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TenPoint Vapor RS470 Xero Elite Package

 TenPoint Vapor RS470 Xero Elite Package

Archery is an art, a passion, and the perfect way of hunting. Crossbows have been around for a long time and day by day becoming more and more prevalent. Crossbow hunting has it's pros and cons as different people need different types of crossbows. Some for hunting, some for target shooting. There are lots of brands and models currently available in the market, but TenPoint as a brand and their Vapor RS470 Xero as a model has some feature that separates it from the other ones.




TenPoint Crossbows

TenPoint is an American crossbow manufacturer known for its new inventions and patents. The company is located in Ohio and it has been manufacturing crossbows for 27 years.

For the real hunters, they have their state of the art Vapor RS470 and its several packages and for occasional shooters or beginners, they have many more top TenPoint Crossbows to choose from. Their Tenpoint crossbows 2022 lineup is pretty impressive. 


TenPoint Crossbows - Features and Patents

Tenpoint Crossbow Technologies has around 95 patented technology under their company name all of which are used in their crossbows. These technologies give their crossbows standout features with great usability and an extra edge over their rivals.


The ACUslide technology

The ACUslide technology uses a patented system that allows the hunter to a smooth and silent cocking experience. It also reduces the force required for cocking. Compared to other crossbows, these ones require almost 95% less force to cock. TenPoint Vapor RS470 Prevents damage or injury and does not let the user lose grip or control. The hunter can easily backwind the handle and stop at any point he or she finds comfortable.


Micro-Trac Barrel

TenPoint Vapor RS470 have a new micro-trac barrel. This new micro trac barrel system from TenPoint crossbow technologies reduces the string to rail contact. Therefore the long-range accuracy gets increased by over a margin of 50%. Due to the reduced contact of the string, the strings last really long providing possibly one of the longest lifetimes in the segments.

Roller System

TenPoint has a new roller system which creates a really smooth feel in the cocking. The 2 stainless steel rollers let the trigger box to glide inside the barrel. As a result, during the silent cocking and decocking system, the crossbow provides an ultra-smooth feel.

Xtend Crank Handle

The new crank handle from TenPoint can be adjusted from 5 inches to 7 and a half inches. This is called the Xtend Crank Handle and this really reduces the force to cock the bow. This reduced force to cock means that this made shooting with crossbow even more easy for beginners and women.

S1 trigger and Lock-Latch

The party piece among the new technologies by TenPoint Vapor RS470 is the S1 trigger and Lock-Latch. The new 2 stage design along with no creep and a pull weight of 3.5 pounds provides the ultimate performance. The lock latch is made with stainless steel and it locks the trigger box in the same position. Both these combined give a great range of accuracy. The down-range accuracy improvement by these technologies is almost 48%.

Vector Quad Cable System

The new vector quad cable system in the TenPoint Crossbows utilizes 4 cables which reduce and eliminate the lean of the cam. It also generates straight nock travel which leads to assist the down-range accuracy.


Tenpoint Vapor RS470 Xero

The state of the art crossbows from TenPoint ticks all the boxes needed to be a great crossbow focused on the professional or passionate hunters. The all-new TenPoint Vapor RS470 Xero is released aiming the hunting season of 2021 and it is known as the first crossbow to come standard with the rangefinder scope. Tenpoint 2022 crossbow lineup is super impressive and features current fastest crossbow in the world and many more. 

TenPoint has taken their existing technologies, which are already really unique and useful compared to many other competitors, and they have upgraded these for the RS470 Xero crossbow. They have polished their existing technology and put it in this new crossbow.


Tenpoint Vapor RS470 Xero Elite Package - Performance

The company adds three types of arrows with the elite package of the crossbow. It performs differently with three types of arrows, but in all cases, the speed and accuracy remain phenomenal.

Compared to the previous RS470, the Xero is heavier and even more balanced. It can shoot completely accurately at a target to 100 yards away and can maintain speed and accuracy up to 250 yards away.

Even though the 470 fps may sound like only a company claim, its power strokes generate speeds never less than 440 feet per second on test conditions. Tenpoint Nitro 505 xero is the fastest crossbow in the world right now, but 440 fps is still fantastic metrics. Paired with its state of the art scope, it is easily one of the best crossbows available for hunting, and the best long-range crossbow ever.


Garmin XERO X1i Rangefinding Scope

New TenPoint Vapor RS470 Xero the latest version gets a Garmin Xero X1i Rangefinding Scope as standard in the crossbow package. Though there are many other rangefinding scopes available in the market, this one was specifically designed to go with this crossbow and there are no other scope that can compete with this Xero X1i Rangefinding Scope in terms of features, quality, and usability.

The Garmin Xero X1i Crossbow Scope offers a 3.5X magnification. It will show multiple aiming points when mounted with the crossbow and upon pressing the silent range button it will only range game at distances up to 250 yards and a single aiming point. This scope makes the Xero the most accurate long-range crossbow in the segment.


Tenpoint Vapor RS470 Xero Elite Package - Cocking, De Cocking & Noise


TenPoint Vapor RS470 crossbow package has the ACUslide technology for both the cocking and decocking system. First of all, this system provides the ultimate safety and comfort to cock and also to decock the crossbow. ACUslide not only makes the mechanism easy but also makes it very very safe with zero chance of dropping the crossbow or losing grip.

The ACUslide cranking system reduces the draw weight by up to 95%, which makes it really comfortable to pull and cock. Along with these, the ACUslide makes the experience more smooth, and completely silent.

The Trac barrel reduces string friction and this makes the string last longer. Crossbows are really dependent on their strings and a long-lasting string means that the hunter will get the most out of the crossbow with only the investment of proper maintenance.

In many cases when the hunter is ready to shoot and is cocking the crossbow, the unnatural sound of cocking even though it is so little sometimes spook the game. With TenPoint Vapor RS470 that possibility is completely eliminated.


Tenpoint Vapor RS470 Xero Elite Package

The package contains state of the art gear and accessories compared to the base model. Along with the crossbow, the package includes a Garmin Xero X1i rangefinder scope in the box. It has the patented ACUslide narrow soft crossbow case TenPoint's Neoprene sling, and owner's manual.

They have included three types of arrows in the TenPoint Vapor RS470 Xero package. The first is 6 pieces of their lighted evo x centerpunch premium carbon arrows, which have a 100-grain practice point.

The second set of arrows are 6 pieces of Evo-X center punch premium carbon arrows with similar 100-grain practice points. The arrow inclusion is finished with 3 pieces of Evo x centerpunch broadheads.

To carry these arrows the package comes with a 6 arrow tech quiver for the ultimate hunting experience by the hunter.


Tenpoint Vapor RS470 Xero Elite Package - Looks & Features


The company ships the Vapor RS470 crossbow and the package with mostly set up and assembled all together. The scope, string stop system, and quiver come detached from the crossbow and these are the only things you need to attach to the bow to start shooting.

This new 2021 Xero version has a similar design and looks to its predecessor. It has a length of 31 inches. It has a slim design profile measuring a width of only 12 inches while uncocked and only 6.5 inches wide when the crossbow is cocked.

The new Garmin Xero x1i rangefinding scope adds 2 pounds more to the weight. In total, the Vapor RS470 crossbow weighs 10 pounds, which may seem more than most other options in the segment, but one thing is for sure, this is a perfectly balanced crossbow from TenPoint

The RX-7 cams which power the dual flex limbs of the crossbow are paired with the sling-shot technology. These things altogether result in a very high speed. The TenPoint Vapor RS470 crossbow can shoot arrows up to a speed of 470 feet per second.

The patented Micro-Trac barrel reduces the string to rail contact like all the other TenPoint crossbows and this provides really long life for the strings. If the strings last longer, the hunter not only has fewer needs of changing them but the strings will also provide the optimum performance for a really long time.


Tenpoint Vapor RS470 Xero Elite Package - At A Glance


  • Really well balanced
  • More Accurate than all other options
  • Slim and Compact
  • Specially designed Xero X1i Rangefinding Scope
  • ACUslide for smooth, silent, and risk-free docking and decocking
  • Elevated Cheekpiece for perfect alignment for the eye and the scope
  • Can shoot at up to 470 feet per second
  • Limited lifetime warranty



TenPoint Vapor RS470 slim and low profile design, draw weight, state of the art scope, insane accuracy, and certainly the ability to shoot up to 470 fps up and maintain the accuracy up to 250 yards make it if not the best, one of the best hunting crossbows in the hands of a hunter. This is hands down THE best Crossbow TenPoint released. 


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Tomas Deksnys

Tomas Deksnys