Best Tenpoint Crossbow for 2021

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Best Tenpoint Crossbow for 2021

When you buy a TenPoint, you purchase something more than a crossbow.

You arm yourself with a fully capable hunting system engineered to fill up your

freezer or put one in the records.


With the main focus of manufacturing crossbows for about 26 years, Tenpoint

creates the archery industry’s highest quality, one of the mostdurable, and most

accurate hunting crossbows - regardless of your budget.Created from the

ground up – each and every TenPoint crossbow features includes different

custom crossbow accessories and tools specifically designed to transform your

simple compound crossbow into a fully capable deadly hunting machine.


There are different kinds of patented cocking devices available in the market

that allows all hunters, regardless of their physical ability, to easily& safely draw

the Tenpoint crossbows. The two more powerful combinations of the popular

crossbow hunting are optical sight & accuracy without the help of strain to fire a

bow. In this the article we will tell you about the ten best crossbow models that

you should look to buy in 2021 and we’ll also talk a bit about how you can find

the best Tenpoint crossbows.


Best Tenpoint Crossbow Models For 2021


TenPoint Nitro XRT  


TenPoint Wicked Ridge Invader 


TenPoint Vapor RS470


TenPoint Turbo M1


TenPoint Nitro XRT


TenPoint Carbon Nitro RDX



Tenpoint - Vengent S440 Crossbow System


It’s the fastest & narrowest forward-draw hunting crossbow system technology

ever produced! The lightweight Vengent S440 gives lightning speeds of about

440 FPS &features the latest revolutionary ACUslide silent cocking & safe de-

cocking crossbow arrow technology.


Technical specifications     


  • Weight of about (w/out accessories): 7.7 lbs.
  • Speed/KE: Pro Light Carbon Arrow (of 370-grains)
  • 440 FPS / 159 FP KE
  • Speed/KE: EVO-X CenterPunch Carbon
  • Arrow (of 445-grains): 410 FPS / 166 FP KE
  • Has Safe De-Cocking: ACUslide


TenPoint Vapor RS470 



The TenPoint Vapor RS470 Crossbow system features an advanced crossbow

design built for incredible arrowspeed, accuracy, & safety. This TenPoint

crossbow surely has a unique ACUslide technology that silently cocks the

crossbow arrow while still helping you to safely de-cock.



  • Reverse draw delivers speeds for about 470 FPS
  • Integrated String Stop System technology dampens noise
  • ACUslide system safely & silently cocks and de-cocks


TenPoint Turbo M1 Acudraw 50 Sled



    The Turbo M1 super light crossbow features a radically narrow, 9-inch wide bow

    assembly powered by VX-5 inverted cams that elongate the power-stroke and

    increase rotation. The Turbo M1 is available with the built in ACUdraw 50 SLED

    silent rope cocking device that makes cocking effortless and sends arrows up to

    380 feet-per-second.


    Package includes:

    • TenPoints 3 X Pro View 3 scope mounted on a 7/8 fixed dovetail mount
    • ACUdraw 50 sled,
    • 3 arrow quiver 
    • three Pro Elite carbon arrows with 100-grain tips.


    How To Find The Best Tenpoint Crossbows?

    Getting involved with the hunting industry & to know the latest hunting trends

    and having premium quality hunting gear features is great fun for hunting lovers

    For the past few years, crossbows have been surely dominating the

    international market. Each year, hundreds of new crossbow models are jumping

    and arriving at the pool for a refreshing & exciting dip and are expanding the

    market by merely introducing more competitive versions from the previous top-

    selling crossbows.

    However, when you heard the term arrows or crossbows, Tenpoint crossbow

    technologies are clearly the best of the best and hottest pick, both from experts

    & beginners alike. It is actually because of the Ten Point consistent efficiency,

    more accuracy, ease of use, & these manufacturers understand each hunter’s

    requirements. They keep on improving their hunting products and services to

    provide you the best outdoor adventure you actually deserve.

    Here are some of the things that you need to know to find your dream crossbow

    suitable for your hunting needs.


    Tenpoint Crossbow Technologies Types


    Almost all the crossbows have similarities when it comes to the bow & stock.

    Their major difference is the crossbow style or configurations.

    There Are mainly three crossbow designs you can choose from; that are

    reverse, compound, & recurved draw. Recurve crossbows have fine limbs quite

    similar to vertical recurve-crossbows but much shorter. It is a simple and

    extremely straightforward Tenpoint crossbow design that has a discrete feature

    and is lightweight.

    Compound bows are more complicated and have different functionalities

    with systems, cables, or pulleys. It’s narrower & has better arrow speed. They’re

    louder & heavier when fired because of the additional hardware design.

    Reverse-draw bows are the newest innovation. The radical design of this

    Tenpointcrossbow technology gives high-speed, range, and a much more

    precise shooting experience with the lowest possible draw weights. It is quiet,

    has a stock element as well, and a bit heavy crossbow, similar to compounds.


    Crossbow’s Draw Weight


    The draw weight is actually the number of pounds you require to draw the

    bowstring back to its actual cocked position. Checking this part helps you to

    classify which type of crossbow is suitable for you.

    With the intensity of poundage you are capable of drawing back, you can

    effortlessly determine which model of the crossbow is a perfect option. Most

    famous Tenpoint crossbows generally have crank cocking tools that ensure a

    better cocking mechanism & power source.

    Checking the crossbows functionalities like limb configuration & power stroke

    length. Simply speaking, higher draw weight enhances the wear and tear of your

    bow’s components such as servings, strings, and limbs.


    Arrow Speed And Accessories


    Crossbow speed actually depends on your personal shooting preference;

    most modern Tenpoint bows have arrow speeds around 265-400 fps. The faster

    your Tenpoint bow’s arrow speed is, the farther & flatter you can shoot.

    Since Tenpoint crossbows can accurately shoot long distances with great

    precision, it is a top choice for most of the hunters who pursue the whitetail

    deer. However, finding a quiet Tenpoint bow is crucial as noise can alert the

    deer, & a possible change in position can fully miss the target.

    Next is the accessories and tools available with your Tenpoint crossbow.

    Most crossbows manufacturers need hunters to use the perfect arrow size

    suitable for your Tenpoint crossbow. Always check the crossbow arrow’s

    compatibility and durability with your bow’s weight & size.


    Power And Cocking Mechanism


    Crossbows have a variety of cocking mechanisms. You can choose which one

    is perfect for your needs & budget. Most reasonably fitting hunters hand-cock,

    you can also opt for a rope cocking Tenpoint bow, and the latest crossbows

    models have special crank cocking tools.


    What Is The Perfect Arrow Weight For A TenPoint Crossbow?


    TenPoint suggests using a crossbow arrow that weighs around 420 grains

    for most of their crossbow models created before 2012. You can easily shoot an

    arrow weighing about 370 grains out of the famous TenPoint & Wicked Ridge

    Crossbows made in the year 2012 or latest.

    If you are shooting a newer and latest TenPoint recurve, you can fire an

    arrow weighing about 350 grains. Shooting a lighter crossbow arrow will surely

    provide you more speed coming out of the Tenpoint crossbow but a lighter

    crossbow arrow will tend to lose its energy faster & generally gives less

    penetration on less than perfect crossbow shots.

    The TenPoint Omni-Nock System has a design with about six micro-grooves

    that generate three separate string alignment modes. This thing eliminates

    arrow indexing issues found on shooting arrows using full capture &

    half-moon nocks.

    Tenpoint crossbows are becoming more & narrower over the past few

    years and this competition for a narrow bow has caused some problems for some

    crossbow producers. Sting angles are now becoming more extreme & this is

    causing bigger problems like the string slipping over or under a crossbow arrow

    if it is not properly indexed. The TenPoint Omni-Nock actually eliminates this

    sort of issue.

    Yes, you can include Omni-Nocks to other crossbow arrows but when you

    purchase the knocks & do all the work to change the original nock from another

    crossbow arrow, you are probably going to be better off just purchasing a Ten

    Point arrow. 

    It’s also vital to note that Omni-Nocks are needed for all 2013 and

    latest TenPoint & Wicked Ridge Crossbows. If your crossbow arrow fails

    while using a simple nock other than the Omni-Nock, your warranty may be

    voided. TenPoint gives you a wide variety of crossbow arrows made by well-

    known Easton.


    Final Thoughts


    Tenpoint crossbows has several highly effective crossbows models for

    every hunter’s personal preference. It’s a crucial factor that you have to take

    account of when selecting the best Tenpoint crossbow arrows available in the

    market today. Hunting & shooting with a crossbow arrow is an exciting &

    fun outdoor activity.


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