA mid-drive motor. Switch between both 750 watts and 1,000 continuous watts with a max power output of 1,500 watts.  After riding this bike all I can say is wow, I know what you paying for. 

Bakcou bikes are really exeptional and we have so much fun with them. Hunts will never be the same without it. Send as an email if you need help, if you have a question which bike is for you, or simply give us a call, we here to help. 

Daniel Kelly

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