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Tenpoint Crossbows 2023

As a seasoned hunter and a keen follower of TenPoint's innovations, I'm excited to share insights on their crossbows for 2023. TenPoint has long established itself as a pinnacle brand in the crossbow world, consistently pushing the envelope in terms of power, precision, and technology. I have been reviewing their new models for the last three years, and the anticipation within the hunting community for their new lineup has been noticeable every time.

This year, TenPoint has rolled out three exceptional models that bring something unique: the Flatline 460, Stealth 450, and Viper 430. Each of these models has been tailored to meet the diverse needs of today's hunters. Whether you're a veteran bowhunter or just starting, these models offer a range of features that cater to a spectrum of preferences and hunting scenarios.

The Flatline 460 stands out for its remarkable speed and accuracy, the Stealth 450 offers a balance of power and forward-draw design, and the Viper brings versatility to a compact design. As we dive deeper into each model, you'll see why TenPoint continues to be a leader in the hunting crossbow market and how these new additions can impact your hunting life. 

Tenpoint Flatline 460 Crossbow

The Flatline 460 is the shorter of the three of them coming at 26" inches in length. With features a state-of-the-art cam system, delivering impressive speed and power. With the capability to shoot arrows at a blistering speed of 460 fp., it's perfect for those long-range lethal shots, of  50 - 70 yards with pinpoint accuracy. The model has scope options that further enhance its precision. the Standard EXO-X Marksman Elite scope for clarity at 10-yard increments and the Burris Oracle X range-finding scope for pinpoint accuracy with a built-in rangefinding feature.

The reverse-draw bow design gives a 13.5" power stroke and contributes to a compact and lightweight profile, making it an ideal choice for maneuvering in the whitetail woods. The ACUslide system ensures safe and effortless cocking and de-cocking, enhancing its usability with one of the best on the market in my opinion. 

flatline 460

What we like

The TenPoint Flatline 460 stands out for its exceptional power packed into a short length, making it perfect for tree stand hunters.

Stealth 460

Are you a forward-draw crossbow fan? The Stealth 450 feels good in the hand and is a blend of speed and accuracy. The trigger is clean and crisp, and the shot is smooth. It is however 33" inches in length which is  " longer than the Flatline 460.  The scope options for the Stealth 450 are the same. EXO-X Marksman Elite scope for the standard option with new scope struts makes it very accurate and the Burrins Oracle X available if you feel like the rangefinding option is what you are after.  The power stroke at 13" and cam system work in perfect balance to provide a smooth shot every time making it fasted forwars-draw crossbow available. 

stealth 450

What we Like

I love being able to decock the bow with the ACUslide and I had over 100 shots with superb rifle-like precision. 

Viper 430

Compact and lightweight, the Viper 430 is perfect it meets all my expectations and more. It is lightweight at 7.5 lbs accurate and compact making it great for whitetail deer hunting. It is like Stealth 33" inches in length, but being 6.5" inches when cocked makes it super smooth when handling. Comes with ACUslide safety features, and Rangemaster 100 scope and it is the cheapest option of these three models. It is a reverse-draw model and an awesome upgrade for the Viper 400. Available in Moss Green and Veil Alpine Camo. 

Viper 430

What We like

Really can't think of one minor complaint or bad feature. It was very well thought out by the engineers who designed it. Great crossbow for deer hunting. 



Best Tenpoint Crossbow to Choose in 2023

Feature / Model TenPoint Flatline 460 TenPoint Stealth 450 TenPoint Viper 430
Speed (FPS) 460 450 430 fps.
Length (in) 26.5" 33" 33"
Width (Uncoked/Cocked) 12 / 7.5 11 / 6.5 11 / 6.5
Draw Style Reverse Draw Forward Draw Reverse Draw
Power Stroke (in) 13.5" 13" 13"
Draw Weight (lbs) 300 300 250
Cocking Mechanism ACUslide ACUslide ACUslide
Scope Options EXO-X Marksman Elite, Burris Oracle X EXO-X Marksman Elite, Burris Oracle X EXO-X Marksman Elite
Unique Features Vector-Quad Cable Technology, Scope Struts Vector-Quad Cable Technology, Scope Struts
Intended Use/Target Audience Hardcore Hunters Versatile Hunters Deer Hunters


Scope for long-range accuracy

The 2023 TenPoint lineup includes two impressive scopes: the Standard EXO-X Marksman Elite and the Burris Oracle X range-finding scope, both elevating accuracy and precision in crossbow hunting.

Standard EXO-X Marksman Elite Scope: This scope is engineered for clarity and precision, with a variable speed dial to match the crossbow's velocity for accurate aiming points up to 100 yards. The illuminated reticle is particularly useful in low-light conditions, enhancing visibility. A notable addition this year is the new scope struts, which significantly improve stability and accuracy for longer shots. This scope perfectly matches the high-speed Flatline 460 and Stealth 450, enhancing their long-range shooting capabilities.

Burris Oracle X Range-Finding Scope: This advanced scope integrates a laser rangefinder, offering immediate distance readings to the target. It automatically adjusts the aiming point for an accurate shot, which is invaluable for hunters in dynamic environments. This scope is available for models like the Stealth 450, and Flatline 460.

 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- "My New Viper"

Worth the investment been on the lookout for a crossbow that hits all the right notes in terms of features and affordability, and the Viper 430 certainly delivers. It's a step up from my previous Viper S400, and the improvements are remarkable, particularly the new Rangemaster 100 scope. This addition has been a great for field adjustments, making aiming more intuitive and accurate. .- Hunting Kevin

Both scopes are awesome and offer distinct advantages: the EXO-X Marksman Elite for its precision and enhanced stability with the new struts. Even if your eyes are going bad like mine, it is super clear and manageable. The Oracle X for its integrated rangefinding and dynamic aiming adjustments is a fantastic scope. After shooting with it I feel like I don't want to go back to the regular scopes. 

Predictions for Tenpoint 2024

Enhanced Speed and Power: TenPoint has consistently pushed the limits of crossbow speed and power. In 2024, we might see even faster models, possibly exceeding the current speeds, without compromising accuracy or user safety. Vapor RS560? 

Lighter and More Compact Designs: As hunters seek more maneuverable and portable crossbows, TenPoint will likely focus on creating even more compact and lightweight models. This could involve new materials or design innovations that reduce weight while maintaining structural integrity and power.

Integrated Smart Technology: With the rise of smart technology in sporting equipment, TenPoint might incorporate more advanced electronics into their crossbows. This could include built-in rangefinders, ballistic calculators, or even digital scopes that offer real-time data and environment analysis.


Final Thoughts

In the 2023 lineup, it's evident that the brand continues to set a high standard in crossbow technologies, delivering to our evolving needs. Models like the Flatline 460 exemplify this, combining powerful performance with exceptional maneuverability. TenPoint understands what we are looking for in a crossbow before we even know it.  The ability to move easily through terrains, the assurance of speed and safe de-cocking, and the reliability of a powerful crossbow. As we look forward to what TenPoint will bring, their lineup for his year leaves us confident that they will continue to innovate and lead in the crossbow market.


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Tomas Deksnys

Tomas Deksnys