Fat tire electric bike

Sep 09, 2020
Fat tire electric bike

The technology around us is changing rapidly and many of those technologies make our lives more comfortable and easier than ever. Many sporting ideas are developed in recent years to make us more active.

The combination of technology and sporting ideas also makes some breakthroughs in recent times and one of the breakthroughs is called fat tire electric bike. An electric bike is also known as an e-bike or power bike or fat-tire bike.

When we hear the words 'electric bikes' the image comes in our mind either of a scooter or electric motorcycle. In the case of looks, electric bikes are quite alike bicycles rather than scooters or motorbikes.

Electric bikes have additional motor, battery, and controller seamlessly integrated into a bicycle. But in case of performance, these run quite faster than a regular bicycle and also good for riding in any type of weather.

How fat tire electric bikes work?

The pedaling and handling system of an electric bike is similar to regular bikes. Electrics bikes contain all parts of a regular bike with addition to the motor, battery, and drivetrain. The main purpose of electric fat-tire bikes is to augment human abilities and it allows them to ride faster and without getting so tired. Main components of an electric bike-

1. Motor: Undoubtedly the most important part of an electric bike with a fat tire is the motor. There are three types of motors found on electrical bikes. 

  •  Front hub- In this type, the motor is located on the front tire and provides propulsion by spinning the tire.
  •  Rear Hub- Rear hub motors are placed on the back tire of a bicycle. Rear motors contain bikes that feel more natural to ride than front hub bikes as rear hub bikes push forward the rider.
  •  Mid-drive- Mid-drive motors send power to the drivetrain of the bike but the hub. As it is located on the center of the bike so it feels more natural to ride than hub motor.

2. Battery: On a single charge a battery can go between 20 to 60 miles. That depends on the battery capacity and the riding style. An electric bike can be riding on the pedal only mode, pedal-assist mode, and electric mode. Pedal only mode does not need any battery power, pedal-assist mode means boosting the ride and electric mode consumes more battery than any mode but the bike runs like a moped.

3. Drivetrain: The drivetrain is a system to transfer power to the wheels. It also allows you to change gears and makes pedaling easy.

Why fat tire?

When we see any fat tire electric bike the first thing we notice is it's big. And often we face a question: why is it constructed with fat tires instead of regular tires? In simple words, a fat tire is a reason a big bump doesn't feel that much when we ride on a car but a small bump sometimes causes a bicycle to crash.

The tires that are used on fat tire electric bikes are the widest available now. The rigid frame is also wider and heavier than regular. That is because the tire and frameworks work together to make the riding experience smooth. Fat tire bikes are the best fit for riding on snow or sand paths.

The fat tire provides less pressure per inch compared to others. Mountain bikes have 35 to 70 pressure per inch(psi). A car provides 30 to 35 psi while a fat tire electric bike has only 10 to 20 psi. Due to this low pressure, the tire doesn't fold over bumps but rolls over them and makes the riding smooth and takes less effort. For low pressure the surface area increase thus allows these bikes to float over soft surfaces like sand and snow.

Due to this, the bikes with such tires are much heavier than any other bikes. When the electric bikes run at pedal-assist mode it runs quite fast and when it rolls over any bump it feels pronounced. To absorb these bumps and make the ride smoother, many electric fat-tire bikes come with a suspension fork.

What are fat tire electric bikes for?

E-bikes are designed with fat tires for off-road. This provides low ground pressure and allows biking on soft and unstable paths like snow, mud, sand, and bogs. Due to low-pressure ground, it provides a smooth riding experience for any type of rider. Though electric bike with fat tires is specially designed for riding on sand and snow these are capable of traversing diverse terrain types including mud, sand, bogs, desert, pavement, or traditional mountain biking trails.

Advantage of fat tire electric bikes

Better balance: As the tire of these bikes is fat and big so it is more balanced than other bikes. Beginners will find it easy to ride.

Low maintenance cost: As most of the parts of the e-bike are rigid and strong so it does not need constant maintenance. So the maintenance cost is very low.

Comfortable: As fat tires provide so much pressure and absorb shocks so it becomes more comfortable to ride on an e-bike than others.

Improve fitness: Even when you use the pedal-assist you are using the pedal and that is an exercise. E-bikes help to improve your health both mentally and physically.

Saves money: As no fuel is required like motorbikes so it saves your money in the long run. It is also environmentally-friendly.

Disadvantages of fat tire electric bikes

Expensive: As the electric fat bike is getting popular and also cheaper day by day. But still, e-bikes are the most expensive type of bicycle available on the market. For a beginner, an electric bike is quite expensive to invest in.

Heavy: As fat tire, electric bikes have fit fat tires and rigid wide frames. So these bikes are heavier compared to other bikes. Companies are working to make it light but yet it is quite heavy.

Hard to handle: Many people find it hard to handle the e-bike due to its heavyweight. It is also quite difficult to carry it upstairs.

Fat tire electric bikes are a very fun way of transportation. Even in uneven terrain, these bikes provide a good grip and smooth riding experience. As the e-bikes do not need higher maintenance so these can easily fulfill your needs for basic transportation.

If you are an adventure-loving person you can anytime grab your bike and hit the terrain. If you are still not sure about buying an e-bike we suggest you give it a try and you'll fall in love with the riding experience.

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