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QuietKat Best in the Business

For making tracking and trailing experience faster, smoother, and easier than ever Quietkat produces a wide range of fat tire electric mountain bikes. Quietkat ebikesproves themselves very innovative and effective in the field of e-bikes and their bikes are outstanding for hunters and many other outdoorsmen.

Using these ebikes one can easily get to the steep hills, can ride on any type of tough terrain. For the compact size of the bike people can even go to the remote areas where other vehicles cannot go easily and give you the chance to explore the wilderness. 

Quietkat electric bikes are one of the best options to explore the wilderness in a very sustainable, fun, and comfortable way. These bikes use lithium-ion batteries that make these very environmentally friendly. As the name suggests the bikes are quiet as a cat. In this post, we will know about one of the best electric hunting bikes-quietkat ebikes.


Why is Quietkat leading?

While hunting keeping things as quiet as possible is very important or else the hunter can spook the prey.  While you are riding  e-bike to your hunting spot you will not go to spook the game with Quietkat e-bikes. 

Quietkat ebikes have a powerful electric motor that can take you to your desired destination in a very short time.  On battery mode  e-bikes can run without pedaling, so hunters who have knee pain or any other obstacle can easily go hunting riding on a Quietkat electric bike.

The benefits of Quietkat ebikes are limitless. Elderly people or people with limited mobility can easily hop on e-bike and go places. 

 Quietkat electric bikes are compact than any other hunting vehicle. Due to this compact size, e-bikes are capable going places where other hunting vehicles cannot. That allows you to discover, explore and enjoy nature. 

On every hunt, hunting gear and accessories are needed to make the hunting easier and successful. Carrying the gear to the hunting spot is not an easy job. The frame of the Quietkat electric bike is made using high quality rigid and strong material thus allowing it to carry more than 300 pounds of weight on it. With Quietkat e-bike hunter can carry all gear needed at the time and stay longer time on the hunt.

 Quietkat ebikes are run on lithium-ion batteries and that makes no pollution. These e-bikes do not harm to the environment and preserving nature.


What to expect from quietkat ebikes?


Comfortable ride

Quietkat electric bikes are constructed with fat-tire that allows the bike to go on any tough terrains including heavy mud. Due to the fat-tire, it produces a little pressure and the riding experience is way more comfortable than any regular bike.


Strong built

 These electric bikes are constructed with strong and rigid material. It is more like a one-time investment and the maintenance cost is very low compared to any other wheeled hunting vehicles. The rigid construction also allows you to go on narrow roads with a lot of gear and accessories. It becomes easy to carry the gear with less time and effort.


Powerful motor

 QuietKat is offering two different types of motor options for your use. You can choose between a rear-hub or mid-drive motor as per your needs. These electric bikes are capable of providing not just basic transportation.


High performance

All electric bikes from QuietKat come with high quality and powerful motors that allow you to go up to 40 miles per hour. As it is battery powered, it makes no noise. 


QuietKat  provides a lifetime warranty for the frame of their bikes.


No matter what type of bike you prefer, Quietkat has one for everyone. They have high-duty electric hunting bikes, rough and tough bikes for mountains, rocky and muddy terrains or sandy beaches.


Quietkat 2020 Jeep

Jeep partnered with a quietkat e-bike manufacturing company to build these outstanding e-bikes. The price of this electric bike is $5,899.00. This price tag is for its extraordinary features and standout performance.

Quietkat 2020 jeep electric hunting bike features a 750 watts class 2 electric mid-drive motor with full suspension which allows you to ride more than 60 miles on pedal assist mode with a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour. The motor has a peak power rating of 1500 watts. This powerful motor is capable of providing enough power to ride through any type of tough terrain.

The air suspension of this bike makes the corner ride smoother than any other bike on the market. The Fire-Link suspension system provides a true four-bar connection, ultimate traction, and power while 4 piston hydraulic disc brakes allow you to keep control.

26″x4.8″ fat-tire is used on these bikes and that allows you to ride smoothly on from soft sand and snow to rough and hard rocky roads. If you are searching for a bike that can ride through any type of terrain effective then this one is an ideal choice. The combination of suspension, powerful motor, long-lasting battery, hydraulic disc brakes, and high performance make it a top-notch quality e-bike on the market.


QuietKat Warrior

If you are a hunter and looking for a strong and tough electric bike to make your journey faster and more comfortable through any type of  terrains then quietkat warrior can be the perfect pick for you.

The fat-tire construction and hydraulic suspension of spring coil make the journey through hills, rough terrains like buttery smooth. Low pressure and suspension make the bump feel less pronounced even when you are speeding.

The rigid and strong frame construction allows you to carry extra weight on the bike. A 1000watts electric mid-drive motor utilizes all the gear of the bike to provide maximum torque and that allows you to get up even on steep hills.

The motor of the bike not just provides great power, it is also very quiet and that makes the electric bike ideal for hunting. With a rigid frame, great power, and high-speed Quietkat warrior is capable of taking you to your destination faster and quieter than most other bikes at same price range.



Quietkat Voyager


As the name of the electric bike suggests, the quietkat voyager is made for making traveling fun and more comfortable than before. The traveling can be to a place you have never been before or to a hunting destination or journey for gear and supplies. No matter what you are traveling for, the quietkat voyager is always with you to make the journey faster and smoother.

This electric bike has a folding design that allows the bike to fold in a compact size. You can store the bike in a small space and it becomes very easy to carry around. The 20" x 4” fat-tire provides a great grip from soft road to rocky road. You can go on your journey very fast and effectively.

This high performing bike is designed with 750 watts rear hub motor with 11.6ah/48V batteries that can go up to 40 miles on a single charge. The coil suspension and fat-tire make the bumpy road very healthy to ride. Quietkat Voyageris a powerful enough, yet compact bike. City or beach rides, that is no problem with Voyager. 


There are many e-bike manufacturing companies out there, but no one is as innovative as Quietkat. Not big cat, it's QuietKat. One thing for sure if you choose to buy a quietkat e-bike, there is no wrong decision then.


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